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Call costs

How much do 0300, 0330, 0333 & 0345 numbers cost to call?

All 01 and 02 and 03 numbers are generally identical – they are equal to the standard rate for calling a landline/geographic number from within the UK.

Although some special charity helplines may be free from on some tariffs but that’s just an odd exception to the rule.

And if calling from abroad it’s usually cheaper to call an 01 or 02 number. But generally 03 is equal to 01 and 02 when calling in the UK.

All these numbers are generally also compatible with inclusive free minutes packages, where as 084 & 087 (business rate) and 09 & 118 (premium rate) numbers generally aren’t compatible with free minutes allowances. Of course there may be exceptions, as it’s at the discretion of your phone company whether they offer an unusual free-calls promo for business-rate numbers, but it’s a legal requirement by Ofcom that 03 numbers are charged no more expensively than 01 & 02 numbers are (within the UK).

We can’t tell you a specific number of pence per minute charged, though, because that varies depending on your phone provider and your specific tariff / contract terms with them.

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