Barclays Contact Number: 0800 400 100

Contact Barclays Bank Customer Services by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 400 100 to enquire about current accounts, Barclaycard credit cards, loans and mortgages.

General Enquiries – 0800 400 100

Phone the Barclays general enquiries switchboard using their freephone contact number 0800 400 100 to speak to an advisor about your bank or credit account or to get further information about any of their financial packages. When calling this number please select option 1 to report a lost or stolen debit or credit card, or select option 2 for assistance with your Barclays account. This helpline is open from 7:00am-11:59pm every day of the week, however please note that reduced operating times may be in affect on bank holidays.


Please phone the main Barclays general enquiries contact number 0800 400 100 for free to get accessibility options when using their services, for example if you would like to receive your bank statements and correspondence in braille. If you are hard of hearing and you therefore use a textphone or minicom service please dial 18001 0800 400 100 to reach a Text Relay operator.

Personal Accounts

Contact Barclays about your existing personal current account by calling their dedicated phone number specific to the type of personal account that you hold, so if you are an Additions Account holder please call 0333 202 7527, if you are an Additions Plus customer then phone 0800 99 4422 or if you hold a First Additions account then please phone 0800 328 6931 for free. You can phone these helplines to find out the overdraft limits on your account, to check your bank balance and to enquire about the interest rates which apply to your account. Furthermore you can call these numbers to add someone to your account, thus making it a joint bank account. If you are not a Barclays account holder but are interested in opening a personal account or switching from your existing bank then please examine this list to find the phone number most suitable for you.

Barclays Personal Current Account Phone Numbers

Personal Current Account Department UK Contact Number
Additions Account Customers 0333 202 7527
Additions Plus & Additions Active 0800 99 4422
First Additions & Current Account Plus 0800 328 6931
Open a new Barclays Current Account & Student Account Helpline 0345 600 4545
Switch to a Barclays Personal Account 0333 202 7458
Features Store 0800 158 3199

Premier Current Accounts – 0800 924 7365

Contact Barclays if you are an exclusive Premier Account holder by calling their freephone phone number 0800 924 7365, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can phone this number to check which rewards and premier banking services you are eligible for or to apply for an overdraft. As this is the main helpline for premier current accounts you can also call 0800 924 7365 to change your account by adding another holder or to close your account. If you are interested in applying for a Premier Account or if you would like to switch your existing current account to Barclays to take advantage of their deals then please consult this table to find the phone number which you need to call.

All Barclays Premier Account Phone Numbers

Premier Accounts Department Contact Number
Existing Account Holders 0800 924 7365
Open a Premier Account 0800 085 1115
Switch your existing account to Barclays 0333 202 7458
Premier Features Store & Packs 0800 158 3198

Barclaycard – 0800 151 0900

Phone Barclays for help with your Barclaycard credit account by calling their freephone contact number 0800 151 0900, where you can get advice about paying your bill, check current interest rates that apply to your card and to extend your credit limit. Furthermore you can phone this helpline to see the vast range of rewards, offers and benefits available to Barclaycard customers.  You can also phone this number if you are having difficulty making the repayments on your credit agreement or if you would like to close your account. Please see the list below for full Barclaycard contact detail, including phone numbers for card protection insurance, fraud and specific rewards packages.

Barclaycard Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0800 151 0900
International Helpline +44 1604 230 230
Join Barclaycard 0800 731 0200
myBarclaycard Support 0800 161 5300
Report a Lost or Stolen Card & Get Emergency Cash Advance 0800 161 5308
Freedom Rewards (7p/min + access charge) 0845 070 2525
IHG Rewards Club 0333 202 1149
Hilton HHonours Services 0333 202 1145
Barclaycard Secure & 3D Secure 0800 161 5306
Textphone & Minicom Helpline 1 8001 0800 161 5276
Security & Fraud 0844 811 91111 (7p/min + access charge) & 0800 318 665 (freephone)
Card Services 0800 161 5308
Extended Warranty (7p/min + access charge) 0845 300 1038
Large Print & Braille Services 0800 161 5326
Sentinal Card Protection Insurance 0800 023 4318
Card Protection Insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0844 848 5265

Barclaycard App

Despite being the first credit card offered in the United Kingdom, Barclaycard offers modern and convenient services for their customers, including an innovative mobile app. This will allow you to check your balance, make payments toward your credit account and phone Barclays directly in an easy-to-use interface. You can download the app if you use an Android device by going to Google Play or if you use an iPhone then please download the app from the App Store

Write to Barclaycard

You can write to Barclaycard or send them an application for a credit card via post by using their official addresses below, however please bear in mind that it will be significantly quicker to contact customer services by phone or by using the app. If you would like to write them a letter for general enquiries or if you are an existing customer and require support services then please use this postal address:

Barclaycard House,
1234 Pavilion Drive,
NN4 7SG,
United Kingdom.

Alternatively if you believe that your card has been used fraudulently or it has been stolen from you please provide them with full details about when & where you believe fraudulent transactions have taken place by sending a letter to their dedicated postal address:

Dept KK,
51 Saffron Road,
LE18 4US,
United Kingdom.

If you would like to make a payment toward your credit balance by cheque then please send it along with your name, postcode and card number to their official Barclaycard banking address:

Department PP,
BL11 1XX,
United Kingdom.

By contrast if you are not yet a customer and you would like to apply for a Barclaycard please send your letter of application to their official new customer address:

51 Saffron Road,
LE18 4GA,
United Kingdom.

Savings – 0345 744 5445

Phone the Barclays Savings customer service team by calling their local-rate telephone contact number 0345 744 5445 to get information about their current interest rates, savings bonds and Cash ISA accounts. You can phone this helpline to open a savings account or get helpful advice regarding how often you can withdraw funds from your ISA or savings account. Furthermore if you are unsure about your annual Cash ISA allowance then you can also phone 0345 744 5445 for reassurance. If you are hard of hearing or have a speech impediment then you can contact their dedicated Textphone service by dialing 0800 783 7303. If you would like to check if you are eligible for tax-free savings deals courtesy of the UK government then please phone their eligibility helpline 0300 200 3312. Finally if you are a foreign currency account holder with Barclays then contact them on their international phone number +44 191 541 2009, however please be aware that calling this number from abroad will usually cost substantially more than standard UK-only calls and that the cost will depend on where exactly you are calling them from.

Loans – 0800 716 598

Contact Barclays about their Barclayloan packages by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 716 598 to apply for a loan or get information about the interest rates that affect their loan deals. This is also the main helpline for existing Barclayloan customers, therefore you should phone their number if you are having difficulty making your loan repayments or if you would like to borrow more money. If you have applied for a loan and you believe you have been offered an unfavorable amount or repayment terms then you can also phone 0800 716 598 for free to appeal their decision. Alternatively if you are a homeowner then you can apply for a special loan that is secured against your property by calling their dedicated contact number 0800 716 0513, which is also a freephone helpline.

Mortgages – 0800 022 4022

Phone the freephone contact number 0800 022 4022 to get in touch with Barclays about their mortgage packages and rates. They offer a wide range of different mortgages for different purposes, including tracker, first-time buyer and fixed-rate deals. You can phone 0800 022 4022 if you are an existing customer and you would like to change your regular mortgage payments, or if you would like to extend your mortgage length. You can also call this helpline to check the interest rates that apply to your specific mortgage or if you would like to remortgage your property. However if you aren’t a Barclays customer yet and you are interested in getting a mortgage from them please call their dedicated applications helpline 0800 316 5500 to apply for a residential mortgage.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages – 0800 022 4022

If you are interested in investing in property and renting it out to tenants you can phone 0333 202 7555 to apply for a purpose-made buy-to-let mortgage, or if you are an existing buy-to-let mortgage customer you can contact Barclays on their existing customer helpline 0800 022 4022. You can call these numbers to extend your mortgage deal to another property and to change your repayment terms.

Mobile & Online Banking – 0345 600 2323

Contact the Barclays digital helpdesk by calling their 24-7 phone number 0345 600 2323 for technical support with their online or mobile banking systems, including their Pingit mobile app. Please phone this helpline if you are having difficulties logging in to either online or mobile banking, such as if you have forgotten your account username or password. If you have recently joined Barclays and you would like to register for an online account or get troubleshooting advice on how to use online banking or their mobile app then you should also phone 0345 600 2323. Finally you should phone this helpline if you believe someone has illegally accessed your online or mobile account and has performed fraudulent transactions using your details, which you can also do via email using their official security address

Mobile Banking App

Barclays offer a comprehensive mobile banking app in reflection of how smartphone capabilities have improved dramatically over the last few years. You can transfer funds, set up standing orders and check your account balance all using their app, which you can download by clicking on their official links below, depending on which device you own.

Download from Google Play for Android Devices
Blacberry App World Download Link
App Store for Apple Users
Barclays Mobile Banking – Windows Phone Store

Telephone Banking – 0345 734 5345

Phone the Barclays Telephone Banking helpline on their local-rate contact number 0345 734 5345 to make a payment from your Barclays account or to check your balance. Additionally you can phone this helpline if you do not recognise a payment on your statement and therefore you would like further details about the payment or you want to report it as fraudulent. Furthermore you can contact Barclays using their banking phone number 0345 734 5345 to register your mobile device for contactless payments. If however you would like to make a payment from an overseas bank account then please phone their dedicate international telephone banking helpline +44 345 975 7575.

Investment Banking – 0333 202 7474

Contact Barclays with your investment queries by calling their general enquiries phone number 0333 202 7474, where you can get assistance with your existing investment accounts or to open a new stockbroker account. You can get information about how Barclays will invest your finances and how much return you will see from your initial investment. You should phone this number if you are not sure which investment department to contact as they will not be able to provide you with information on how your investment portfolio is doing, however they will be able to redirect you to the correct team. The full list of phone numbers for specific investment packages, including Barclays’ direct investing service and Structured Product packages, are provided below.

Barclays Investment Banking Phone Numbers

Department UK Contact Number
General Enquiries 0333 202 7474
Open an Investment Account & Existing Barclays Stockbrokers Customers 0141 352 3909
Direct Investing (Formerly Open Invest & Barclays Investment) 0800 279 3667
Structured Fixed-Term Investments 0800 234 6021

International Banking: +44 207 574 3060

Contact Barclays on their dedicated phone number +44 207 574 3060 if you make regular overseas payments or if you are planning on basing your finances in a country outside the UK. This helpline is suitable for customers who travel or perform business in several foreign destinations and therefore require regular foreign exchange transactions or an account in another currency, such as Euros or US Dollars. If you would prefer to send an email to the Barclays International Banking team you can do so by filling out an online contact form on their official website

Travel Money – 0345 072 2222

Phone Barclays on their foreign exchange contact number 0345 072 2222 to order travel money to your home address or nearest store by selecting option 1. As well as ordering travel money you may phone this helpline to get information about the exchange rates Barclays offer as well as what currencies are available. You can call their helpline from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Saturday and 10am-8pm on Sundays and UK bank holidays.

Bereavement Helpline – 0345 075 7070

Phone the dedicated bereavement contact number 0345 075 7070 to get in touch with Barclays and inform that an account holder has passed away or for probate enquiries. Their specially-trained advisors will guide you through closing the deceased’s account and transferring funds to the individuals, charities or businesses that were named in the will. If you would prefer not to talk to someone during this emotionally stressful time then you can fill out an online contact form

Complaints – 0800 282 390

Contact Barclays customer services to make an official complaint by calling their dedicated phone helpline 0800 282 390, which is a freephone number. You can call this number to complain about any of Barclays financial services, including current & savings accounts, Barclaycard services and insurance policies. Furthermore you can get an update on an existing complaint by calling their helpline and selecting option 2. Alternatively if you would prefer to send your complaint via email you can do so by filling out an official contact form on the official Barclays website Additionally if you would like lodge a complaint in writing then send your letter to their dedicated freepost address:

Barclays Customer Relations,
United Kingdom.

In the unlikely scenario that Barclays are unable to resolve your complaint you can escalate the complaint and get an independent review by calling the Financial Ombudsman on their freephone helpline 0800 023 4567 or by writing to their postal address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service,
Exchange Tower,
E14 9SR,
United Kingdom.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Complaints – 0800 282 390

You can phone the main Barclays complaints helpline 0800 282 390 for free to make a new complaint about unwanted payment protection insurance (PPI) on your financial product that you purchased through them. The mis-selling of PPI has been one of the biggest financial scandals so far this century, with up to 40% of customers unaware that they were paying premiums for such policies. If you would prefer to lodge your PPI complaint in writing then please use their official postal address here:

Barclays PPI Department,
LE87 2BB,
United Kingdom.

Business Banking – 0345 605 2345

Contact Barclays Business Banking customer services by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 605 2345 to get help with your business current account or credit agreement, and to make telephone payments to suppliers or customers. Additionally you can phone their business enquiries team to extend your credit agreement or to notify Barclays that your business has changed, for example if you have hired staff or refocused your business plan. 0345 605 2345 is also the main phone number for business savings accounts, therefore you should call this helpline if you want to check the interest rates that apply to your company’s savings account or to check how many withdrawals you can make from such accounts. Please see our full list of contact numbers for business accounts below, which includes helplines for new customers or for companies that want to add a signatory to their banking mandate.

Business Current, Savings & Credit Account Phone Numbers

Business Banking Team UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0345 605 2345
Open a Business Account or Switch your Existing Account 0800 515 462
Add or Remove a Signatory from your Account 0333 202 7477

Business Insurance – 0844 209 6096

Contact Barclays Business about your existing insurance policy by calling their customer service contact number 0844 209 6096 (7p/min + access charge). You can phone this number to renew your insurance policy or upgrade it by adding extras such as public liability and property cover, or by extending your cover to a business vehicle or tools. If you would like further information about their wide range of insurance packages, or to get a quote for business insurance you can phone their dedicated new customer helpline 0330 102 1849. By contrast in the unfortunate circumstance when you need to make a claim on your business insurance policy you can phone their official claims contact number 0844 893 9639 (7p/min + access charge).

Commercial Loans & Mortgages – 0333 202 7445

Contact Barclays about an existing business loan or commercial mortgage agreement by calling their official phone number 0333 202 7445 in order to change how much you are borrowing or to check the interest rates that apply to your loan or mortgage. You can also phone this number to notify that your company finances are struggling to keep up with the repayments on your borrowing agreement or to enquire about extending your mortgage to cover extended business premises. Moreover if you are an existing customer and you need to release equity that is currently tied up in invoices you can phone their cashflow finance team using their telephone helpline 0800 015 8353. Alternatively if you are interested in taking out a business loan for your company or getting a mortgage on its commercial premises then please phone the main business banking helpline 0345 605 2345 to get an advisor to examine your application.

Barclays Insurance

Barclays offers a particularly wide range of personal insurance packages, with cover that protects your home and technological gadgets to policies which protect your car whilst out on the road. You can also be covered for the most important things in life, such as your health and protection against personal injury.

Home Insurance – 0800 027 9844

Contact the Barclays Home Insurance team for free by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 027 9844 which you should call to renew your insurance or make a general enquiry about your regular payments. Furthermore you can call this helpline to add or remove cover from your policy, for example adding contents insurance or to get insured against burglaries. Additionally you should phone 0800 027 9844 for free if you need to make a claim on your home insurance. For their full range of home insurance phone numbers, including contact details of claims teams and how to get a quote, please examine this list of contact numbers:

Home Insurance Department Phone Number
General Enquiries & Non-Emergency Claims 0800 0279 844
International Helpline +44 800 027 9844
Get a Quote 0800 068 8097
Home Emergency Claims 0800 015 7054
Legal Services Claims 0800 051 4310
Accessibility Helpline 0800 051 3533

Mobile Insurance Phone Numbers

Barclays have a full range of add-on mobile insurance policies that are coupled to their ‘Additions’ current accounts or their separate ‘Tech Pack’ deals, therefore if you need to make a claim on your mobile phone insurance or to take out a policy you should call the contact number for your particular account according to this list:

Barclays Mobile Insurance Team Contact Number
Premier Life 0800 111 777
Additions Active 0800 994 422
Current Account Plus & First Additions 0800 328 6931
Graduate Additions 0333 202 7525
Additions 0333 202 7527
Additions Plus 0800 994 422
Tech Pack 0800 158 3199
Premier Tech Pack 0800 158 3198

All of these helplines are open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday-Sunday.

Alternative contact options for Barclays Mobile Insurance

If you have a busy schedule which means you are unable to stay on the phone for long periods of time then you can send Barclays an email about your mobile insurance policy by filling out an online contact form on their website Alternatively you can send a letter in writing or an application or claims form to their official postal address:

Lifestyle Services Group Limited – Barclays Mobile Insurance,
PO Box 98,
NE24 9DL,
United Kingdom.

Travel Insurance – 01422 327 198

Contact Barclays’ travel insurance general enquiries team by calling their local-rate telephone number 01422 327 198 to renew your policy or notify them that you are unable to travel on the dates covered in your policy and thus you would like to cancel your insurance. Please note that this phone number only applies to standalone travel policies dated after 29th November 2010, if you took out travel insurance before this time or you get your travel insurance with your Barclays current account then please examine this comprehensive list to find the correct phone number for your enquiry or claim.

Full List of Barclays Travel Insurance Phone Numbers

Travel Insurance Department Contact Number
General enquiries & claims for standalone policies dated after 29th November 2010 01422 327 198 (UK) & +44 1422 327 198 (International)
Existing standalone policy queries & claims for policies taken out before 29th November 2010 0800 068 8188 (UK) & +44 800 068 8188 (International)
Additions Active Travel Insurance enquiries 0800 158 2393
Additions Plus Travel Insurance queries (7p/min + access charge) 0845 300 1088
European Family Travel Cover enquiries and claims 01603 604 977 (UK) & +44 1603 604 977 (International)
Travel Plus Pack queries and claims 01603 604 964 (UK) +44 1603 604 964 (International)
Additions Active Travel Insurance claims 0800 158 2385 (UK) & +44 1603 603 336 (International)
Additions Plus Travel claims 0800 051 3473 (UK) & +44 1603 208 033 (International)
Medical emergency helpline for standalone travel policies taken out after 29/11/2010 +44 208 763 3196
Medical emergency helpline for standalone policies dated before 29/11/2010 +44 1603 208 410
Additions Active Travel Insurance – medical emergencies 0800 158 2384 (UK) & +44 1603 603 335 (International)
Additions Plus Travel Insurance – medical emergencies 0800 158 2276 (UK) & +44 1603 208 035 (International)
Travel Pack medical emergencies helpline 01603 604 976 (UK) & +44 1603 604 976 (International)
Get a quote 0330 102 6417

Car Insurance – 0844 871 2373

Contact Barclays about your existing car insurance policy by calling their business-rate phone number 0844 871 2373 (7p/min + access charge) to upgrade your policy by adding breakdown cover or to cancel your insurance. You can also get in touch with Barclays using this helpline to let them know you are having difficulties making the regular payments for your car insurance or to enquire about your no claims discount. Please note that Barclays are no longer offering quotes for new car insurance policies but you can renew your existing policy by calling their contact number 0844 871 2344, which is also charged at 7p per minute plus your network’s access charge. If you have had an accident on the road and you therefore need to make a claim on your car insurance policy please phone their dedicated claims team on their official contact number 0844 871 2372 (7p/min + access charge).

Life Insurance – 0800 158 3066

Contact Barclays about their non-advised life insurance policies by calling their telephone number 0800 158 3066 for free from any UK landline or mobile phone. These standalone packages are underwritten by Aviva and provides cover up to £500,000 in the event of the policyholders death. You should phone their helpline if you would like to upgrade your life insurance cover or by contrast if you are having difficulty paying your premiums and would therefore like to lower or cancel your cover. Furthermore you should also phone this number if you are a named beneficiary of a policyholders life insurance policy and they have sadly passed away. The main life insurance contact number 0800 158 3066 is also the helpline you should call if you have taken out an Over 50’s Life Assurance policy from Barclays. If you are interested in taking out a life insurance policy then you can call their specialist quotes team on their memorable contact number 03457 345 345 to enquire about what types of cover are available.

Life Insurance for Mortgage Holders – 0370 010 4080

Barclays also offer a range of life insurance policies for customers who have a mortgage on their property, thus providing such customers that in the event of a death or critical illness they will still be able to keep up with their mortgage payments. To enquire about these specific life insurance policies or make a claim on a loved-one’s policy you can call their local-rate telephone helpline 0370 010 4080, where you can also get advice from a qualified mortgage advisor as to how much cover you require based on your outstanding mortgage debt. If you have a mortgage, regardless of whether it is with Barclays, you can phone their dedicated telephone number 0333 202 7580 to get a quote for these life insurance policies.

Critical Illness Cover – 0800 197 5616

If you have an advised Life Insurance policy for mortgage holders you can get cover for critical illnesses by calling their dedicated freephone helpline 0800 197 5616, thus protecting your home in the event of career-impairing illnesses such as cancer. This helpline is open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday, so please be aware that you will be unable to contact Barclays about a critical illness policy on Sundays as well as UK bank holidays.

Health Insurance – 0800 316 2825

Phone Barclays Health Insurance for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 316 2825 to make adjustments to your existing policy or in the circumstance that you need to make a claim on your health insurance to pay for private medical treatment or bills. Unfortunately Barclays are not offering quotes for health insurance policies to the general public at the moment, however if you are a life insurance customer you can still get health cover by calling 0333 202 7580 if you have an Advised Life Insurance policy or phone 03457 345 345 if you have a standard policy.

Income Protection Insurance – 0500 500 700

Contact Barclays about your Income Protection Insurance policy by calling their dedicated phone number 0500 500 700, which you should phone to report a change in circumstances that affects your income such as a wage increase or to cancel your policy. Income protection insurance is designed to supplement your finances in the event of accident, illness or involuntary unemployment which prevents you from being able to work. If you would prefer to adjust your policy in writing then please send your letters to this address:

Barclays Insurance (Dublin) Limited,
Policy Administration Department,
PO Box 12146,
Dublin 2,

Personal Accident Insurance

Barclays offer a number of different accident insurance policies that are underwritten by separate insurance companies, allowing you to choose the level of cover you want depending on what accident risks you come across on a day-to-day basis. Therefore you should phone 0800 158 3066 for free if your accident policy is underwritten by Aviva, 0345 850 9520 if you have personal insurance with AIG or call First Assist’s freephone number 0345 850 9520 if your Barclays policy is underwritten by them.

Full List of Barclays Contact Numbers

Barclays Bank Department Phone Number
General Enquiries & Accessibility 0800 400 100
Personal Accounts 0333 202 7527
Premier Current Accounts 0800 924 7365
Barclaycard 0800 151 0900
Savings 0345 744 5445
Loans 0800 716 598
Mortgages 0800 022 4022
Mobile & Online Banking 0345 600 2323
Telephone Banking 0345 734 5345
Investment Banking 0333 202 7474
International Banking 0207 574 3060 (UK) +44 207 574 3060 (International)
Travel Money 0345 072 2222
Bereavement Helpline 0345 075 7070
Complaints 0800 282 390
Business Banking 0345 605 2345
Business Insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0844 209 6096
Commercial Loans & Mortgages 0333 202 7445
Home Insurance 0800 0279 844
Travel Insurance 01422 327 198
Car Insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0844 871 2373
Life Insurance 0800 158 3066
Health Insurance 0800 316 2825
Income Protection Insurance 0500 500 700

Other ways for you to contact Barclays

Barclays are one of the largest financial institutions in Britain and around the world, with an estimated 40 million customers using their banking, savings or insurance packages. As they are such a large corporation there are many ways you can contact them in the UK, such as by visiting their branch, writing them a letter or even sending a message to their social media accounts.

Contact Barclays Online

As you may have a busy schedule which means you are unable to be on hold for a length of time Barclays have a comprehensive online contact webpage, where you can access email forms and have live web chats with qualified customer service advisors.

Write to Barclays

Despite other methods of communication being significantly faster, you can still send your enquiries and comments to Barclays in writing by sending your post to their official customer service address:

Barclays Customer Services,
1 Churchill Place,
E14 5HP,
United Kingdom.

Branch Finder

You can use the official Barclays Branch Finder to locate your nearest UK branch by entering your postcode, or if your device has satellite tracking then it can do it for you. Furthermore you can use this service to get the contact details of any of their 1,200+ UK branches, allowing you to get a more personalised service locally to where you live.

Social Media

Earlier on, social media was only used by quirky independent businesses to promote their goods or services and to help them stay in touch with customers, but nowadays even massive multinational companies such as Barclays maintain a strong presence on social networks. They even have a dedicated customer service Twitter page where you can send a tweet and get a response from a trained customer service advisor. You can check out their other official social media pages by clicking on the links here:

Check out their Facebook page
See their posts on Google+
Get the latest updates on their main company Twitter page
Take a look at their Instagram pictures
Watch their help guides & promotional videos on YouTube
Check out their company profile on LinkedIn