HSBC Contact Number: 0345 740 4404

Contact HSBC Bank with general enquiries about their banking services by calling their UK customer service phone number 0345 740 4404.

Customer Services – 0345 740 4404

You should call this customer care number for assistance with your banking, including telephone and e-banking, whether it is something as simple as transferring money between accounts, setting up standing orders, whether you have problems logging into your online e-banking, or need to pay a bill. By calling this number, you can put forward concerns you may have if you suspect fraudulent transactions on your account and need to get in touch with specialist advisors. Additionally you should call this switchboard helpline if you’re not sure which one of HSBC’s departments you should get in touch with, and a customer services representative will direct you accordingly. Alternatively, a detailed list of HSBC’s departments and their numbers is located at the end of this article. You can also call this same customer services number for corporate enquiries and for guidance when setting up a business account with the bank. Finally callers with problems regarding their HSBCnet online services should also call this telephone number.

The HSBC customer service helpline is open 8am to 10pm every day of the year, including weekends. However if you’re a HSBC advance or Premier customer, you have the option to speak directly with a representative 24 hours a day, once you have confirmed your identity through using the above switchboard service.

Call Cost Information

Calling HSBC’s customer service number will charge you the same rate as calls to all other UK local & geographical numbers (01 and 02 numbers). Calling from a landline will charge the cost of a variable per-minute call plus the call-access charge as determined by your landline provider, but may be eligible for free minutes as part of your landline deal. Calling 0345 740 4404 from a mobile will be free of charge if using your mobile’s inclusive minutes as part of your tariff to make the call. However, if you do not have inclusive minutes, the cost from a mobile will likely exceed that from a landline.

New HSBC Accounts – 0345 604 0626

If you are not currently a HSBC customer and would like to enquire about the process of opening a new account with the bank, call their new accounts & non-existing customer helpline on 0345 604 0626. Here, you can ask questions about your eligibility as an account-holder and the process when setting up an account. For instance, you will need to verify with the representative your proof of residency in the UK and may be subject to a credit check. The new accounts representative will be able to assist with setting up telephone banking, and with advising which of HSBC’s accounts will be most suitable for you, such as the HSBC Premier account as detailed below.

Lines are open 8am to 10pm every day (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day). If you are calling from outside the UK, you will need to call the international HSBC new accounts helpline +44 122 626 1010.

Premier Accounts – 03456 70 70 70

Contact HSBC on their standard Premier account contact number 03456 70 70 70 to manage your current account a and after navigating a switchboard service, you will be put through to an advisor who can discuss your eligibility for this type of account. Additionally, this customer service advisor will be able to talk through the benefits of holding a Premier account, including access to a personal Premier ‘relationship manager’ and the preferential interest rates that apply to HSBC’s Premier banking products, services and rewards.

Alternatively, if you do not have an existing current account with HSBC, and would like to apply to the bank’s Premier account as a new customer, you need to call a separate number on 0800 328 1296. This freephone number carries no charge from either a landline or mobile, and the advisors available (once you have navigated the switchboard), will assist callers with the application process.

If you would like to check before calling, current details of HSBC’S Premier account eligibility requirements are listed below:

  1. You must have savings or investments of at least £50,000 with HSBC in the UK.
  2. You must have an individual annual income of at least £100,000 and either a mortgage, investment product, life insurance or protection product with HSBC in the UK.

Additionally, a successful HSBC applicant must fit these following criteria:

  • You need to be 18 years or older.
  • Your residential address must be within the EU.
  • You must be able to provide certified proof of identity and address and one month’s bank statements from your current bank (translated into English if appropriate).
  • If you are resident in the UK, must be willing to undertake a credit check.
  • In order to qualify for lending, savings and travel insurance benefits and preferential rates you will need to be a UK resident.

Existing Premier Customers – 03457 70 70 70

Call HSBC on their telephone contact number 03457 70 70 70 for existing Premier customers, where you can check your account balances, monitor your e-banking, and arrange a meeting with your Premier relationship manager by phone. Additionally this is the number to enquire about HSBC’s position within the global financial market, such as receiving daily updates on interest rates and the value of your shares, or to enquire about their investment banking services.

A table of the contact numbers for the various lines related to HSBC’s Premier account service is found below.

HSBC Premier Banking Department UK Contact Number
Get a new Premier account 0800 328 1296
Existing UK Premier customers 03457 70 70 70
HSBC Premier Customers – International Helpline +44 800 328 1296

Business Banking Accounts – 0345 6012 2014

If you wish to contact a customer service representative about your HSBC business banking account call their dedicated helpline phone number 0345 602 2014 for assistance logging on, checking balances and making business transactions online. Alternatively, call one of the numbers detailed below for more specific assistance for the concerns you may have, whether it is making a telephone or online international business transaction and to enquire about the edibility requirements for setting up a new business account.

Calls to their business banking contact number 0345 6012 2014 cost the same as a local & geographical call, but may be free as part of inclusive minutes packages, and the business 0800 numbers provided in the table below operate a freephone service. International numbers will be considerably more expensive and the exact costs will depend on which country you are calling HSBC from.

HSBC Business Banking Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Business Internet Banking (UK) 0345 602 2014 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Internet Banking (International) +44 179 249 6941 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Internet Banking & Lost Card Textphone 0345 712 5563 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Telephone Banking (UK) 0345 760 6060 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Telephone Banking (International) +44 122 626 0878 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Account Opening (UK) 0800 731 8904 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm
Business Account Opening (International) +44 20 7991 0538 Monday to Sunday, 8am-10pm

Lost Card helpline – 0345 600 7010

Contact HSBC by calling their UK lost card helpline number 0345 600 7010 if you have lost your debit or credit card, would like to report it stolen, or in case of other emergencies. A representative will cancel your card immediately and issue you with a replacement along with a replacement PIN number to be delivered to your address. This emergency helpline is open 24 hours a day so you will be able to seek immediate assistance and advice in the event of a lost or stolen card.

If you need to report a lost a stolen card from abroad, you can contact an overseas representative to do so by calling their international lost card phone number +44 1442 422 929, which has reverse charges applied to it so will be free of charge for you.

Credit Cards – 0800 032 4735

For enquiries relating to HSBC’s credit card services, call their specialised credit department on their freephone contact number 0800 032 4732. This number will assist callers who are looking for information regarding the representative APR, purchase rates and credit limits available to your with a HSBC credit card. Additionally, callers can seek advice regarding whether a credit card is suitable for them, or whether a different type of borrowing may be preferable.

As a freephone number, calls to this department carry no charge, and lines are open from 8am to 10pm every day, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

If you intend to call regarding the eligibility requirements for a HSBC Credit Card you must have an annual income or pension before tax of at least £8,500, aged over 18 and you must not be a HSBC Basic accountholder.

You may wish to arrange an in-branch meeting to organize your Credit Card application, if so call 03457 404 404 to find the address of your local branch. Once you have set up an appointment, you will need to bring identification, proof of address and a recent bank statement.

Mortgages – 0800 032 4706

For information and assistance relating to your HSBC Mortgage, contact the specialist mortgage team on their freephone number 0800 032 4706, and once through to your mortgage specialist you can discuss the terms, conditions and possibility of taking out a mortgage with the bank. For instance, the representative will be able to provide information about the interest rates that will apply to the amount you would like to borrow and whether it will be more beneficial to your needs to have a fixed term or flexible rate mortgage. Additionally, callers to this number are able to enquire about early pay-off release with their mortgage, how to make overpayments, what happens if a repayment is missed, or whether HSBC can provide a repayment holiday, and if so, after what period of time for the mortgage in question. Finally, callers will be able to ask the mortgage team any question about the payment protection insurance on their mortgage. Please note that if you are calling to enquire about taking out a mortgage then it is recommended that you have a list of your monthly outgoings and incomings prepared when you call.

Additionally, you are able to visit your local HSBC branch to arrange a meeting to discuss your mortgage requirements.

Loans – 0800 032 4735

Contact HSBC’s loans department by calling their freephone number 0800 032 4735, where you can put forth any questions regarding the amount you wish to take out with the bank, the possibility of doing so, or, if you already have a loan with the bank, the details of its repayment. For instance, customers who are looking to take this type of credit will be able to enquire about monthly repayment rates, the APR over the full duration of their loan period, the total amount repayable to the bank and the process of repayment itself. Callers can also enquire about setting up a standing order for repayments, early repayment release and what happens if they miss a repayment.

As an 0800 number, HSBC’S loan department runs a freephone service, and lines are open 8am- 10pm, Monday to Sunday, excluding bank holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

Graduate or Career Development Loans – 0800 032 4735

HSBC also provides a career development loan service for graduates who are looking to finance their higher education with a commercial bank loan, which you can access by calling their loan customer service freephone number 0800 032 4735. Callers can use the same number for the loans department, but then would need to express their interest in this service. HSBC’s graduate loans are offered exclusively to existing customers and to meet the application requirements, you must have an HSBC current account, be at least 18 years of age, a UK resident and within 5 years of graduation. Customers looking to take out a career development loan can also contact the National Careers Service for an application pack on 0844 893 2911 (7p/min + access charge).

Insurance Aspects

HSBC also offers an ‘Insurance Aspects’ as a benefit service to their advance accountholders, and to be eligible you must hold and pay the monthly fee of £9.95 from your HSBC Advance Account, reside in the UK, and be registered with a UK doctor.

HSBC Insurance Aspects provides three separate services; each listed below and each requires customers to use a different contact number.

Advance Worldwide Travel Insurance

Please examine the helpful table below to find the correct contact number you should call for HSBC Advance travel insurance policies, which includes phone numbers for claims and medical emergencies.

HSBC Advance Worldwide Travel Insurance Service UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Medical Emergency Assistance Helpline 01603 605 142 24 hours a day
Travel Claims Helpline 01603 604 960 Mon-Thur (8am-6pm) Fri (8am-5.30pm)
Legal Expenses Claims and Advice Helpline 01603 208 533 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Medical Assessment – to disclose a pre-existing medical condition 0800 051 7142 Mon-Sun (8am-9pm) Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day
Travel Assistance (not claims or queries) 01603 605 20 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Advance 24 Hour Motor Breakdown Assistance – 0800 587 9809

By calling the HSBC Advance Motor Breakdown Assistance number on 0800 587 9809, you can request immediate call-out assistance when faced with car or motorbike emergency. Once you have given the exact location of you and the vehicle, your vehicle’s registration number, details of personal identification and a contact number, a member of the recovery team will provide immediate assistance. This freephone number is open 24 hours a day, meaning that you should not be left stranded, whenever your emergency is.

Alternatively, you can access this service by calling their London office phone number 020 8603 9809, but as this is a local-rate rather than a freephone number calls are charged at your standard network rate, however they may be free if part of an inclusive minutes package for both landlines and mobiles.

Advance Mobile Phone Insurance – 0330 102 1918

HSBC’s advance mobile phone insurance is in fact provided by Allianz insurance, so a call to 0330 102 1918 will be directed to the latter company. Primarily callers to this number will be intending to register their mobile phone for cover in case of damage or loss. Additionally you can reach a claims specialist on this line if you are ready to make a claim in the event that your device is lost, stolen or damaged, however it is advised that you have the following details on hand to making the claiming process as easy as possible:

  • Your mobile phone’s IMEI number
  • The make and model of your mobile phone
  • Proof of ownership
  • For theft claims, the crime reference number and the name of the police station it was reported to
  • The time and date of the incident
  • For loss and theft claims, the network provider barred the time and date that the mobile phone
  • A payment method to pay the required excess.

As an 03 number, a call to Allianz regarding your HSBC mobile insurance will cost the same as any call to a UK local number, and calling from any UK landline or mobile phone will be charged the cost of a variable per-minute call (equal to your current tariff’s ‘local rate’) plus the network access charge, set by your own phone network provider‬. Calling from a landline or mobile will be free of charge if using your mobile’s inclusive minutes as part of your tariff to make the call. However, if you do not have inclusive minutes, the cost from a mobile will likely exceed that from a landline.

Allianz is available to be contacted from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 4pm Saturday, but please be aware that the line is closed on Sundays.

Head Office – 020 7991 8888

Callers to HSBC may wish to contact their head office on 020 7991 8888 for questions that they were not able to get answered by the customer care team or by your local branch. As the head office uses a local London telephone area code, calls to the number are charged at a standard geographical number rate, and the line is open during the hours 8am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

Saving Accounts – 03457 404 404

The telephone contact number 03457 404 404 should be called for the first of HSBC’s saving accounts: their ‘Help to Buy ISA’. Callers can request information on this service, and how it offers help when saving to buy a first home. Representatives can offer information regarding the interest rates for the ISA and can even help you set them up over the phone. If you are a HSBC Premier accountholder you can also phone the dedicated contact number 03457 70 70 70 to open a savings account or help to buy ISA.

Lines are open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday, every day (except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).

Loyalty Cash ISA

A second ISA service is the Loyalty Cash ISA, designed to offer rewards for 12 months from the date of each payment into your ISA; and the number to contact a representative for this service depends on your local branch, and can be found using the Branch Locator as detailed at the end of this article.

Complaints – 03457 404 404

In order to make a complaint towards HSBC, you will need to call the correct number for the type of account your complaint is pertaining to. You should use these numbers if you feel you have been overcharged by the bank or if you have been offended by a member of their staff and, as all of the numbers for the complaint lines include an 03 area code, they may be free as part of your minutes package from both landlines or mobiles.

HSBC Complaints Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Personal Banking Customers 03457 404 404 Lines are open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Premier Banking Customers 03457 70 70 70 Lines are open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Business Banking Customers 03457 60 60 60 Lines are open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Non-HSBC Customers 0345 604 0626 Lines are open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Alternatively, you can email the HSBC complaints department by filling out an online complaints form on their official UK website or by sending a letter of complaint directly to their London head office address:

8 Canada Square,
E14 5HQ,
United Kingdom.

Important HSBC contact numbers

HSBC Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Services 0345 740 4404
New Accounts 0345 604 0626
International New Accounts +44122 626 1010
New Premier customers – UK 0800 328 1296
Existing Premier Customers 03457 70 70 70
HSBC Premier Customers – International Helpline +44800 328 1296
Business Internet Banking 0345 602 2014
Technical Support with Online Business Banking – International +44179 249 6941
Business Internet Banking & Lost Card Textphone 0345 712 5563
Business Telephone Banking 0345 760 6060
Business Telephone Banking – Outside UK +44122 626 0878
Business Account Opening 0800 731 8904
Business Account Opening – Outside UK +4420 7991 0538
Lost Card helpline – UK 0345 600 7010
Lost Card helpline – Outside UK +441442 422 929
Credit Card 0800 032 4735
Mortgages 0800 032 4706
Loans & Graduate Borrowing 0800 032 4735
National Careers Service (7p/min + access charge) 0844 893 2911
Travel Claims Helpline 01603 604 960
Legal Expenses Claims and Advice Helpline 01603 208 533
Advance Motor Breakdown Assistance 0800 587 9809 & 020 8603 9809
Allianz 0330 102 1918
HSBC Head Office 020 7991 8888
Savings Account Enquiries & Personal Banking Complaints 03457 404 404
Premier Banking Customers Complaints 03457 70 70 70
Business Banking Customers Complaints 03457 60 60 60
Non HSBC Customers Complaints 03456 040 626
Mobile Complaints 03455 871 244

Alternative Contact Methods

If you are unable to reach a customer services representative or department specialist by phone, you may wish to use one of the following contact methods to put forth your enquiries with the bank, which include email & postal addresses, live chat services and social media links.

Email address

You can also contact HSBC by sending your comments and attachments to their dedicated customer care email address

Live Chat

HSBC’s live chat service is found on their contact and support webpage, where you can message a customer services representative in real time.

Local Branch Locator

An easy way to find the contact number and postal address for your local bank is to use the HSBC online branch locator. Once you have filled in either your postcode, or full address or bank sort code, you will be shown the address of your nearest bank. Simply click ‘more info’ and you will be shown the numbers for new and existing customers.

Postal Addresses

If you would like to send a letter or any documentation to HSBC please write to their official customer care postal address:

Customer Care Team,
HSBC Bank Plc,
PO Box 6125,
CV3 9GW,
United Kingdom.

HSBC Social Media Accounts

HSBC recognise how useful social media websites can be for contacting their customer service teams and for promoting their most competitive financial products. You can find links to their most popular social media accounts in this helpful list:

Check out HSBC on Facebook
Tweet the bank on Twitter
You can add HSBC to your Google Plus Circles
The bank’s company profile page is available on LinkedIn