0300 Call Costs on EE

How much do 0300 numbers cost on EE? Numbers Tariff Call Cost 0300 numbers EE Pay As You Go 30p per minute 0300 numbers EE Pay Monthly 50p per minute Are 0300 numbers free to call on EE? As you can see from the pricing above, 0300 numbers are not free to call on […]

118 Numbers

What are 118 numbers? 118 numbers (UK telephone numbers which start with the 118 prefix) are premium-rate phone numbers which are used for directory enquiries, whereby you search for an unknown phone number belonging to a particular person or business.

0808 Numbers

What are 0808 numbers? 0808 numbers (UK telephone numbers that start with the 0808 prefix) are national non-geographic freephone numbers (similar to 0800 numbers) that are free to call from all UK landline and mobile phones.

09 Numbers

What are 09 numbers? 09 numbers (UK telephone numbers that begin with the 09 prefix) are premium-rate numbers typically used for premium over-the-phone services such as horoscope readings, competitions, adult entertainment and high-end technical support.

0300 Numbers

What are 0300 numbers? 0300 numbers (UK phone numbers beginning with the prefix 0300) are non-geographic numbers, charged at local rate, reserved for government and charity helplines.

03 Numbers

What are 03 telephone numbers? 03 numbers (UK telephone numbers beginning with the 03 prefix) are national, non-geographic numbers (as are 0800 numbers for example) and are charged at local rate (like 01 and 02 (geographic) numbers).