EE Contact Number: 0800 956 6000

To contact an EE customer service advisor, ring their freephone number 0800 956 6000 for free or simply dial 150 from your EE mobile phone.

EE Customer Services – 07953 966 250

EE Mobile Handset

Contact dedicated EE advisors by calling their main customer service phone number 07953 966 250, or dial ‘150‘ for free from an EE mobile phone. This phone number should be used for any query about your EE mobile and SIM service, as well as if you are unsure of which particular department to contact. You can also set up a direct debit, make a bill payment to EE and notify them that you want to cancel your service by calling this helpline.  

You should also call this number to make an initial complaint to EE, for further details please read our complaints section further down this page for a full guide on how to complain to EE. This number is also the primary customer service contact number for EE small business customers. This helpline is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday. Calls cost up to 12.7p per minute from an EE landline, plus a 15p connection charge. Calls from other providers will vary and calls made from non-EE mobiles may cost considerably more.

You can also write to EE customer services if your enquiry relates to either your mobile or broadband package by using the official postal address below. Please specify your name and address, your EE mobile or landline phone number as well as your EE account number when writing to EE.

EE Mobile & Broadband,
EE Customer Services,
6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne and Wear,
SR3 3XN,
United Kingdom.

EE Broadband & EE TV – 0800 079 8586

Call the freephone number 0800 079 8586 to contact an EE customer service advisor about your EE Broadband or EE Talk services. Please phone this contact number for any query about these services, to set up or cancel your EE Broadband/EE TV service, track your order, change your engineer appointment and to get troubleshooting advice about your EE Broadband/TV problem. If this number is unavailable, please use the alternative local-rate contact number  0207 362 0200. These phone lines are available 8am-10pm on weekdays and 8am-8pm on weekends, although you should be aware that they may be closed on UK bank holidays such as Christmas day.

EE also runs a dedicated email service for broadband customer advice on their website, fill out an official form here to access this service:

4GEE Mobile WiFi – 07953 966 502

To phone EE customer service advisors about your 4GEE mobile WiFi package, call their dedicated 4GEE contact number on 07953 966 502. This helpline will connect you to the mobile broadband division of EE, who can assist you with payments & topping up your account, managing your 4GEE account and troubleshooting. This helpline is open 8am-10pm Mon-Fri and 8am-8pm Sat-Sun and is free to call from EE landlines & mobiles. Check with your landline or mobile network provider for details on the cost of calls to this number if you aren’t calling from an EE phone.

Join EE – 0800 956 6000

If you are a new mobile, SIM, broadband, TV or 4GEE customer and you want to contact EE, then phone their main Join EE helpline on freephone 0800 956 6000. Contact this number for information about all EE packages, as well as to sign up for an EE service. If you are a small business owner (up to 50 employees) then phone the EE small business new customer helpline on 0800 956 6100, alternatively if you are representing a large business (50+ employees) then please contact EE on their commercial freephone number 0800 079 0888. These contact numbers are free to call from all UK phones and are available 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday.

Complain to EE – 0800 956 6060 or 0800 956 6059

To make a complaint to EE if you are a mobile, 4GEE or tablet customer then call the freephone number 0800 956 6060, or to contact the EE TV & Broadband complaints department phone 0800 956 6059, which is also free to call from UK phones. Both these helplines are open 8am-8pm seven days a week. EE also recommends calling the relevant customer service helpline for the department you wish to make a complaint about, these are: 07953 966 250 (Mobile & Sim customers), 0800 079 8586 (Broadband and EE TV customers) and 07953 966 502 (4GEE customers). You can also complain to EE online, as they provide both a live chat service with a fully-trained advisor and an online contact form on their official complaints website. You can also email EE using this address:

To write to EE with your complaint, use one of the two official postal addresses below, depending on whether you are a SIM customer on EE mobile or a home broadband customer.

Mobile Customer

Home Broadband Customer

Customer Services,
6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne and Wear,
SR3 3XN,
United Kingdom.
EE Home Broadband,
6 Camberwell Way,
Tyne And Wear,
SR3 3XN,
United Kingdom.

If your complaint is not initially resolved by using these contact options, please call EE again on 0800 956 6060 or 0800 956 6059 and request to speak to a customer services team leader or an operations manager. If your issue is still not resolved after this stage, then escalate the complaint to the relevant ombudsman, which you can determine by visiting the official EE complaints webpage

Orange Contact Numbers

EE was formed in 2010 by the merger of the two companies which ran the Orange and T-mobile networks in the UK. Consult the useful list of phone numbers that is provided below if you want to contact a dedicated Orange customer service advisor. You can also dial ‘150‘ from your Orange mobile phone to access any of these helplines. Calls will cost up to 32p from BT landlines and more from mobiles (please check with your landline or mobile network provider for full details).

Customer Service Department

Phone Number

Orange Pay as you Go 07973 100 450
Orange Pay Monthly & SIM-only 07973 100 150
Orange Small Business Customers 07973 100 345

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

The EE mobile network was formed by the merger of two previously established UK networks, T-Mobile and Orange. If you are a T-Mobile customer and you wish to contact customer service advisors on one of their helplines, please use the helpful list of phone numbers provided here:

Customer Service Department

Phone Number

T-Mobile Mobile & SIM-only (7p/min + access charge) 0845 412 5000
T-Mobile 4GEE WiFi 07953 966 501
T-Mobile: Small & Large Businesses 07953 966 150

Call Charge Information: EE’s 079 numbers are free to contact from all EE landline and mobile phones; if you are not an EE customer then please check with your landline or mobile network provider for details about call charges to these helplines.

Important EE Phone Numbers


Contact Number

Customer Services, EE Mobile & SIM 07953 966 250
EE Broadband & TV 0800 079 8586
4GEE Mobile WiFi 07953 966 502
Join EE 0800 956 6000
Complain to EE (Mobile, 4GEE & Tablets) 0800 956 6060
Complain to EE (EE TV, Broadband) 0800 956 6059

Call Costs: These 079 numbers are free to contact from EE landlines & mobiles, please check with your provider for full call-cost information if you are not an EE customer. 0800 numbers are freephone numbers and are therefore free to contact from all UK phones.

EE Shop Front

Alternative EE Contact Options

EE Mobile Coverage Checker

To check whether EE mobile signal is available or down in your area, use the official EE network coverage checker via their website at

EE Store Finder

EE operates over 550 stores within the UK, to locate your nearest store use the official EE store finder webpage here:

EE Social Media

As the largest UK mobile network provider and the largest provider of 4G services in Europe, EE has a strong official customer service presence on a number of social media websites. Links to these sites can be found below.