DVLA Contact Number: 0300 790 6801

Contact the DVLA enquiries team by calling their mobile-friendly local-rate contact number 0300 790 6801.

DVLA Customer Services – 0300 790 6801

DVLA-Issed Car Tax Disc

To contact DVLA customer services for general enquiries please phone using their mobile-friendly number 0300 790 6801. The DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) handles all aspects of driver and vehicle registration within the United Kingdom. DVLA recommends contacting them through the department relevant to your query or complaint, however use the above numbers if you are unsure of which department to contact.

Make a complaint to the DVLA – 0300 790 6801

Call the DVLA to make a complaint by calling their customer service contact number 0300 790 6801, where you can appeal against a revoked driving licence or vehicle registration. For example if you believe that you have been overcharged for importing a car you can phone their advisors to get a refund on the overpaid tax. Alternatively if you would rather make your complaint in writing you can do so by sending a letter to their customer care office:

Complaints Team,
SA6 7JL,
United Kingdom.

DVLA vehicle tax and SORN – 0300 790 6802

Phone 0300 790 6802 to contact the vehicle tax and SORN (statutory off road regulation notice) department of DVLA. This number should be used to contact DVLA to get your vehicle tax, to check the amount of car tax you will have to pay and to make a statutory off road regulation notice (SORN) when you car is no longer being driven on the road. This number is available to contact the DVLA between 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 8am-2pm Saturday and is charged at standard UK local call rates.

You can also write to the DVLA vehicle tax & SORN department with your enquiries by using their postal address below, however this is likely to take significantly longer than calling their telephone helpline.

Vehicle Customer Services,
SA99 1AR,
United Kingdom.

DVLA driving licences and applications – 0300 790 6801

Phone a DVLA driving licence customer service advisor by calling the local-rate contact number: 0300 790 6801. You should contact this number for any queries related to your driving licence, as well as to replace a lost/stolen/damaged driving licence, make or apply for a DVLA driving licence and to change or view your driving licence details. This is a standard UK local-rate phone number, and is open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 8am-2pm (closed on Sunday).

To write to the DVLA driving licence department, use the official postal address here:

Drivers Customer Services,
Correspondence Team,
SA6 7JL,
United Kingdom.

Vehicle registration and log books (V5C certificates) – 0300 790 6802

Contact DVLA Vehicle Registration (who also handle vehicle V5C log book certification) by calling 0300 790 6802. This phone number will put you through to a customer service advisor who will help you with your query. You should call this number to register a vehicle, tell DVLA that you have bought or sold a vehicle, to get a vehicle log book (V5C) or to change your vehicle registration plate. If you want to import a vehicle into the UK, or export a vehicle from the UK, then you should also contact them by calling this number. This helpline is charged at UK local rates, thus you will pay a maximum of approximately 12p from UK landlines and up to around 45p per minute from mobiles if not you aren’t using free inclusive minutes included in tariff, please check with your provider for details as you will be able to contact the DVLA for free if you have these minutes. Lines are open 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 8am-2pm Saturday, thus this department is not available on Sundays and bank holidays.

You can also write to DVLA for vehicle registration, use their official vehicle customer services postal address which is provided here:

Vehicle Customer Services,
SA99 1AR,
United Kingdom.

Driver medical enquiries – 0300 790 6806

If you have a medical enquiry and need to contact the DVLA, phone their helpline using the number 0300 790 6806. Customer service advisors on this line will be able to provide you with information on driving with a medical condition or disability, how you can inform DVLA of medical conditions which may affect your ability to drive and details on how to reapply for a driving licence following a medical condition. This phone number is open 8am-5:30pm Monday-Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday, thus be aware that lines are closed on Sundays as well as some UK bank holidays. Calls to this number are charged the same as standard UK local rate costs, thus you will be able to phone the DVLA for free if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff.

Alternatively you can contact DVLA drivers’ medical enquiries by sending them letters using their dedicated postal address here:

Drivers’ Medical Enquiries,
SA99 1TU,
United Kingdom.

DVLA medical enquiries – UK phone numbers

Medical enquiries department Contact number
Report a medical concern to the DVLA (car and motorcycle drivers) 0300 790 6806
DVLA medical enquiries (bus, coach and lorry drivers) 0300 790 6807

DVLA Driver Check service – 09061 393 837

If you need to check an employee’s driving licence information, the contact phone number for DVLA is 09061 393 837. You should phone this number to confirm that an applicant has a full driving licence appropriate for the vehicle which they will be driving, for example they will need a full HGV registration to haul goods using a lorry. Moreover you can phone this helpline to check whether they have any previous disqualifications and if they have any penalty points on their current record.

Please note that this is a premium-rate phone number which will cost up to £3.71 per minute to call from UK landlines and phoning this contact number from a mobile will cost up to £4.04. Also please note that you should obtain the driver’s permission in writing or via verbal confirmation before contacting DVLA about their licence information.

DVLA Welsh language enquiries – 0300 790 6819

Please contact the DVLA using their Welsh language phone number 0300 790 6819 for vehicle registration and driving licence enquiries.

Cysylltwch â’r DVLA ddefnyddio eu rhif ffôn Cymraeg 0300 790 6819 ar gyfer cofrestru cerbyd a gyrru ymholiadau trwydded. Mae’r llinellau ar agor o ddydd Llun i ddydd Gwener 8am-7pm a Sadwrn 8am-2pm.

DVLA office entrance

MOT enquiries – 0300 123 9000

Phone the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on their UK contact number 0300 123 9000 to arrange an MOT car check to ensure that it complies with the standards set by the DVLA. Therefore you can phone this number to find a local mechanic that has been approved to get your new MOT, where you can also get the most recent inspection checklist to check if your car will pass. You should also call this number if you suspect that a garage has been deliberately negligent whilst performing your MOT, such as overcharging you for repairs or failing your car unnecessarily.

Buy personalised number plates from the DVLA – 0300 123 0883

Call the DVLA on their telephone contact number 0300 123 0883 to buy a personalised number plate and to find out when upcoming auctions are so that you can buy one as a gift. Moreover if you are unsure of how much money you will have to pay them to put personalised registration plates on your vehicle you can call this helpline for confirmation of their fees. Similarly if you would like advice on how to fix your new plates to your car please call this number for guidance so that you display your new registration correctly. Finally please call this number if you would like to transfer your personalised number plate to a new vehicle or if you would like to assign it to another person, for example when purchasing it as a present.

Send a fax to the DVLA – 0300 123 0784

Drivers can telecopy documents directly to the DVLA via their UK fax number 0300 123 0784 where you may send paper driving licence counterparts, relevant speeding enforcement notices and medical records to prove you are capable of driving a vehicle safely. Alternatively if you need to send a fax from abroad, for example if you are importing a new car into the United Kingdom, please examine the table below to find the correct fax number to use.

DVLA fax numbers

DVLA department Fax number
Driving & general enquiries 0300 123 0784
Fax documents to the DVLA from abroad +441792 786 369
Vehicle tax and registration faxes 0300 123 0798

DVLA Contact Numbers

Contact Number
DVLA Customer Services 0300 790 6801
Vehicle Tax, SORN, Vehicle Registration, V5C Certificates (Log Books) 0300 790 6802
Driving Licence Applications 0300 790 6801
Drivers’ Medical Enquiries 0300 790 6806
DVLA medical enquiries (bus, coach and lorry drivers) 0300 790 6807
DVLA Driver Check Service 09061 393 837
Welsh Language Enquiries 0300 790 6819
MOT enquiries 0300 123 9000
Buy a personalised number plate from the DVLA 0300 123 0883

Call costs

  • 0300 numbers are local-rate numbers, costing no more than 01 and 02 (geographic) numbers and are usually compatible with inclusive free minutes allowances.
  • 09 numbers are premium-rate numbers, costing a flexible amount set by the number owner – the cost of calling an 09 number ranges from about 50p per minute right up to around £5 per minute.

Alternative ways to contact the DVLA

Using their online contact forms

To email the DVLA, use their official site’s web-based contact forms at live.email-dvla.service.gov.uk/w2c/en_gb/decisions/root then simply follow the appropriate link for your enquiry.

You can also order DVLA driving licence application forms, change of details forms and vehicle tax forms online on the Department for Transport’s website: forms.dft.gov.uk/order-dvla-forms.

Social Media

DVLA has a variety of social media profiles which can be accessed via the links below in order to follow, like and message them in an informal manner.