Hermes Contact Number: 0330 333 6556

Contact Hermes Group by calling their local-rate phone number 0330 333 6556 in order to speak to a customer service advisor about your Hermes parcel delivery or myHermes parcel drop-off service.

Hermes Group Customer Services – 0330 333 6556

Phone a Hermes Group customer service advisor on their local rate contact number 0330 333 6556 in order to make a general enquiry about your myHermes parcel service or your Hermes account. If you require technical support for your account, such as if you’ve forgotten your username or password, or when using the myHermes website you should call their local-rate phone number. Please also contact an advisor on 0330 333 6556 if your Hermes parcel has been damaged or has not been delivered. Furthermore you should call their general enquiries helpline if you want to cancel a pick-up or drop-off that you have previously booked.

Calls to the Hermes Group 0330 333 6556 number are charged at the same rate as calls to UK local 01 or 02 numbers. Therefore calling the myHermes delivery service from a BT landline will cost approximately 12p per minute maximum, as well as a call setup fee. Calling Hermes from a mobile phone will be free if you are using your free inclusive minutes that are included in your tariff or rewards package. Please check with your mobile network provider for full call charge details, as calls to Hermes made without using these minutes may cost substantially more than normal landline-landline phone calls.

Complain to Hermes – 0844 543 7411

Contact Hermes to make a complaint by calling their UK head office phone number 0844 543 7411 at 7p/min + access charge, or alternatively you can phone their general enquiries helpline 0330 333 6556. Customer service advisors on these helplines will be able to guide you through the myHermes complaints process and potentially resolve your complaint there and then. If you feel your Hermes complaint hasn’t been resolved by this point you should then escalate the complaint by emailing the full details of your issue to the official Hermes Europe complaints department at this address: Hermes Group will then keep you updated with the progress of your complaint and hopefully resolve the issue; if you feel the issue has still not been resolved following this stage you should then contact Hermes again and ask to speak to the Customer Relations Manager.

Contacting Hermes on their general enquiries number 0330 333 6556 will cost you the same amount of money as calls of equal duration to other local rate phone numbers, such as 01 or 02 area code numbers. Calls to the Hermes UK head office phone number 0844 543 7411 are charged at business rates which vary depending on your landline or mobile network provider, therefore please check with these providers for full call cost information. Officially they cost up to 7p/min + access charge, and the access charge can be considerably higher than the 7p/min service charge – this is the choice of your own phone network.

Helpful Hermes Contact Details

Reason to contact Hermes Phone Number Alternative contact options
Customer Services 0330 333 6556 Email:
Live Web Chat:
Make a Complaint or Contact Hermes Head Office 0844 543 7411 (7p/min + access charge) Post: Hermes UK, Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, Leeds, LS27 OWH, United Kingdom.

Alternative Hermes (myHermes) contact options

myHermes Live Web Chat

You can speak to a myHermes advisor live via the official online Hermes Live chat service You can use their service for any general enquiry, as well for technical support with your account and to make a query about your myHermes parcel drop-off or delivery. This myHermes live chat service is available 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm Saturday-Sunday, please be aware that bank holidays may affect this availability.

Email myHermes

Email Hermes parcel delivery service by using their official email portal to make a detailed query to Hermes regarding your myHermes account, parcel delivery or drop-off point.

Write to Hermes Group

Hermes recommends using their phone, email or live online chat services to contact them, however if you would prefer to write to Hermes to make a complaint, for support with your myHermes account or to make an enquiry about a Hermes delivery then please use their official postal address provided below:

Hermes UK,
Capitol House,
1 Capitol Close,
United Kingdom.

Hermes Social Media

The Hermes Group processes around 200 million parcels per year in the UK alone, which naturally means that they require numerous channels of communication in order to resolve customer queries and complaints. Thankfully, Hermes is available to contact on several social media sites as well as traditional contact options such as phone and email. Links to their myHermes social media sites are provided here: