eBay Contact Number: 0345 355 3229

Contact eBay UK customer services by calling their official number 0345 355 3229 (standard network rates) for general enquiries, payment disputes, to retract a bid and to update your account.

General enquiries – 0345 355 3229

Phone eBay by calling their customer service contact number 0345 355 3229 for general enquiries and to update your personal information, such as your address or password. You should also call this number if you wish to close your account or retract a bid for an item that you made by accident. Furthermore if you are interested in selling an item or regularly selling your goods via eBay you should call their customer service team to get information for sellers, such as help listing particular items and postage assistance.

Payment & invoice issues – 0345 355 3229

Contact eBay to open a payment dispute by calling their customer service phone number 0345 355 3229, where you can also query an invoice if you believe you have been overcharged for an item and if you think eBay has taken too much commission for your item. You should also call this number if you have sold an item on their auction platform and the buyer has not paid you for the item or paid insufficient postage for you to be able to send the item. Similarly if you have paid for an item and you have not received it you should call 0345 355 3229. If you haven’t received an item that you have paid for you can also open a payment dispute by entering your account details and the order number on their official customer service website. Alternatively please contact PayPal if you paid for your item using that particular online banking platform.

Returns & seller defects – 0800 358 6551

Contact eBay for free by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 358 6551 for item returns and to notify them that a seller has sold you a defective or damaged item. Helpful customer service advisors on this helpline will advise you on how you can contact the seller to return the defective item and get a refund. You should also call this number if a customer has incorrectly given you a ‘defect’ on your account which may negatively affect your seller performance.

Fraudulent account use – 0800 358 6552

Phone eBay for free by calling their anti-fraud contact number 0800 358 6552 as quickly as possible if you suspect someone has used your eBay account to purchase or sell an item fraudulently. This is a freephone number and as such is free to call from any UK landline or mobile phone so do not hesitate to call them immediately if you suspect someone has access to your eBay account without permission.

Head office & complaints – 0208 605 3000

Contact eBay’s London head office directly on their official telephone number 0208 605 3000 to lodge a formal complaint against their service, for example if you believe they have repeatedly charged you too much commission and if you feel they have been negligent whilst dealing with a dispute you had between a seller or a buyer. You can also send them letters of complaint by writing to their dedicated postal address which is provided here:

Complaints Department,
Ebay (UK) Ltd,
Hotham House,
1 Heron Square,
TW9 1EJ,
United Kingdom.

Important eBay telephone numbers

Department Phone number
Customer services 0345 355 3229
Returns & seller defects 0800 358 6551
Head office & complaints 0208 605 3000
Fraud helpline 0800 358 6552

Other ways you can contact eBay

There are numerous ways in which you can contact eBay, reflecting its status as the largest online auction platform in the world. These options include online contact forms, live web chats, postal addresses and dedicated social media accounts.

Email & live chat options

You can email eBay by going to their customer service web portal and logging in to your account. As well as liaising with them via email you can also have a live web chat with an online customer service advisor and request a callback at a more convenient time by using this service.

eBay postal address

You can also send your general enquiries to eBay’s customer services department using their postal address below, where you can also send letters about a dispute with a particular seller or documents relevant to a payment claim.

Ebay (UK) Ltd – Customer Services,
Hotham House,
1 Heron Square,
TW9 1EJ,
United Kingdom.

Connect with eBay on social media

As an internet-focused auction website it is perhaps unsurprising that eBay has embraced social media to promote its business & services, and even as an additional customer service platform. You can find the links to their most popular social media pages by examining the list below:

Check out their posts on Facebook
www.facebook.com/eBay.co.uk (UK) & www.facebook.com/eBay (worldwide)
Send their customer service team a tweet about your issue on Twitter
See their promotional tweets
twitter.com/ebay_uk (UK) & twitter.com/eBay (worldwide)
Add eBay to your circle on Google+
View their promotional YouTube videos
Check out their pictures on Instagram
Check out eBay’s company profile page on LinkedIn