PayPal Contact Number: 0800 358 7911

Contact Paypal UK customer services by phone on their dedicated UK freephone number 0800 358 7911 for no charge.

PayPal Customer Services – 0800 358 7911

Phone a PayPal customer service advisor by calling their UK freephone helpline number 0800 358 7911 which is free to call from all UK phones. This is their main general enquiries number that should be used for the majority of PayPal queries. These include problems with your PayPal account, help with your forgotten usernames/passwords, tools for PayPal sellers, withdrawing or depositing money into your PayPal account, and resolving problems with sending or receiving payments.

You should also call 0800 358 7911 if you want to make a complaint against PayPal. The general enquiries team on that helpline will then either provide you with a solution to your problem or guide you through the PayPal complaints procedure. You can also use PayPal’s official email system to register a formal complaint, to do so please visit If you are opening a dispute or filing a claim against a PayPal seller, for example if they haven’t sent you an item or the item you have received is defective, then instead please visit the PayPal resolution centre here:

PayPal’s customer service number 0800 358 7911 is available to call between 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 8am-9pm Saturday and 9am-9pm Sunday, however bank holidays may be affected by closures. All 0800 numbers are free to call from all UK phones.

How To Call PayPal From Abroad – +353 1 436 9004

Contact PayPal customer services from outside the UK by calling their international phone number +353 1 436 9004. Calling this helpline will connect you to a PayPal advisor who will help you with your account or payment issue whilst you are abroad. Please note that calls to this helpline will generally cost more than phone calls made within the UK to UK landlines and that the charge will vary depending on which country you are calling from. Calls to this helpline will also cost substantially more from mobiles & payphones than a call of the same duration made from a landline phone would.

Helpful List of PayPal Contacts



General Enquiries & Complaints 0800 358 7911
PayPal International Helpline +353 1 436 9004
Email PayPal
Write to PayPal PayPal Europe,
PO Box 9473,

Alternative PayPal Contact Options


PayPal has a comprehensive online help & email system on their website, as you would expect for a company which processes internet payments. If you want to access this service, please go to their official site provided here for you: Alternatively if you have received an email purportedly from PayPal which you suspect to be fake or spam, forward the email to to contact the official PayPal fraud centre.

Write to PayPal

PayPal strongly recommends using either their general enquiries helpline or their email service to resolve your enquiry, however if you would prefer to write to PayPal, or if you need to send a cheque to PayPal to restore your balance, please write to them using this official postal address:

PayPal Europe,
PO Box 9473,

Social Media

PayPal has a strong presence on social media sites as they are one of the largest global internet payment operators, please use the links below to contact PayPal on the social media site of your choice.