Giffgaff Contact Number

Contact Giffgaff customer services by sending an online message to their community agents where you can discuss a goodybag top-up, change your mobile number and to buy a non-contract smartphone.

Giffgaff customer services

Giffgaff Tablet Branding

Contact Giffgaff customer services by raising an agent support ticket via their community website as they currently do not offer a telephone number for verbal enquiries. You can use this platform to top-up your mobile phone credit and similarly to add additional data allowance to your current goodybag package. Moreover if you want to confirm a top-up payment has gone through you can use this service to check your current credit balance.

You should also call this helpline to find out how to switch to their non-contract mobile network including how to keep your existing phone number. Once you have registered on their network you should phone this helpline for technical support if your SIM card is not working. Similarly if you have forgotten your username or password you can request these details via email so that you can access your account. Furthermore you can use this service to find the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Giffgaff’s services, including their full call rates and how to make cheap international calls using your handset. Finally if you are having problems with your signal coverage you can use this service to check for network outages in your area.

Although Giffgaff currently do not offer a telephone number we will update this page as soon as they release their full contact details so please check here periodically if you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative over the phone.

Giffgaff mobile phone handsets

As well as offering a range of pay as you go tariffs you can also purchase the latest iPhone, Android and Windows Phone handsets from Giffgaff so visit their support webpages for more information about their prices. If you have purchased a new smartphone under a monthly payment plan you can call this helpline if you are struggling to make your monthly repayments so that they can defer your payment deadline until you have the requisite funds.

Head office & complaints

Contact Giffgaff via their email address to make a complaint about their poor network coverage, an excessive charge on your mobile phone bill or poor customer service support. Here you may also complain about their lack of telephone operatives if you would rather speak to a person about your technical difficulties. Alternatively you may send your letters of complaint directly to Giffgaff’s UK head office address:

Giffgaff Ltd,
260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom.

Giffgaff Staff

Alternative ways to contact Giffgaff

If you would rather contact Giffgaff by writing a formal letter you may wish to use their customer service postal address below, alternatively you can embrace modern technology by posting a public message on their social media profiles.

Write to Giffgaff

You can send letters to Giffgaff via their customer service postal address which is provided below for your convenience, please note that this is a comparatively slow way of getting in touch with them so please use their support websites above for urgent enquiries.

Customer Services,
Giffgaff Ltd,
11 Vine Street,
UB8 1QE,
United Kingdom.

Connect with Giffgaff through social media

Giffgaff maintain a high profile on some of the most popular social media websites used in the UK to promote their latest SIM-only deals and as a further way for their customers to contact them for support.

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