Ovo Energy Contact Number: 0800 5999 440

Ovo Energy customer services can be contacted for free on their freephone number 0800 5999 440 where you can order a smart meter, check their electricity prices and to report a gas leak.

Ovo Energy customer services – 0800 5999 440

Ovo Energy Card

Contact Ovo Energy customer services by dialling their UK freephone number 0800 5999 440 for free to update your monthly direct debit agreement and to fit a modern smart meter to monitor your energy usage.

New customers can also call this helpline to get a quote for their gas and electricity supply according to their latest price tariffs. Similarly if you are moving home you can phone this helpline to move your energy supply to your new address, alternatively this number can be phoned to cancel your contract once you have moved in to your new property however you may have to pay an early cancellation fee.

A further reason for calling this telephone number is to receive technical support with your online Ovo Energy account, so if you are having difficulties when submitting meter readings you can dial this helpline for troubleshooting assistance. Likewise if you have forgotten your username or password you can call this number to reset your account details.

Phoning Ovo Energy on their customer service contact number 0800 5999 440 is free of charge from all UK mobile and landline handsets. This helpline is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday so non-emergency enquiries are not handled on Sundays as well as UK bank holidays.

Phone Ovo Energy from overseas: +441179 303 100

Contact Ovo Energy from overseas by calling their international contact number +441179 303 100 to set up gas and electricity supply at your new UK address. Existing customers can also call Ovo from abroad to query a direct debit payment if you have been overcharged and to switch off your supply remotely if you suspect you accidentally left an appliance running. Be aware that contacting Ovo Energy from outside the UK is not free of charge and you will have to pay the international telephone rates determined by which country you are calling from.

Ovo Energy complaints – 0800 5999 440

Contact Ovo Energy by dialling their freephone complaints number 0800 5999 440 to lodge a formal enquiry against an unfair increase to your gas or electricity bills. Similarly if you suspect that you have been systematically overcharged for your energy usage you can request compensation from their remunerations team. Should you wish to contact the Ovo Energy head office directly you can do so by sending a letter to their London postal address:

Ovo Energy,
33 Notting Hill Gate,
W11 3JQ,
United Kingdom.

Pay as you go enquiries – 0800 358 3523

Call Ovo Energy by phoning their freephone contact number 0800 358 3523 for pay as you go enquiries where you can top up the credit on your meter. Here you can also report a technical fault with your meter which means you are being charged an excessively high amount for your energy, they will then arrange an engineer appointment at a mutually convenient time. Please add this number to your phones prior to their arrival so that you can confirm their identity as fraudsters may pose as legitimate employees to gain access to your property. This helpline can also be contacted in the event that you have lost your gas card or electricity key so that they can provide a replacement which you can activate at your nearest Paypoint affiliated retailer.

Report a gas leak to Ovo Energy – 0800 111 999

Customers with any energy supplier (including Ovo) should phone the national gas emergency contact number 0800 111 999 for free as soon as they suspect a leak in either their property or a mains pipe on the street. Please make sure you are in a safe location before you call this helpline however you can help the gas to dissipate by turning off the supply as well as by opening doors and windows. This 24-hour helpline service is also necessary for reporting carbon monoxide leaks so if your alarm is operating please do not hesitate to call them.

Emergency power cut helpline – 105

Phone the national freephone contact number 105 in the event of a power cut which has knocked out your electricity supply. The national unit will then direct you either to an Ovo Energy representative if the issue is only affecting your home or they will notify the electricity board in your area so that they can repair the faulty substation.

Complete summary of Ovo Energy phone numbers

Ovo Energy department Contact number
Customer services 0800 5999 440
Contact Ovo Energy from outside the UK +441179 303 100
Ovo Energy pay as you go enquiries 0800 358 3523
International pay as you go queries +441173 701 041
Report a gas leak to Ovo Energy 0800 111 999
Emergency power cut helpline 105

Ovo Head Office

Other ways to contact Ovo Energy

Contacting Ovo Energy in writing is a simple process as they offer both a postal address for customers who wish to write a formal letter as well as email addresses for convenience. They also have numerous profiles on social media websites where you can post public messages and get their latest promotional energy rates.

Write to Ovo

Letters to Ovo Energy customer services should be sent to their Bristol office postal address which is provided below, however as this is a slow way of contacting them please call their telephone numbers above in the event of a gas emergency.

OVO Energy,
1 Rivergate,
Temple Quay,
BS1 6ED,
United Kingdom.

Ovo Energy email addresses

Ovo Energy offer two email addresses which you can use depending on whether you pay for your gas and electricity usage monthly or via pay as you go payments:

Email Ovo Energy if you are a new or pay monthly customer
Pay as you go email address

Find Ovo Energy on social media

You can use various social media networks when contacting Ovo Energy regarding your gas and electricity supply, where you can post public messages which their customer service agents will endeavour to respond to. They also cunningly use these pages as a marketing platform to advertise their best energy deals to new customers.

View posts written on the Ovo Energy Facebook page
Write a Tweet on the Ovo Energy Twitter feed
Get careers information via the Ovo Energy LinkedIn page
Watch adverts and helpful tips on the Ovo Energy YouTube page