Utility Warehouse Contact Number: 0333 777 0777

Contact Utility Warehouse on their member services phone number 0333 777 0777 to get a quote for their clubhouse energy supply, for broadband technical support and to pay your SIM-only mobile bill.

Utility Warehouse customer services – 0333 777 0777

Utility Warehouse Piggy Bank

Contact Utility Warehouse customer services on their UK phone number 0333 777 0 777 for clubhouse benefit queries, to pay an energy bill and to report a problem with your smart meter. Therefore you should call this number if you suspect that you are being overcharged on either your gas or electricity payments.

Moreover you should get in touch with their UK-based staff if you would like to switch to a different tariff or to add another service such as broadband to your Utility Warehouse package. Similarly you can call this helpline to enquire about their range of additional services including cashback cards, light-bulb replacement and bill protector insurance policies.

Calls to Utility Warehouse are free of charge if you are on one of their landline telephone deals, if not you will have to pay a small per-minute fee alongside an access charge which are both set by your provider. However if you have free inclusive minutes on your tariff you will still be able to call them for free as these can be used instead of paying a monetary fee. Lines are open 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4:30pm Saturday however they operate an automated service outside of these opening times for reporting technical faults and for telephone bill payments. If you are hard-of-hearing or you suffer from a speech impediment you can dial their dedicated textphone number 0333 003 5643 to type messages to their customer service staff.

Moving home – 0333 777 0888

Call Utility Warehouse to notify them that you are planning on moving home by dialling their telephone contact number 0333 777 0888 so that they can transfer your gas and electricity account to your new address. Similarly they may have to set up connections at your new property so that you can continue using their landline and broadband services, thus you should dial this number as soon as possible once your move is confirmed. Alternatively if you would like to cancel your account once you have moved home you can call this helpline to receive a final energy bill, however please note that if you are on a fixed rate bundle you may have to pay a charge according to the amount of time left on your contract.

Make a complaint to Utility Warehouse – 0333 777 0777

Phone Utility Warehouse on their customer service contact number 0333 777 0777 to make a complaint about one of their energy or communications products. Therefore if you have continually poor broadband signal, landline reception or slow download speeds you can phone this helpline to voice your dissatisfaction. Similarly if you have been overcharged on your gas and electricity bills over a period of a few months or they continue to send you final warning notices once you have made the appropriate payment you can call this helpline to launch a misconduct investigation against their staff. If you would prefer to make your complaints in writing you can send letters directly to their London head office using the postal address below, where you can also send copies of receipts and bills in support of your dispute claims.

Complaints Department,
Utility Warehouse,
Network HQ,
508 Edgware Road,
The Hyde,
NW9 5AB,
United Kingdom.

Join Utility Warehouse – 0333 777 3212

Contact Utility Warehouse on their UK phone number 0333 777 3212 to get a quote for their gas and electricity packages. Here you will also find out the benefits of being a member of their clubhouse which include cashback against your bills as well as discounts on mobile handsets. You should also phone this number to get their tariff rates and promotional prices so you can establish whether it will be better value for you to switch to their supply.

Utility Warehouse Mobile – 150

Phone Utility Warehouse from your mobile handset by dialling 150 if you are an existing customer or their landline number 0333 777 0777 to contact an advisor to top up your SIM-only credit, to upgrade your existing smartphone and to change to a pay-monthly contract. Moreover you can phone these helplines from a landline telephone if mobile signal is down in your area and to check whether there is a signal black-spot in a location you are planning on moving to. Similarly please call this number for a full breakdown of their UK call costs as well as international roaming charges so that you can select the correct tariff for you.

Broadband technical support – 0333 777 0555

Contact Utility Warehouse by calling their broadband contact number 0333 777 0555 for technical support with slow download speeds or a WiFi outage. If you are unable to connect to the internet for a significant length of time you can call this helpline to request an engineer to examine your signal connections as well as the street-level cable boxes to check for any damage to the infrastructure. Similarly you can phone this number to check how long it will take engineers to repair the damage and to get a replacement router device in your home.

Utility Warehouse business customers – 0344 815 0506

Contact the business division at Utility Warehouse by calling their national phone number 0344 815 0506 to get a quote for your company energy supply needs, to subscribe to their broadband packages and to purchase mobile devices for your staff. You should also phone this number to update your account details in the event your business has changed ownership or you are expanding to a larger premises. Please examine the table below if you need to fax contract documents through to Utility Warehouse or if you require technical support for your broadband connection.

Utility Warehouse for Business – phone numbers

Business department Utility Warehouse contact number
Customer services 0344 815 0506
Fax documents to Utility Warehouse 0344 815 0810
Broadband technical support 0344 815 0040

Compilation of Utility Warehouse contact numbers

Department Phone number
Member services and complaints 0333 777 0777
Notify Utility Warehouse that you are moving home 0333 777 0888
Join Utility Warehouse 0333 777 3212
Utility Warehouse Mobile 150
Broadband technical support 0333 777 0555
Utility Warehouse for Business 0344 815 0506
Fax documents to the Utility Warehouse business team 0344 815 0810
Business broadband technical support 0344 815 0040

Utility Warehouse Van

Alternative ways of contacting Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse are often praised on the simplicity of their service by giving their customers single bills for all their energy, broadband and telephone products. This simplicity is reflected in their customer care department who offer a range of online options as well as a postal address to suit all their clubhouse members.

Email Utility Warehouse

Customers can email Utility Warehouse by filling out an online contact form on their website, where you can select the appropriate department by clicking their simple drop-down interface.

Write to Utility Warehouse

You can send written messages to Utility Warehouse in the post by sending letters to their UK postal address which is provided below. If you are writing to them about your cashback card please do not include any sensitive information such as your account details as these could be used by fraudsters to access your bank account.

Member Services,
Utility Warehouse,
Network HQ,
508 Edgware Road,
The Hyde,
NW9 5AB,
United Kingdom.

Contact Utility Warehouse through social media

Utility Warehouse offer two popular social media accounts run by Google, where you can see promotional posts about their competitive energy rates as well as official advice about known technical issues with their gas and electricity services.

Check out posts on the Utility Warehouse Google+ page
Watch videos on the Utility Warehouse YouTube channel