Plusnet Contact Number: 0800 432 0200

Phone Plusnet for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 432 0200 for customer service advice on your fibre broadband, home landline and for billing support.

Plusnet customer services – 0800 432 0200

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Contact Plusnet customer services for free on their freephone number 0800 432 0200 to discuss your home broadband and landline package, including the price you are paying for your deal. Furthermore if your WiFi signal is down you can call their friendly customer care staff for technical support with your internet hub, which is also relevant if you subscribe to their television package, thus if your picture or sound is down you can get troubleshooting advice from this department.

Similarly if you are having trouble sending or receiving emails you can contact the Plusnet team to check if this is a problem with their servers or an issue with your account. Moreover if you have forgotten the login details to your account such as your username or password then you can call this helpline to get these reset so that you can access your documents. If you would like to query a bill you have recieved from them you should dial this number as quickly as possible, particularly if you suspect that you have been overcharged for your internet usage. Moreover if you are moving house you should get in touch with their customer service department to transfer your broadband and WiFi services to your new address. By contrast if you would like to cancel your Plusnet contract you should also call this helpline, however please be aware that an early cancellation fee may apply.

Lines are open 7:30am-10pm every day, however closures or reduced opening may be in effect on UK bank holidays. Calls are free of charge from all landline and mobile phones in the country as Plusnet operates a freephone service.

Complaints – 0800 432 0200

Contact Plusnet in order to make a complaint by calling their freephone number 0800 432 0200 for free where you can register your dissatisfaction with slow download speeds and repeated overcharging on your internet bills. Similarly if you have been promised an upgrade to your fibre internet connection which they have not delivered on you can call this number, where you may be eligible for compensation. Alternatively you can make your complaints in writing by sending your letters directly to the Plusnet head office which is located in Sheffield by using this postal address:

Plusnet Complaints Department,
The Balance,
2 Pinfold Street,
S1 2GU,
United Kingdom.

Plusnet Mobile – 0800 079 1133

Phone Plusnet Mobile on their dedicated freephone contact number 0800 079 1133 for free to make a query about your monthly bills, for technical assistance with inserting your SIM card and to upgrade to the latest Android or iPhone handset. If you are switching from Plusnet from another network then you should call this number to find out how you can transfer your number to your new contract. You can also call this helpline if you are on a pay as you go deal as you may be able to top up your phone without having to leave the comfort of your home. This department is also responsible for enquiries relating to Bolt-on tariff rewards, thus if you would like to find out the benefits of these regular bonuses you should dial this helpline.

Plusnet business enquiries – 0800 028 0282

Phone Plusnet on their business contact number to get a quote for your company’s broadband requirements, to update your contract in the event that you have moved premises and to change the nominated representatives on your account. If you are an existing customer then you can also call this number for technical advice if your company intranet goes down and if your devices are unable to access the internet. Their business support centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so please do not hesitate in calling them as soon as their is a billing or connection fault.

Useful phone numbers for Plusnet business customers

Department Contact number
Business customer services – UK calls 0800 028 0282
Business customer services – international calls +44 330 123 9123
Cancel your business contract with Plusnet – UK calls 0800 013 2632
Cancel your business contract with Plusnet – international calls +44 330 123 9197

Plusnet customer service contact numbers – at a glance

Plusnet department Phone number
Customer services – UK calls 0800 432 0200
Customer services – international enquiries +44 345 140 0200
Sign up to Plusnet – UK calls 0800 432 0080
Sign up to Plusnet – international calls +44 330 123 0170
Plusnet Mobile – customer services 0800 079 1133
Plusnet Mobile – sales 0800 328 4677
Plusnet business enquiries – customer services (UK) 0800 028 0282
Plusnet business enquiries – customer services (international) +44 330 123 9123
Plusnet business enquiries – cancellations (UK) 0800 013 2632
Plusnet business enquiries – cancellations (international) +44 330 123 9197

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Alternative ways for you to contact Plusnet

Plusnet offer a number of ways to contact their customer service help-desks for those who would prefer not to be sat on hold for significant lengths of time, these include postal addresses, email accounts and social media profiles.

Email Plusnet

Send an email to Plusnet by visiting their help and support website where you can follow the appropriate links to direct your enquiries to the correct department. You can also use this service to have a live web chat with their advisors and to get the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) which in turn may resolve your issue.

Write to Plusnet

You can write to Plusnet by sending your letters to their UK head office by using their Sheffield postal address, however you will get a faster response if you call their telephone helplines.

Plusnet Customer Services,
The Balance,
2 Pinfold Street,
S1 2GU,
United Kingdom.

Contact Plusnet via social media

Like many internet service providers Plusnet operate profiles on some of the most popular social media websites used in the UK so that their customers can notify them of any problems with their WiFi and as a free way in which they can promote their price rates.

See Plusnet’s posts on Facebook
Check out their promotional Tweets on Twitter
Add Plusnet to your circles on Google+
Watch their helpful installation tip videos on YouTube
See careers at Plusnet on their LinkedIn profile page