Anglian Water Contact Number: 0345 791 9155

Phone Anglian Water Customer Services on their general enquiries telephone number 0345 791 9155 to contact an accounts advisor about your water & sewerage service or bill.

Customer Services – 0345 791 9155

Contact the Anglian Water customer service department on their phone number 0345 791 9155, which you should also call if you have any billing or account enquiries. For example if you are moving house and you would therefore like to cancel your current water supply or switch it to a new address in the area, or if you are unable to log in to your online account then you should phone this helpline. You can also phone 0345 791 9155 if you believe that you have been overcharged for your water supply and you would therefore like to lodge a payment enquiry. If you are not a native English speaker then specialist advisors on this helpline will be able to provide support in a number of different languages. This helpline is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday, so please be aware that you will not be able to contact Anglian Water using this number on Sundays, bank holidays may also be affected by closures.

Textphone & Mincom Service – 0800 917 5901

If you have hearing or speech difficulties then please contact Anglian Water on their Textphone & Minicom service by dialling their phone number 0800 917 5901 in order to type messages to specialist customer support advisors.

Pay your Anglian Water Bill over the Phone – 0345 026 8926

Phone Anglian Water on their 24-hour contact number 0345 026 8926 to make a card payment toward your bill. Please note that as this is an automated service you will not be able to make any enquiry about the bill amount by calling this helpline, if you have any such query then you should direct it to their main customer service team using their phone number 0345 791 9155.

Difficulties Paying your Bill – 0800 169 3630

Phone Anglian Water for free on their freephone contact number 0800 169 3630 to speak to a customer service advisor if you are having difficulty paying your bill. Financial difficulties can happen to anyone & everyone, which Anglian Water recognises and will therefore allow you to change your payment structure or delay a bill depending on your particular circumstances. This helpline operates the same hours as their customer service contact number, therefore you can call Anglian Water to let them know about any payment issues from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday.

Water Supply & Sewerage Enquiries – 0345 714 5145

Contact Anglian Water on their 24-hour emergency phone number 0345 714 5145 if your water supply gets cut off for an unknown reason or if sewage is entering your home. You should also call this number if a waste pipe is releasing its contents on your property or one of the sewage pipes in your property is blocked. Furthermore you can call this helpline to make an enquiry about your water supply or your sewerage system, for example if you are making an extension to your home and you would therefore like to ensure that you do not damage the water mains around your property. As aforementioned this helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thus ensuring your water or sewage emergency will be resolved as swiftly as can be. Alternatively if you are in the Humberside Water area then please call their dedicated emergency helpline 01429 858 050 to report a water supply issue or sewage leak.

Report a Water Leak – 0800 771 881

Contact Anglian Water to report a water leak by calling their freephone phone number 0800 771 881, which is free of charge from all UK landline and mobile phones. This helpline can be used anywhere in Anglian Water’s operating area where there is a leak, whether this is on your property or on the road, for example you should call this phone number if a water main has burst.

Anglian Water Complaints – 01480 323 000

Contact Anglian Water to lodge an official complaint by calling their head office directly using their phone number 01480 323 000. If you are unable to resolve your complaint by speaking to their general customer service advisors using any of the helplines above, or if you have a highly serious complaint then you should call their head office to make your complaint. Furthermore if you have documentation relevant to your case, such as a bill or contract you can fax it to them by using their telecopying number 01480 323 115. If you would prefer to write a letter of complaint to Anglian Water then please use their official postal address:

Anglian Water Group – Complaints Department,
Lancaster House,
Lancaster Way,
Ermine Business Park,
PE29 6XU,
United Kingdom.

Meter Installation Helpline – 0345 850 5852

Contact Anglian Water by calling their Meter Installation phone number 0345 850 5852 to change an engineer appointment time or enquire about having a water meter installed in your home to save money on your bill. If you have previously decided to have a water meter but have now changed your mind you can also phone this helpline to notify Anglian Water of your decision. Calls to 0345 850 5852 are charged at the same rate as calls to local UK phone numbers, therefore if you have free minutes included in your mobile tariff we would advise that you use them to call this helpline, thus making it effectively free of charge.

Fraudulent Caller Helpline – 0800 145 145

Phone Anglian Water for free on their freephone bogus-caller contact number 0800 145 145 if you need to check an employee’s identity and confirm that they do indeed work for the company. Unfortunately there are a number of scammers who attempt to impersonate utilities engineers in order to gain access to your home and steal valuable items, therefore you should call this helpline if you are unsure if someone purporting to be from the company is a legitimate employee. Real Anglian Water employees are aware of this service and will wait patiently whilst you confirm their identity, so don’t feel embarrassed about double-checking.

Builder & Developer Enquiries – 0345 606 6087

Phone Anglian Water’s dedicated contact number 0345 606 6087 if you are a builder or developer and you would like to make a new application for a water or drainage pipe extension to supply your new property. You can also call this helpline to check on the progress of an existing application to ensure that there are no delays in your project.

International Helpline: +44 1239 804 900

Phone Anglian Water’s international contact number +441239 804 900 if you are outside the UK and you need to sort out an account or billing issue. This number is particularly useful if you are moving to the country and you would like to set up your water supply at your new address prior to your move. Please be aware that calling +441239 804 900 will probably cost more than an equivalent UK-only call to Anglian Water, and that the exact cost will depend on the country you are calling them from.

Full List of Anglian Water Phone Numbers

Department UK Phone Number
Customer Services 0345 791 9155
24/7 Automated Billing Service 0345 026 8926
Payment Difficulties Helpline 0800 169 3630
Water Supply & Sewerage Enquiries 0345 714 5145
Report a Water Leak 0800 771 881
Complaints 01480 323 000
Meter Installation 0345 850 5852
Bogus Caller Helpline 0800 145 145
Builder & Developer Enquiries 0345 606 6087

Alternative ways to Contact Anglian Water

Anglian Water are the largest water supplier in the UK in terms of their operational area, and as such you would expect them to have a number of contact options other than helplines, such as postal & email addresses and modern social media pages.

Email Anglian Water

Hectic modern schedules mean that we often don’t have time to phone a company, meaning email and other online contact options are extremely helpful. If you would like to send an email to Anglian Water please use their official customer service address or otherwise you can fill out a detailed online contact form to ensure that the correct team will be able to resolve enquiry as quickly as possible.

Write to Anglian Water

Even with hold times and potential internet outages it is more than likely that sending a letter to Anglian water will be slower than contacting them by phone or email. Regardless if you would like to write to them then please use their postal address for general enquiries:

Anglian Water,
Customer Services,
PO Box 10642,
CM20 9HA,
United Kingdom.

Social Media

Social Media has become an increasingly important platform throughout the past decade for companies to contact their customers and promote their services, which Anglian Water have recognised and as such they run a number of pages on some of the world’s most popular social media websites, which you can reach by following these links:

See Anglian Water’s Facebook Posts
Send a Tweet to their Twitter Page
Add Anglian Water to your Google+ Circle
Watch Anglian Water’s YouTube Videos
Check out their Instagram Pictures
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