Esure Contact Number: 0345 045 1000

Contact Esure by calling their UK phone number 0345 045 1000 for general enquiries about their range of car, home and pet insurance policies.

Customer services & car insurance – 0345 045 1000

Phone Esure by calling their general enquiries contact number 0345 045 1000 where you can also get customer service advice on their single and multi-car insurance policies. You should therefore call these helplines to get a quote to cover your vehicle, for enquiries relating to your no claims discount and to upgrade an existing policy by adding optional extras such as breakdown cover. Additionally if you are satisfied with the premiums and cover that their motor policies provide you then you can phone their general enquiries team to renew your policy. Their friendly UK-based team of customer service advisors can also provide you with further details about the claims process in the event that your car is involved in an accident. We have helpfully collated their car insurance phone numbers in the list below so please examine this, especially if you require roadside assistance or if your windscreen is in need of repair.

Comprehensive list of Esure car insurance phone numbers

Esure car insurance department Phone number
Customer service & get a quote 0345 045 1000
Multi-car quotes 0800 434 6764
Claims 0345 603 7872 (UK) & +44 141 221 5777 (International)
Renewals 0345 603 7879
Breakdown assistance 0800 783 0587
Accident recovery 0800 085 8533
Windscreen repair 0800 085 8459
Get motoring legal protection 0345 603 7872
Legal advice helpline 0345 850 9596
European emergency helpline +44 141 349 0516
Online support 0345 603 7873

Call costs

Calls to all of Esure’s 0345 helplines are charged at the exact same rate as calls to UK local numbers, which include 01 and 02 area code numbers. Free inclusive minutes can often be used instead of paying a monetary charge when calling these numbers so please check with either your landline or mobile network provider for full details. 0800 numbers that are used by Esure Insurance are freephone services, which are free-to-call from all UK-registered landline and mobile phones.

Home insurance – 0345 045 8000

Contact Esure about your home insurance policy by calling their dedicated telephone number 0345 045 8000, where you can make general enquiries about the regular payments of your premiums and specific queries about the amount you are covered for in the event of fire or flooding. Additionally you can add items to your contents cover by calling this number, thus you should use this service if you have purchased a valuable item and you would like to insure it. If you would like to renew your insurance policy after its expiry date you can also do so by calling their customer service team. Please examine the list below for all of their relevant contact details in the event of a home emergency which you can use to contact 24-hour customer service teams and claims specialists.

Esure home insurance helplines – in depth

Esure home insurance department Phone number
Customer services & quotes 0345 045 8000
Renewals 0345 601 7079
Claims 0345 601 7072
Pest management 0345 601 7073
Legal advice 0345 601 7070
Emergency helpline 0345 601 7624
Web services support 0345 603 7873

Pet Insurance – 0345 606 1374

Phone 0345 606 1374 to speak to an Esure advisor about your pet insurance policy, for example if you would like to make a claim on veterinary bills in the event that your beloved animal has suffered an illness or an accident. Unfortunately they are not currently offering quotes for new customers, so you will be only be able to contact them if you are an existing policyholder. Esure offer some of the most comprehensive helpline services for their pet insurance customers which you can find in the list below including legal helplines, bereavement counselling and contact numbers to help you find your nearest vet surgery.

Esure pet insurance phone numbers – in detail

Pet insurance department Contact number
Customer services 0345 606 1374
Claims 0333 234 0669
Payment enquiries 0345 606 1361
Pet health helpline 0800 434 6122
Bereavement counselling 0345 606 1391
24-hour dog-napping helpline 0345 606 1891
Vet search 0345 606 1360
Pet Minders 0345 606 1393
Legal advice 0345 606 1360
Web enquiries 0345 606 1362

Travel insurance – 0345 600 3950

Contact Esure Insurance about your travel policy by calling their dedicated phone number 0345 600 3950 where you can direct general enquiries and renew your cover from a previous holiday. If you believe you have been overcharged for your protection whilst travelling overseas you can also phone this helpline to query the charges that have been applied to your policy. Additionally you must phone this helpline to notify them of any pre-existing medical conditions, as you may be ineligible to make a claim if you do not inform them of any such condition before you travel. Similarly you can call this customer care team to cancel your policy in the event that you are unable to travel on the specified dates on your policy. All of their UK & international telephone numbers have been provided in the helpful list below, so if you suffer a medical emergency whilst on holiday and you therefore need to make a claim on your policy you can do so by examining this list.

Esure travel insurance phone numbers

Department Contact number
Customer service & renewals 0345 600 3950
Get a travel insurance quote 0345 600 3949
Claims 0345 600 3951
24-hour emergency assistance +44 208 763 3285
24-hour legal advice +44 145 589 6174
Online technical support 0345 600 3949

Complaints – 0345 601 6736

Contact Esure Insurance to make an official complaint by calling their UK phone number 0345 601 6736. By calling this helpline you can notify them that you are unhappy with how much you are being charged on your monthly premiums, if you feel you have been underpaid when making a claim and if you believe you have been mistreated by a member of staff. Additionally you can send an email to their customer relations manager using their address, where you can also send attachments such as receipts and medical bills to support your claims dispute. Similarly you can send them a letter of complaint using their official postal address:

Customer Relations – Complaints department,
The Observatory,
RH2 0SG,
United Kingdom.

Esure Insurance contact numbers – at a glance

Department Phone number
General enquiries & car insurance 0345 045 1000
Home insurance 0345 045 8000
Pet insurance 0345 606 1374
Travel insurance 0345 600 3950
Complaints 0345 601 6736

Alternative ways to contact Esure Insurance

Esure are a highly popular UK-based insurance company with a huge presence online and over the telephone. As such you would naturally expect that they have a large number of email & addresses as well as profile pages on some of the most visited social media platforms across the globe; these are all detailed below for your convenience.

Email addresses

Esure pride themselves on being an internet-focused insurance provider and as such they have a large number of email addresses below, where you can send queries about an existing claim and proof of no claims discounts.

Customer service email address
Send them proof of your no claims discount
Car insurance claims
Get an update on your home insurance claim
Unsubscribe from their marketing emails

Postal addresses

Although it is usually significantly faster to contact Esure Insurance over the telephone or via their online contact options you can still send them letters through their UK postal addresses. So please examine the list of their official addresses below to reach the most relevant customer care team for your enquiry.

Send a letter to their car & home insurance team
The Equinox,
19 Cadogan Street,
G2 6QQ,
United Kingdom.
Pet Insurance postal address
esure Pet Insurance,
1000 Lakeside North Harbour,
Western Road,
PO6 3EN,
United Kingdom.
Write to their travel insurance department
esure Travel Insurance,
1 Drake Circus,
PL1 1QH,
United Kingdom.

Connect with Esure via social media

Social media has become an increasingly prevalent way for Esure to promote their insurance policies via the sharing of short text tips and video links. You can even use these sites to contact their customer services teams, with response times rivalling their helplines.

Check out their posts on Facebook
Contact their customer service team by sending them a tweet on Twitter
Check out their company profile page on LinkedIn