Call Connection Service Vanquis: 0843 504 7370 Calls cost 7p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Vanquis.

Phone Vanquis Bank on these UK customer service contact numbers 0843 504 7370 (7p/min plus operator access charge) & 0330 099 3000 (standard rates apply) for general enquiries about your credit card, to upgrade to a gold product and to pay off your loan debt.

More ways to contact Vanquis

Vanquis customer services – 0330 099 3000

Vanquis Credit Card

Call the customer service team at Vanquis Bank on their UK telephone contact number 0330 099 3000 to apply for a credit card or for general enquiries about your existing account. For example you can call this helpline to upgrade to a gold card, to add an additional cardholder to your account and to cancel your card once you have paid off the outstanding balance.

You should also dial this number for technical support when using the Vanquis online banking platform to make a balance transfer and to check on your statements, therefore if you have forgotten your user ID or your password you should call this customer care team. Furthermore you can phone this number to make an enquiry about your current credit score as this may affect your eligibility when applying for one of their financial products.

The Vanquis credit card contact number 0330 099 3000 is open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5:30pm Saturday so please do not attempt to call them on Sundays. Calls to Vanquis are charged at standard UK local rates which are usually included in free minutes tariffs, however if you don’t have these free minutes you will pay your provider an access charge and a small per-minute rate which is variable depending on when you make the call.

Complaints – 0330 099 3000

Contact Vanquis to make a complaint by calling their customer service phone number 0330 099 3000 where you can complain about being denied one of their cards and to get a refund for an overcharged credit card bill. If you have repeatedly been overcharged for use of their cards you can phone this helpline to get compensation if this has significantly affected your financial situation. You should also call this helpline if a member of their customer care staff was rude to you over the telephone so that you can report their misconduct. If you would prefer to write a letter of complaint with evidence pertaining to your dispute with Vanquis you may send it to their customer action team using the following postal address:

Customer Action Team,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ,
United Kingdom.

QuickCall telephone payments helpline – 01623 23 23 23

Contact Vanquis to make a payment towards your credit card bill by calling their automated QuickCall telephone number 01623 23 23 23 which is open 24 hours a day all year round. As well as paying off your bill you can phone this helpline to perform a balance transfer to move your money into a debit account or to pay for a shop item.

Lost & stolen Vanquis cards – 0800 783 9003

Phone Vanquis Bank for free by dialling their freephone emergency contact number 0800 783 9003 to report your credit card as being lost or stolen. You should call this helpline as soon as you suspect your card is missing so that they can lock it, thus preventing criminals from fraudulently accessing your funds. You may also dial this number to track the progress of your replacement card through the post and to check which documents you need as ID to withdraw cash whilst you are without a physical card. If you are abroad when you lose your card you should call their international contact number +44 161 444 4495 to report it as missing, however unlike the UK service this is not free of charge and the exact cost will depend on which country you call them from abroad.

Financial difficulties – 0330 099 3002

Contact Vanquis Bank immediately if you are in financial difficulty by calling their dedicated phone number 0330 099 3002 where specially-trained advisors will sensitively provide assistance by extending your credit limit, delaying your payment date or restructuring your repayment plan. Please call them as quickly as possible as your assets may be at risk if you default on your monthly repayments.

Card activation – 0800 781 9660

Once your new Vanquis credit card has arrived you can phone them for free on their UK contact number 0800 781 9660 to activate it so that you can purchase items in store as well as perform online purchases. Lines are open 8am-9pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5:30pm Saturday therefore if you need to activate your card on a Sunday please call their 24-hour QuickCall automated service on 01623 23 23 23, however this helpline is charged at local rates.

Vanquis credit card phone numbers

Department Contact number
Customer services & complaints 0330 099 3000
Make a payment with the QuickCall automated service 01623 23 23 23
Lost & stolen credit cards 0800 783 9003
Financial difficulties helpline 0330 099 3002
Activate your Vanquis credit card 0800 781 9660
Change your repayment plan 0330 099 3010

Vanquis home insurance – 0330 102 6837

Contact Vanquis on their home insurance phone number 0330 102 6837 to get a quote for your property cover, to add your prized possessions to your contents policy and to notify them that you are moving home. If you wish to transfer your cover to a new address you may have to pay more if the property is of a higher value. Alternatively if you have to make a claim due to fire, burglary or flooding you should call the appropriate phone number from our summary table below, where you can also find contact details for renewing an existing Vanquis home insurance policy.

Full summary of Vanquis home insurance contact numbers

Home insurance department Phone number
General enquiries 0330 102 6837
Renew your home insurance policy 0330 660 2111
Make a claim on your Vanquis home insurance policy 0330 102 6836

Loans – 0333 003 5802

Contact Vanquis to apply for a loan by calling their borrowing phone number 0333 003 5802, however your eligibility is dependent on what you are using the money for and your current credit score. You should also be aware that their loans may be secured against the value of your home so only borrow what you can afford to pay back. You can call this helpline to borrow more funds from the bank or to pay off your loan at an earlier date to avoid unnecessary APR interest charges. You should also be aware that they only offer loans to existing Vanquis customers so please only call this helpline if you own one of their credit cards or you are a savings accountholder.

Vanquis Bank savings – 0191 505 0033

Enquire about Vanquis Bank savings bonds by calling their telephone contact number 0191 505 0033 to open a new account, to check the interest rates which affect how much your money will increase by and to check when you can withdraw funds without affecting your cumulative interest. You can also call this helpline to close your savings account once you have removed your money and to enquire about their other investment products, however some accounts may be more risky.

All Vanquis customer service contact numbers

Vanquis Bank department Contact number
Credit card customer services & complaints 0330 099 3000
Make a payment with the QuickCall automated service 01623 23 23 23
Lost & stolen Vanquis credit cards 0800 783 9003
Report a missing card from overseas +44 161 444 4495
Contact Vanquis to report financial difficulties 0330 099 3002
Activate a credit card 0800 781 9660
Change your credit card repayment plan 0330 099 3010
Home insurance customer services 0330 102 6837
Renew your home insurance policy 0330 660 2111
Make a claim on your Vanquis home insurance policy 0330 102 6836
Loans 0333 003 5802
Vanquis Bank savings 0191 505 0033

Vanquis Office

Contact Vanquis Bank in writing

Vanquis offer a range of different contact options partly because they do not offer physical branches unlike many other banks therefore you can get in touch with their customer service staff in writing by sending an email or by writing a letter.

Write a letter to Vanquis

You can contact Vanquis Bank by writing to their UK customer service office using the postal address below, however please do not put any sensitive account information such as your credit card verification code (CVC) as this method of communication is not as secure as their telephone helplines.

Vanquis Visa Card,
Customer Services,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ,
United Kingdom.

Email Vanquis

You can email Vanquis by sending your message to their online address where you can include attachments such as shop receipts if you have been overcharged on your recent bill.