Utilita Contact Number: 0330 333 7441

Contact Utilita customer services by phoning their UK phone number 0330 333 7441 for technical support with an online top up, to fit a smart electricity meter and for gas emergencies.

Utilita customer services – 0330 333 7441

Utilita Blue Card

Phone Utilita customer service advisors by dialling their UK contact number 0330 333 7441 for general enquiries about their gas and electricity prices, to switch to a different energy tariff and to report a lost top-up card. Similarly you can phone their staff to locate your nearest PayPoint outlet where you can add money to your Utilita card.

You may also dial this helpline to fit a smart meter to your property to track your hourly energy usage to identify where you could save money on your bills. Alternatively if you are a Freedom Unit customer with a red top-up card or a blue Utilita pay as you go cardholder then you may be able to contact your dedicated customer care team faster by calling the appropriate number from the table below.

Contacting Utilita on their customer service phone number 0330 333 7441 will cost the same amount as calling other national 03 helplines as well as local numbers which start with an 01 or 02 area code prefix. Therefore you may use any inclusive minutes in your monthly tariff to phone Utilita for free, however if you do not have these free minutes you will have to pay your provider a per-minute fee as well as an access charge to make the call. Their customer care helpdesk is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday-Sunday however there may be reduced opening hours on certain UK bank holidays.

Utilita general enquiries – contact numbers

Utilita enquiries department Phone number
General enquiries 0330 333 7441
Freedom Unit customer services 0330 333 7440
Utilita pay as you go (blue card) enquiries 0330 333 7442

Join Utilita Energy – 0345 206 8777

Contact Utilita on their sales phone number 0345 206 8777 to sign up to their energy services, whether you want dual supply, electric-only or just their gas supply. They will then provide a price quote based on your energy usage, the size of your property and your location. Furthermore they will suggest which of their price tariffs would suit your financial needs, such pay as you go whereby you top up an energy card or through monthly direct debit payments. Existing customers should also phone this number to notify Utilita that they are moving home so that their energy supply can be promptly set up at their new address.

Top up payments – 0345 206 8333

Phone Utilita on their 24-hour contact number 0345 206 8333 to top up your energy supply over the telephone using a credit or debit card. Moreover you can call this helpline to check your current balance and to confirm when your next gas or electricity bill is due to be paid. Therefore you can dial this number to confirm if an online payment to top up your Utilita account has been processed so that you avoid missing your deadline or making a duplicate payment.

Submit a meter reading – 0345 209 3750

Contact Utilita on their automated helpline number 0345 209 3750 to submit an accurate meter reading over the phone. This is hugely important as estimated energy bills may exaggerate your actual gas and electricity usage leading to higher bills, therefore notifying them of your actual usage may save you money. Please remember to submit truthful readings though as you may be fined if you are found to have misled the energy firm over how much power you were using.

Utilita billing enquiries – 0333 015 6662

Contact Utilita on their billing enquiries phone number 0333 015 6662 to dispute a charge on your bill, to notify them that you are suffering financial difficulties when paying your energy bills and to get their latest tariff prices. You can also phone this number to notify them that you have made a PayPoint or online payment as these may take a while to process. Similarly if you are continuing to receive final warning notices against your account despite the fact you have paid your recent energy bills you can phone this helpline to notify them of the error.

Complain to Utilita – 0345 207 2000

File an official complaint against Utilita by calling their telephone contact number 0345 207 2000 where you can notify them of repeatedly overcharged energy bills, poor electricity cutout problems and dangerous gas fittings which have compromised your safety. You should also call this helpline to complain about rude engineers, meter-reading staff who didn’t display their identification correctly and rude customer service staff. If you prefer to send your complaints in writing your may post your letters to Utilita Energy by using their Eastleigh office address:

Utilita Energy Limited,
Hutwood Court,
Bournemouth Road,
Chandler’s Ford,
SO53 3QB,
United Kingdom.

Report a power cut to Utilita – 0345 206 8999

Contact Utilita Energy to report a power cut by calling their emergency phone number 0345 206 8999, where you can also get updates on when your electricity supply will be restored. If the fault has not yet been identified they will transfer you to your regional network operator to help them locate the cause of the outage. This helpline is only open 8am-10pm daily so if your electricity supply fails during the night please contact your regional supplier directly instead.

Gas emergency helpline – 0800 111 999

Phone the national gas emergency helpline immediately 0800 111 999 for free to contact a professional engineer if you smell gas in your home. Please make sure you are safe before making the call by turning off your supply at the mains as well as opening doors and windows to help the gas to dissipate. This emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on UK bank holidays.

Utilita contact numbers

Utilita department Phone number
Utilita customer services 0330 333 7441
General enquiries for Freedom Unit customers 0330 333 7440
Utilita pay as you go (blue card) enquiries 0330 333 7442
Join Utilita Energy 0345 206 8777
Top up payments 0345 206 8333
Submit a meter reading 0345 209 3750
Utilita billing enquiries 0333 015 6662
Report a power cut to Utilita 0345 206 8999
Gas emergency helpline 0800 111 999

Utilita Home Display

Other ways to contact Utilita

Utilita are an energy company which prides themselves on offering several ways for their customer to discuss enquiries about their gas and electricity needs. For instance you can contact them in writing by sending letters or emails, plus you can post messages through their public social media accounts.

Utilita postal address

Customers can send letters directly to the Utilita office located at the following Winchester postal address, please be aware that you cannot pay for your gas and electricity usage by cheque payments so please do not send these to this office.

Utilita Energy Limited,
Utilita House,
Moorside Road,
SO23 7RX,
United Kingdom.

Email Utilita

If your busy schedule prevents you from calling Utilita you may use their customer service email address customerservices@utilita.co.uk for general enquiries about your account and to notify them about an issue when paying for your energy supply. Trained agents will then respond within a period of approximately 48 hours so please leave plenty of time before a payment deadline.

Utilita social media profiles

Social media accounts have become a useful way for energy companies such as Utilita to promote their best gas and electricity rates to entice new customers. Existing accountholders can also use these profiles to post public messages with queries and complaints so that they may be resolved in a swift manner.

View public posts on the Utilita Facebook page
Write a Tweet on the Utilita Twitter feed
Add Utilita to your circles on Google+
Watch Utilita advertisements on their YouTube channel
Find out more about Utilita on their LinkedIn profile page