Carphone Warehouse Contact Number: 0370 111 6565

Contact the Carphone Warehouse customer service team on their telephone number 0370 111 6565 to get technical support for your mobile phone, to upgrade your device or to make an enquiry about your contract & bills.

Customer Services – 0370 111 6565

Phone Carphone Warehouse on their UK customer service contact number 0370 111 6565 to get help with your mobile contract or to upgrade your phone. Moreover you can dial this helpline to make a query about a bill you have received from them, for example if you have overpaid or if there is an optional extra on your contract or final payment that you haven’t requested. You can also phone this helpline if you have ordered a mobile phone from them and you would like to track the delivery of your device. Similarly if your new phone has not arrived after its due date you should contact Carphone Warehouse to get information as to its whereabouts.

The main Carphone Warehouse helpline 0370 111 6565 is open 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday, with normal operating hours maintained on bank holidays.

Complaints – 0370 111 6565

Call the main Carphone Warehouse customer service helpline 0370 111 6565 to make an official complaint about a mobile phone that they sold to you or about a member of their staff. If you are making a complaint about a device you have purchased from them then you should include the details of the sale, including the date and time of the sale plus your mobile number. You can also complain to Carphone Warehouse in writing by sending your letters of complaints to this postal address:

The Carphone Warehouse – Complaints Department,
PO Box 373,
SO30 2PP,
United Kingdom.

Phones 4U enquiries – 0370 111 6565

Call Carphone Warehouse on their telephone contact number 0370 111 6565 for enquiries about services previously offered by Phones 4U, who went into administration in 2014. Although they will not be able to redeem any outstanding contracts they took over a number of their stores and offer a similar range of mobile handsets provided by Phones 4U prior to their collapse.

Sales – 0800 049 6250

Call the Carphone Warehouse sales team for free on their freephone contact number 0800 049 6250 to buy a new mobile phone and to get information about what prices they offer for their devices and accessories. Carphone Warehouse also hold regular sales and flash deals to get you the latest must-have phones for the cheapest prices, so you should call their sales helpline to get information about their promotional prices. You should also get in touch with Carphone Warehouse on this number if you need help using their online store, for example to confirm that an online payment has gone through. This is also the main number for their trade-in service, so you should call 0800 049 6250 to see how much you could sell your phone for or what models you could trade it in for.

Repairs – 0800 276 1373

Call Carphone Warehouse on their freephone helpline 0800 276 1373 to contact a specialist repairs advisor to fix your mobile phone and to get technical support advice for your specific device. If you have already requested a repair you can also phone this helpline to check when your device will be fixed and to get an update on the cost of mending your phone. Additionally you should call this number if your phone is under warranty in order to get a replacement device or free repairs.

Geek Squad – 0800 049 1067

Contact your nearest Geek Squad team by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 049 1067 for 24-hour technical support for your Carphone Warehouse phone, computer or tablet. If this helpline is busy then you should phone their alternative number 0800 049 6190, which is also free of charge. Geek Squad is an independent technical support service that operates in Carphone Warehouse’s UK stores, offering on-the-spot repairs for your mobile device, tablet or computer. You should phone either of their helplines to track the progress of a Geek Squad repair or if you have an enquiry about your Tech Support membership.

If you would prefer to email the Geek Squad team about your mobile repair or their technical support services you should fill out an online contact form on their official website

Geek Squad Insurance – 0800 458 6117

As well as their troubleshooting services Geek Squad also offer insurance policies for Carphone Warehouse customers to protect their devices from damage and theft. They also provide a replacement insurance plan if your Carphone Warehouse device or accessory is damaged beyond repair. If you have any questions about their insurance policies you should phone 0800 458 6117, which you should also call in the event that you want to make a claim on your gadget policy.

Lifeline Insurance – 0800 049 6193

Contact Carphone Warehouse for enquiries about your Lifeline Insurance policy by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 049 6193. Their Lifeline policies were their mobile & gadget insurance policies which were phased out upon the introduction of Geek Squad’s policies, however if you are an existing Lifeline policyholder you can phone their helpline to make a claim on your policy or renew your cover. You can call Carphone Warehouse about your Lifeline Insurance policy from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday and 10am-5pm, however reduced operating hours or closures may be in effect on bank holidays.

Business Customer Services – 0800 1300 688

Contact Carphone Warehouse about your business account and mobile handsets by calling their freephone number 0800 1300 688, where you can also get technical support for your devices and enquire about an invoice to your company. You can make amendments to your company account by changing the bank account you use to pay your bills and in the event that your business has changed name or ownership. You should also phone this number for payment or contractual enquiries, where you can find the end-date of your term or upgrade schedule. If you would prefer to correspond with Carphone Warehouse via email you should send your enquiry to their official email address

Business Sales – 0800 049 6000

If you are interested in employing Carphone Warehouse to supply your company with mobile phones then you should call their freephone sales helpline 0800 049 6000 to see their business prices and available tariffs. They offer personalised services unique to your company so you can also phone this number to see if they will be able to provide mobile phones & accessories to your company according to your requirements. Alternatively if you require more than ten handsets you should phone their dedicated commercial sales team on their freephone number 0800 093 3620. If you would prefer to email Carphone Warehouse to get a quote for their business services then you should use their dedicated sales address

Write to the Carphone Warehouse business team

You can also write to the Carphone Warehouse Business division to enquire about your company’s contract or an invoice that you have recieved by sending your letter to their dedicated postal address:

Customer Feedback,
Carphone Warehouse Business,
Unit 23 Branksome Business Park,
Bourne Valley Road,
BH12 1DW,
United Kingdom.

Important Carphone Warehouse Contact Numbers

Department UK Phone Number
Customer Services 0370 111 6565
Sales 0800 049 6250
Repairs 0800 276 1373
Geek Squad 0800 049 1067 & 0800 049 6190
Lifeline Insurance 0800 049 6193
Business Customer Services 0800 1300 688

Other ways to contact Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is a particularly prominent mobile phone retailer operating over 2400 stores across Europe. As such there are a wide range of ways to contact them, including online, by post and in their UK stores.

Carphone Warehouse Online

If you would like to email Carphone Warehouse you should visit their official online help page where you can fill out a contact form and get helpful answers to FAQs.

Write to Carphone Warehouse

Although calling Carphone Warehouse or sending them an email will be quicker than writing to them there are occasions when composing a formal letter is more suitable or just preferable, so if you would like to write to Carphone Warehouse please send your letter to their official postal address:

The Carphone Warehouse,
PO Box 375,
SO30 2PU,
United Kingdom.

Find your nearest Carphone Warehouse Store

Please use the official Carphone Warehouse store locator to find your nearest shop and get the contact details of any of their UK stores. You can also select the type of store you require as well as finding your nearest store with Geek Squad services by using their store finder.

Connect with Carphone Warehouse on Social Media

Social Media websites have become increasingly important tools for major businesses to keep in contact with their customers and promote their products and Carphone Warehouse has fully realised this and as such run a number of pages on some of the world’s most popular social media sites. The links to their most prevalent social media pages are in the list below:

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