Capital One Contact Number: 03444 812 812

Contact Capital One customer services on their mobile-friendly non-geographic telephone number 03444 812 812, or phone the direct line to their Nottingham offices on this number: 0115 993 8002. You can call either of these numbers to reach Capital One’s general enquiries help team where you can get support for your credit card account or query a bill payment over the phone.

Customer services – 03444 812 812

Phone Capital One customer service advisors by calling their UK contact number 03444 812 812 or phone their international helpline +44 115 993 8002 for the cheapest call costs if you are calling them from outside the UK. Alternatively, call 0115 993 8002 at standard rate. All these helpline numbers take you through to the same telephone menu options, thus you can call either these numbers to make general enquiries about their credit card interest rates and account-holder benefits, as well as to make an enquiry about your specific account. Additionally you can phone these numbers to apply for a Capital One credit card or to close your account after you have successfully paid off your debts. Furthermore you can call them on these helplines if you are having problems with a transaction, such as an in-store payment is not going through.

Report fraud – 03444 812 812

Please call the main Capital One customer service helpline 03444 812 812 if you would like to query an item on your credit card bill that you do not recognise or to report that somebody has been fraudulently using your account. This phone number is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, so please report any suspected fraudulent activity on your credit card as quickly as possible.

Capital One complaints – 03444 812 812

Make an official complaint about Capital One by calling their main customer service telephone contact number 03444 812 812. You call call this number to complain if they have overcharged you on your bill, if they have changed your credit terms without giving you proper notice or if you have been insulted by a member of their staff. If you would prefer to send a letter of complaint which you can make a copy of for future reference you should send them to their official complaints address:

Complaints Resolution,
Capital One,
PO Box 5281,
NG2 3HX,
United Kingdom.

If you aren’t happy with Capital One’s response after a period of eight weeks you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, who are an alternative dispute resolution body that will independently review your complaint and provide a final decision. You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 023 4567 or by sending a letter to their postal address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service,
Exchange Tower,
E14 9SR,
United Kingdom.

Online account support – 0344 481 4000

Contact Capital One by calling their dedicated contact number 0344 481 4000 for technical support with your online account. You can call this number if you have forgotten your username or password and if you cannot remember the email address which your account is registered to. Additionally you can phone this number for troubleshooting tips on how to use their online services or if you would like to revert back to an offline-only account. Finally you should phone 0344 481 4000 to notify Capital One you have changed your email address or telephone number.

Report a lost or stolen card – 0800 952 5267

Call Capital One for free on their freephone telephone number 0800 952 5267 to contact them to report a lost or stolen credit card. You should report a missing card as quickly as possible so that they can block it, thus preventing fraudulent purchases using your credit card, which has become especially prevalent with the advent of contactless payments. If you would like to report your credit card as missing whilst you are outside the UK then please phone their main international helpline +44 115 993 8002 to notify Capital One so that they can cancel your card and send you an emergency replacement. You can report a card as missing or stolen at any time of day as these phone numbers are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Financial advice – 0800 952 4966

Contact Capital One for free on their freephone number 0800 952 4966 to get impartial advice about your financial situation and to notify them that you are having difficulties making the repayments toward your credit card. Their specially-trained team of financial advisors will be able to help you restructure your debts into a more manageable repayment and provide you with guidance on how you can improve your financial situation. You can phone this freephone helpline from 8am-9pm on weekdays and 9am-6pm on weekends, however reduced

Extra cardholders – 0800 952 5068

Contact Capital One to add another cardholder to your account by calling their freephone number 0800 952 5068 for free from any UK landline or mobile. You can also get in touch with Capital One if you are an existing nominated account-holder and you would like to make an enquiry about how much you should be contributing toward the repayments or to change your account so that you are the lead account holder. Similarly you can also phone this number to remove an account-holder from your credit card.

Accessibility helpline – 0344 481 4814

Phone Capital One’s dedicated accessibility helpline 0344 481 4814 to contact specialist advisors who will provide you with help & guidance if you require extra support for a disability or condition whilst using their credit card services. You can contact them on this number to get financial advice catered to those who require learning support and to receive your correspondence in braille if you have difficulties seeing. Additionally you can call their helpline for technical assistance with E-readers and other devices that are designed to help you stay financially independent with Capital One.

Textphone Helplines

If you are hard of hearing or have a serious speech impediment and you therefore require the use of textphone or minicom services (formerly known as text relay) then please consult this list for the contact number you should phone on your device for your particular issue:

Reason for Contacting Capital One Textphone Number
General enquiries 18001 0344 481 8852
Suspected fraud 18001 0800 952 5066
Struggling to make repayments 18001 0800 952 5071

Alternative ways to contact Capital One

Capital One are a multinational financial services company and as such they have various ways in which you can contact them, including comprehensive online options, postal addresses and social media pages and these are all detailed below.

Contact Capital One online

If you don’t have time to be sat on hold for hours on end or if you would simply prefer not to speak to a person you can contact Capital One by sending them an email via their official online help-page where you can also find the answers to helpful FAQs.

Write to Capital One

Although it is quicker to contact them over the phone or via email you can still send your enquiries and comments to Capital One via post by sending your letter to their official customer service address:

Capital One Card Services,
P.O. Box 5283,
NG2 9HD,
United Kingdom.

Alternatively if you need to send Capital One a cheque to make a payment toward your credit bill you should send them a cheque along with your account name, address and telephone number to their payments address:

Capital One Card Services,
P.O. Box 1000,
GU15 3ZQ,
United Kingdom.

Social Media

Social media has become increasingly prevalent as a method for companies to stay in touch with their customers and advertise their products and services; Capital One have embraced this and have a multitude of official social media pages which you can find here:

Check out their posts on Facebook
Send a tweet to their official Twitter page
Watch their promotional videos on Youtube
Add them to your circle on Google+
Check out their company profile on LinkedIn