South West Water Contact Number: 0344 346 2020

Contact South West Water on their customer service phone number 0344 346 2020 for general enquiries about your water supply, to manage your bills and to report a leak emergency.

General enquiries and emergencies – 0344 346 2020

South West Water Van

Phone South West Water by dialling their UK contact number 0344 346 2020 for general enquiries about their water and sewerage services so if you are unsure of their tariff rates for usage you can call this helpline for price estimates.

Moreover if you would like to report an emergency such as a water leak in your property you can dial this number to request an engineer. Similarly if your water is either not running or is dirty you can phone this helpline to report the problem and to get an update on when an existing issue with their mains pipes will be fixed. Once an engineer arrives at your home you should dial this helpline to verify their ID details to confirm that they are a genuine South West Water employee as opposed to a criminal attempting to gain access to your property.

Lines are open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday for normal enquiries but you can ring this helpline 24 hours a day in emergency cases. Calls will be charged at the same rate as phoning local rate phone number which start with either an 01 or an 02 area code prefix, therefore you will be able to contact South West Water for free on this helpline if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your tariff. Alternatively you will have to pay a time-dependent fee alongside a standard call connection charge which is set by your landline or mobile provider.

Textphone helpline – 0800 169 9965

Call Southwest Water customer services on their freephone textphone number 0800 169 9965 if you suffer from a severe speech impediment or if you are hard of hearing. Please note that you will have to have an appropriate minicom device in order to correspond with their specially-trained advisors using this method of contact.

South West Water – general enquiry phone number

General enquiries department Contact number
General enquiries – telephone
General enquiries – textphone
Report a water leaks 0800 230 0561
Meter installation 0800 083 4301

Billing enquiries – 0344 346 1010

Contact South West Water on their dedicated phone number 0344 346 1010 to notify them that you have been overcharged on your monthly bill due to a fault with your water meter. They will then send an engineer to examine your readings and subsequently provide compensation if it is broken. As this is also their main account enquiries helpline you should dial this number to notify them that you are moving home so that they can set up the water supply at your new address and send you a final bill. Similarly if you have changed your name or bank account as a result of marriage you can call this helpline to update the details on your account. You can also change your payment plan by calling this helpline, so if you would rather switch to direct debit payments or monthly paper bills you should speak to their friendly UK-based advisors. This telephone number is available to call between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday so please note that you will not be able to phone this customer service team on Sundays as well as UK bank holidays.

South West Water billing phone numbers – at a glance

Billing department UK contact number
Account queries 0344 346 1010
Change an estimated meter reading 0800 083 4247
Debt helpline 0800 083 0283

South West Water head office and complaints – 01392 44 66 88

Phone the South West Water head office directly on their Exeter contact number 01392 44 66 88 to make a complaint about repeated overcharged bills, persistent faulty supply and the rude conduct of their staff members. They will then review your case to see if you are eligible for refunds on incorrect payments as well as compensation for damage caused by their engineers. However if you would prefer to write a letter of complaint then you should send it to their full UK postal address provided below, although you should note that it will be quicker to call them using their helpline.

South West Water Limited,
Peninsula House,
Rydon Lane,
EX2 7HR,
United Kingdom.

South West Water Business – 0344 406 8053

Contact South West Water Business by dialling their UK phone number 0344 406 8053 to get a quote for your company’s water usage, to report an incorrect bill and to notify them that you are moving premises. Similarly if you have changed ownership you should call this helpline to renew your existing contracts under the new name of your company. Moreover if your water needs have increased you can call their advisors to check if moving to a different business tariff would be more suitable for your company. South West Water also offer a range of certified training courses which may help your employees with systems maintenance and water management. You can even send your business enquiries to South West Water in the post by sending your letters to their dedicated UK address:

South West Water Business,
PO Box 9136,
BH11 0GF,
United Kingdom.

South West Water contact numbers – in depth

Department Phone number
General enquiries and emergencies – telephone 0344 346 2020
General enquiries and emergencies – textphone 0800 169 9965
General enquiries and emergencies – report a water leaks 0800 230 0561
General enquiries and emergencies – meter installation 0800 083 4301
South West Water billing – account queries 0344 346 1010
South West Water billing – change an estimated meter reading 0800 083 4247
South West Water billing – debt helpline 0800 083 0283
Head office and complaints 01392 44 66 88
South West Water Business 0344 406 8053


Alternative ways to contact South West Water

South West Water recognise the fact that not everyone would prefer to call them about their water supply, hence they offer email and postal addresses alongside social media accounts for you to make your enquiries in writing.

Write to South West Water

You can write letters with your general enquiries to South West Water by sending them to their official customer service postal address, however please do not attach any sensitive payment information which may be used by criminals.

South West Water,
PO Box 4762,
BN11 9NT,
United Kingdom.

Email South West Water

Email South West Water by filling out the relevant form on their general enquiries website where you can also find a link to their live web chat service with UK-based customer service agents.

Connect with South West Water on social media

South West Water have numerous public profiles on popular social media websites which enable you to reach out to their customer service staff as well as get updates on water issues in your local area.

Reach out to South West Water on Facebook
Check out posts on the South West Water Google+ page
Send a Tweet to their helpdesk on Twitter
Watch promotional videos on the South West Water YouTube channel
Check out their company profile page via LinkedIn