Equifax Contact Number: 0800 014 2955

Contact Equifax customer services by calling their UK freephone number 0800 014 2955 for free to review & dispute your personal credit score and to get a credit report.

Customer services – 0800 014 2955

Phone Equifax on their freephone contact number 0800 014 2955 for general enquiries about their credit check services and for specific customer service queries about your free credit report. You can also call this helpline if you would like to dispute something that is negatively affecting your credit rating and for detailed financial advice on how you can improve your score so that it is easier for you to take out a loan or mortgage in the future. Additionally you should contact their customer service team if you require technical support for their online services & website, for example if you are having difficulties entering your financial details and if you have forgotten your username and password. If you have ordered your credit report to be delivered by post you can also call this helpline to track your delivery. As a freephone number 0800 014 2955 is free to call from all UK mobiles and landlines and finally this helpline is open from 8am-8pm every day of the year excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Business enquiries – 0845 603 6772

Phone Equifax on their dedicated contact number 0845 603 6772 (7p/min + access charge) for business and public sector customers. They offer a range of tools for companies and government bodies, including credit profiling, data screening and market insight analysis, therefore if you have an enquiry or technical issue with any of these products then you should call their helpline. You should also call this number to recover company debt and to enquire whether they offer specialist support services for your industry, such as dedicated teams for automotive, retail and utilities sectors.

Complaints – 0333 321 4043

Contact Equifax to lodge an official complaint by calling their local-rate UK phone number 0333 321 4043 if you believe they have ignored you when disputing an item on your credit report, if you believe a member of staff has been negligent or if they have repeatedly overcharged you when checking your credit score. Additionally you should phone this number if you used one of their fraud prevention products and fraudulent transactions were still used on your account, thus negatively affecting your credit rating. If you would prefer to make your complaints in writing then please use their head office postal address which is provided below, where you can also send copies of documents relevant to your dispute such as receipts and credit reports.

Equifax Complaints,
Capital House,
25 Chapel Street,
NW1 5DS,
United Kingdom.

Full list of Equifax phone numbers

Department UK Contact Number
Customer services 0800 014 2955
Business enquiries (7p/min + access charge) 0845 603 6772
Complaints 0333 321 4043

Other ways you can contact Equifax

Equifax offer numerous ways in which you can contact them without having to resort to being sat on hold for a long period of time, including email & postal addresses and profiles on some of the world’s most popular social media websites.

Write to Equifax

You can send your general enquiries and feedback about your credit report to their customer service postal address which is provided here for your convenience:

Equifax Ltd,
Customer Service Centre,
PO Box 10036,
LE3 4FS,
United Kingdom.

Email address

As an internet-focused credit reporting company it is perhaps unsurprising that Equifax offer an official customer service email address Customer.RelationsUK@equifax.com, where you can send general enquiries as well as specific queries pertaining to your personal credit score.

Social Media

Social media websites have become a important promotional platform for companies to promote their business & services, furthermore they are also increasingly being used as ways for you to contact their customer care teams. Official links to the social media pages run by Equifax can be found in the helpful list below.

Check out their promotional posts & videos on Facebook
Send a tweet to their dedicated customer care team on Twitter
Check out their promotional tweets on their company Twitter page
Add Equifax to your circles on Google+
Watch their advertisements and helpful video tips on YouTube
Check out their company profile page on LinkedIn