Call Connection Service Boots: 0870 025 0263 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Boots.

Contact Boots on 0870 025 0263 (13p/minute plus network access charge) or by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 070 8090 to speak to a customer service advisor about your chemist prescription or opticians appointment.

More ways to contact Boots

Boots Customer Services – 0345 070 8090

Phone Boots customer service advisors by calling their local-rate contact number 0345 070 8090. This main customer care helpline is suitable for checking if your local Boots store has an item in stock, to get a refund for a product and to provide Boots with feedback about their services. You should also call 0345 070 8090 if you are a Boots Pharmacy customer and you want to check if your prescription is in-store or to order your medicine from Boots. Lines are open 8:30am-7pm Monday-Friday, 8:45am-5pm Saturday-Sunday and 9am-4pm on most UK bank holidays (please be aware that these Boots customer care helplines are closed on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday).

Phone calls to Boots’ 0345 070 8090 helpline are charged at the same rate as calls to local 01 and 02 area code phone numbers, therefore calling Boots from a BT landline will cost a variable per-minute fee that depends on the time and day you are calling 0345 070 8090 on, plus a set call access charge. Calling Boots from a mobile will be free of charge if you are using free minutes that are part of your mobile contract, tariff or rewards package. – 0345 609 0055

Phone the ordering helpline by calling their UK contact number 0345 609 0055. If you need to contact Boots about your order, to check online availability of your favourite product or to change your delivery time then call 0345 609 0055. You should also phone 0345 609 0055 if you have a query about Boots Advantage Card points that you have earned on a order and if you need technical support for your account, such as if you have forgotten your username or password.

Boots Advantage Card – 0345 124 4545

Contact the Boots Advantage Card care team by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 124 4545. Call 0345 124 4545 if you need a replacement for a lost/stolen Boots Advantage Card, if you believe somebody has been fraudulently using your card or if you believe there are points missing on your Boots Advantage Card. If you want to make an enquiry about Boots Advantage Card points from an online order then please call the helpline instead on their dedicated contact number 0345 609 0055.

Boots Online Pharmacy – 0345 301 4219

Contact Boots Online Pharmacy customer services by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 301 4219. You should call this pharmacy customer service helpline if you need a one-off Boots prescription or if you need to make a change to your repeat prescription service. You can also call 0345 301 4219 to make a Boots online clinic appointment or to get troubleshooting advice for your online pharmacy account. The Boots Online Pharmacy helpline is available 8:30am-7:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:45am-5:00pm Saturday-Sunday.

Boots Complaints – 0115 950 6111

Phone Boots on their switchboard contact number 0115 950 6111 to make a complaint about a member of staff or the Boots service you have received. If you have a complaint about the service you have received in a Boots store then please speak to the manager of that particular store, however if your complaint is about the manager themselves then please phone 0115 950 6111. You can also send your complaints to Boots Head Office by post using their official postal address:

Complaints Department,
Boots UK Limited,
1 Thane Road West,
NG2 3AA,
United Kingdom.

Boots Opticians – 0345 125 3752

Phone Boots Opticians by calling their general enquiries phone number 0345 125 3752. You should call 0345 125 3752 to book an opticians eye check appointment, to ask Boots about which eye-care products are available at Boots, to re-order contact lenses or to get your Boots glasses repaired. You can also book a Boots Opticians appointment online by filling out an official appointment request form at 0345 125 3752 is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:45am-5pm and calls to the Boots Opticians helpline are charged at the same rate as calls to 01 and 02 UK phone numbers.

Boots Photo – 0800 086 9042

Phone Boots Photo customer services for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 086 9042. Boots Photo advisors on their helpline will provide you with technical support with using the Boots Photo online service if you are having difficulties uploading your photos or making your photo album. You should also call 0800 086 9042 to change a Boots Photo delivery time or to cancel a photo order. 0800 086 9042 is free to call from all UK phones and is available 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday however please be aware that the Boots Photo service is closed on bank holidays.

You can also talk to a Boots Photo customer service advisor online using their official live chat service at, alternatively you can email your photo enquiries to Boots by filling out a detailed online contact form at

Boots Hearing Care – 0345 485 1800

Phone the Boots Hearing Care service by calling their local-rate contact number 0345 485 1800. Specialist Hearing Care customer service advisors on this Boots helpline will be able to assist you with re-ordering your hearing aid equipment, provide information on the types of hearing aids they offer and help you if you want to change or cancel your Boots Hearing Care delivery. If you suffer from hearing loss and would like to book a Boots Hearing Care appointment then please call 0345 415 4679 or fill out an official appointment request form online at Furthermore you can email Boots Hearing Care by using their official email address or you can write to Boots Hearing care by sending your letter to their dedicated postal address:

Boots Hearingcare Ltd,
18 Trinity Square,
LL30 2RH,
United Kingdom.

Boots Kitchen Appliances – 0344 879 3483

Contact the Boots Kitchen Appliances team by calling their phone number 0344 879 3483 from 8am-10pm seven days a week. Call this customer service helpline to enquire about the kitchen appliances available at Boots, to order an appliance and to get your Boots appliance installed. You can also call 0344 879 3483 to change your Boots Kitchen Appliance delivery time, to cancel an order or to return an appliance to Boots and get a refund. You can also email Boots Kitchen appliances by filling out an official contact form on their website and you can write to Boots using their dedicated appliance address here:

Boots Kitchen Appliances,
c/o AO Retail Limited,
5a The Parklands,
BL6 4SD,
United Kingdom.

Boots Designer Sunglasses – 0330 333 6656

Phone the Boots Designer Sunglasses helpline by calling their local-rate phone number 0330 333 6656. You should phone this helpline from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday to speak to a Boots advisor about what designer sunglasses are in stock, to change or cancel a sunglasses order or to get a refund on a pair of designer sunglasses. You should also call 0330 333 6656 if you need technical support with the Boots Designer Sunglasses website or if you need to exchange your pair of designer sunglasses under warranty. If you would prefer to send an email to Boots for your sunglasses enquiry then please use their official email address or if you would like to write to the Boots Designer Sunglasses department please use their dedicated postal address:

Customer Services,
Boots Designer Sunglasses,
Unit 3,
Gemini House,
Hargreaves Road,
SN25 5AJ,
United Kingdom.

Boots Travel Insurance – 0345 125 3880

Contact Boots Travel Insurance advisors by calling their UK customer service phone number 0345 125 3880. Call this helpline to get quote for Boots Travel Insurance, to get information about what types of travel insurance Boots offer or to renew your policy. 0345 125 3880 is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm. We have helpfully provided you with the full list of Boots Travel Insurance phone numbers below, including medical emergency and claims helplines. Please note that calling these travel insurance phone numbers from overseas will normally cost more than equivalent UK-UK calls and the call cost will vary depending on which country you are calling Boots from.

Full List of Boots Travel Insurance Phone Numbers

Boots Travel Insurance Department

Phone Number

Online Contact Option

Boots Travel Insurance Customer Services 0345 125 3880
24 Hour Medical Assistance +44 (0)1732 853 333
Boots Travel Insurance Claims +44 (0)1732 853 361
Boots Travel Insurance Gadget & Mobile Phone Claims +44 (0)203 794 9297
Boots Travel Inusurance Trip Disruption Claims +44 (0)203 540 4422

You can also write to Boots Travel Insurance for general enquiries and to send relevant documentation for your travel insurance claim or renewal by sending your letter to their official postal address:

Customer Services Director,
Boots Travel Insurance,
Infinity Insurance Solutions,
1 Tower View,
Kings Hill,
West Malling,
ME19 4UY,
United Kingdom.

Boots Dental Insurance – 0345 840 111

Phone Boots to speak to an advisor about your dental insurance plan by calling their contact number 0345 840 111. You should call this dental customer services helpline to get a quote for Boots Dental Insurance, to renew your existing dental insurance policy or to change the type of dental cover on your policy. You can also get a quote for Boots dental insurance online by filling out an official form at

If you would like to make a claim on your Boots Dental Insurance policy you should complete an official claims form which you can get by calling 0345 840 111 or you can download a form here. Once you have filled out this claims form you should then send this plus any further documentation to Boots Dental Insurance using this postal address:

Boots Dental Plan,
PO Box 6905,
RG24 4TE,
United Kingdom.

Boots Travel Money – 0845 840 6060

Contact Boots Travel Money on their business-rate phone number 0845 840 6060 (7p/min + access charge) to order foreign currency and travellers cheques. You can also call their hotline to change a travel money order, cancel an order, check up-to-date currency exchange rates and for enquiries about Boots Advantage Card points for making a Boots Travel Money order. 0845 840 6060 is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.

Boots for Business

Boots operate a number of services and reward packages for business owners in the UK, including corporate eye care & health plans, services for care homes and gift cards for staff incentives. Please see our helpful list below for Boots corporate general enquiries phone numbers and official email addresses.

Boots for Business UK Contact Details

Boots for Business Division

Phone Number

Email Address / Online Contact Form

Boots Corporate Eyecare (7p/min + access charge) 0844 800 4028
Boots Corporate Travel Health 0115 959 1279
Boots for Business Care Home Services 0115 949 4047
Boots Corporate Winter Flu Vaccination (7p/min + access charge) 0844 800 4028
Boots Personalised Gifts for Employees 0345 609 0055

Helpful List of Boots UK Customer Service Phone Numbers

Boots Department

UK Phone Number

Boots Customer Services 0345 070 8090 0345 609 0055
Boots Advantage Card 0345 124 4545
Boots Online Pharmacy 0345 301 4219
Boots Complaints 0115 950 6111
Boots Opticians 0345 125 3752
Boots Photo 0800 086 9042
Boots Hearing Care 0345 485 1800
Boots Kitchen Appliances 0344 879 3483
Boots Designer Sunglasses 0330 333 6656
Boots Travel Insurance 0345 125 3880
Boots Dental Insurance 0345 840 111
Boots Travel Money (7p/min + access charge) 0845 840 6060

Alternative Ways to Contact Boots

Boots Store Locator

Use the official Boots Store Locator at to find your nearest Boots store and to get the contact details & opening times of any of Boots’ 9000+ UK stores.

Contact Boots Online

Please go to the official Boots help website to contact Boots online by filling out an official email form or have a live web chat with a Boots customer service advisor by following the links to your desired department.

Boots Social Media

As one of the largest pharmacy chains and one of the largest retailers of health & beauty products within the UK Boots operates a number of official pages on popular social media sites to help customers to contact them and to promote their company, links to their social media profiles can be found below.