Groupon Contact Number: 0203 510 0444

Contact Groupon customer care by calling their London office directly on this phone number 0203 510 0444 for account services or to get a refund for an unwanted voucher.

Customer services – 0203 510 0444

Phone Groupon customer services on their UK phone number 0203 510 0444 at standard rates to purchase a voucher for local experiences, goods and days out. If you have already purchased a coupon through them you can also call this helpline to get a refund for an unwanted voucher, where you can also get assistance if the merchant is not accepting your Groupon reciept. Additionally if you have purchased an item through Groupon you can phone their customer care helpline to track your item and rearrange the delivery time if you will not be able to accept the package on the due date. Finally you can call this helpline if a merchant has sold you a defective item or their experience description was misleading, therefore you wish to open a dispute with them.

Calls to Groupon’s London telephone number 0203 510 0444 are charged at the same rate as calls to all other local geographic numbers in the UK, meaning those which start with 01 or 02. A variable per-minute fee will be charged if you are calling them from a landline which depends on the exact time and day you phone them on, as well as a set connection charge which is determined from your provider. Please note that calling Groupon to discuss your voucher will be free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff, however mobile calls will likely cost more than the equivalent landline call if you do not use these free minutes to make the call.

Head office & complaints – 0203 510 2373

Contact Groupon’s London head office to make a complaint by calling their official phone number 0203 510 2373 where you can complain about the experience that a merchant offered you and if you have been sold a defective item. Similarly if you are dissatisfied with the customer service experience provided by Groupon you can call this helpline to notify them, for example you should call them if a member of staff has offended you. If they are refusing to provide you with a refund for either an unwanted voucher or a dissatisfactory experience then you should also call an advisor who will guide you through the remainder of the complaints procedure.

List of Groupon phone numbers

Department UK contact number
Customer services 0203 510 0444
Head office & complaints 0203 510 2373

Alternative ways to contact Groupon

Given that Groupon’s services are almost entirely offered online it isn’t surprising that they offer a host of ways in which you can contact them without resorting to being sat on hold for lengthy periods of time. These methods include email addresses, online contact forms, social media links and an official postal address where you can send your unwanted vouchers.

Email Groupon

You can contact Groupon on their official email address for customer service advice regarding your voucher or an experience that you booked through their site. Additionally you can include attachments relevant to a merchant dispute, such as photographic evidence of unsatisfactory conditions. Alternatively you can fill out an online contact form from their website, where you can also find helpful answers to FAQs.

Postal address

Although it will usually be quicker for you to contact them via telephone or by email you can still write to Groupon by sending your letters to their customer service postal address:

Groupon Customer Services,
1 Swan Lane,
United Kingdom.

Social media

A large part of Groupon’s rise as a company was down to its strong advertising on some of the most popular global social media websites.

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