Debenhams Contact Number: 0344 561 6161

Phone Debenhams customer services by calling them directly on their official mobile-friendly UK contact number 0344 561 6161 which is compatible with free minutes allowances.

Debenhams Customer Services – 0344 561 6161

Contact Debenhams customer services by calling their stores phone number 0344 561 6161 to enquire about in-store product availability or to arrange a refund for a product that you purchased in one of their shops. You can phone this customer service number to get information about your closest store or to ask about their seasonal promotions. You should phone this helplines if you are not sure which Debenhams department you need to contact. This service is available 8am-11pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday, however it is important to note that opening times may be reduced on UK bank holidays.

Complain to Debenhams

Phone the main Debenhams customer service contact number 0344 561 6161 to make an official complaint about one of their products or members of staff. If you would like to send a more detailed complaint to Debenhams which you will have evidence of in writing you may send an email to their head office by using their address or send your letter of complaint to:

Debenhams Complaints Department,
4th Floor,
10 Brock St,
Regents Place,
NW1 3FG,
United Kingdom.

Shop Online at – 0344 800 8877

Phone advisors for Debenhams online orders by calling their business-rate contact number 0844 800 8877 (7p/min + access charge) or for cheaper calls use their new local-rate helpline number 0344 800 8877. Debenhams offer a vast range of products online, including clothing, health & beauty and furniture items, so if you would like to track your order or change your delivery time you should call this helpline. You should also phone 0344 800 8877 if you would like a refund for a product or if you are having technical difficulties with their website, for example if you have accidentally made a duplicate payment.

Electricals & Large Appliances at Debenhams Plus – 0871 984 1922 or 01484 448 922

Contact Debenhams Plus on their phone numbers 0871 984 1922 (13p/min + access charge) & 01484 448 922 to speak to a customer service advisor about your appliance or electrical order. You should call these UK phone numbers if you need help with fitting your appliance, to track your electrical order or to get a refund for your item provided it is still under warranty. You can also call this number to get a replacement item if your current appliance or electical item is defective. If you would prefer to send customer services an email or you would prefer to chat to an advisor online you can use their official eMessaging portal to do this. You may also write to Debenhams Plus to send them feedback about their products by sending your letter to their postal address:

Debenhams Plus,
Neptune Way,
Trident Business Park,
Leeds Road,
HD2 1UA,
United Kingdom.

Made-to-measure Curtains from Debenhams – 0330 660 0941

Contact Debenhams on their local-rate phone number 0330 660 0941 to make an order for made-to-measure curtains or to get an update on your bespoke curtains order, which are made by specialist seamstresses in the UK. You should also get in touch with one of their advisors if you need to make any alterations to the size of your curtains or if you would like to change to a different fabric. Their helpline is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and calls to 0330 660 0941 are charged at the same rate as calls to 01 and 02 UK phone numbers. If you would prefer to email their team you can use their dedicated address and if you would like to send them feedback or fabric samples by post you may use their official postal address:

Debenhams Curtains,
c/o Ena Shaw Ltd.
Lea Green,
St Helens,
WA9 4QF,
United Kingdom.

Debenhams Flower Orders – 0203 696 1129

Phone Debenhams with regards to your flower query by calling their London-based contact number 0203 696 1129. As well as handling general enquiries, advisors on this helpline will help you to amend a flower order and provide detailed information about their flower arrangements and available plants. Their customer service contact centre is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. If you need to contact them outside of these opening times or you would simply prefer to contact them online please fill out a contact form on their website

Order Gift Hampers from Debenhams – 0344 248 1669

Phone 0344 248 1669 to contact Debenhams about your hamper order. This phone number covers all Debenhams hampers, including their festive, chocolate and picnic hampers. You can call 0344 248 1669 to modify your gift hamper or to cancel a order. Alternatively you can send your hamper request or order alteration to them by filling out a contact form online

Debenhams Gift Cards & Vouchers – 0871 384 3401

Contact Debenhams about your gift card or voucher by calling their dedicated phone number 0871 384 3401 (13p/min + access charge). You can check your gift card balance or top up your card by calling this helpline, as well as notify Debenhams that you need a replacement gift card or your gift card isn’t working when you are making a purchase. If you would prefer to order your gift card online you can do so at their website, and you can also check your balance online by going to

Debenhams Concessions

Debenhams offer a load of excellent quality products at superb prices through their sales and concessions, if you have purchased a branded product through these sales and want to make a troubleshooting query about a problem with your item or if you need a replacement please examine this list of contact numbers for the brands which sell items through Debenhams concessions.

Debenhams Concession Brand UK Phone Number Helpline Opening Times
Litecraft Lighting 0161 484 3140 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm Sunday
Mobile Phones (7p/min + access charge) 0844 543 0446 9am-6pm Monday-Friday
Swesky & Clarity Jewellery 01656 785 302 8:30am-8:30pm Monday-Friday
Tripp Luggage (13p/min + access charge) 0870 428 1068 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Debenhams Finance

Debenhams offer a range of personal financial services under their ‘Debenhams Finance’ brands, ranging from credit cards to travel money deals to a variety of insurance policies. In this section we will cover all of these financial packages and their respective contact details, including full phone number information and email/postal addresses.

Credit Cards – 0333 220 2519

Contact the Debenhams credit card team by calling their local-rate phone number 0333 220 2519. Advisors on this helpline can help you report a lost/stolen card, make repayments to your account and cancel your credit account. You should also phone 0333 220 2519 to get information about their interest rates and available card deals. If you have recently received your credit card you will need to activate it by calling their official activation helpline 0800 915 2205 for free. To send a letter to Debenhams with your questions about their credit cards or your specific account please write to their postal address:

Debenhams Credit Card Services,
NewDay Ltd,
PO Box 700,
LS99 2BD,
United Kingdom.

Travel Insurance – 0843 658 0371

Contact the Debenhams Travel Insurance service by calling their phone number 0843 658 0371 (7p/min plus access charge) from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday. You should call this number to get a quote for a new travel insurance policy, to renew your insurance or to cancel your insurance as you are unable to travel on the specified dates. You can also chat live to a web-based advisor by following this link to their web chat portal, alternatively you can send an email to their official address Furthermore you can write your enquiry or send documentation relevant to your claim by sending your letter to their travel insurance postal address:

ROCK Insurance Group – Debenhams Travel Insurance,
Customer Services Department,
Griffin House,
135 High Street,
West Sussex,
RH10 1DQ,
United Kingdom.

If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance policy or if you require emergency medical assistance please phone a number from the table below depending on when you took out a policy.

Debenhams Travel Insurance Department Policy Taken Out On/After 21/10/2014 Policy Taken Out Before 21/10/2014
Claims +44 (0) 843 658 0374 +44 (0) 207 748 8906
Medical Emergencies +44 (0) 843 658 0373 & +44 (0) 292 047 4226 +44 (0) 207 748 0060

Debenhams Home Insurance – 0344 776 5324

Contact Debenhams Home Insurance by calling their customer service phone number 0344 776 5324. Specialist home insurance experts on this helpline can help you make a claim on your policy and provide you with information about your cover and payments. Please examine the list of phone numbers below if you are a new customer and would like to get a home insurance policy or if you are a current customer and you want to get a renewal or make a payment toward your insurance policy.

Debenhams Home Insurance Department Phone Number
Customer Services & Claims 0344 776 5324
Get a home insurance quote 0344 776 5399
Renewals 0344 776 5307
Make a payment 0344 776 5325

If you would prefer not to talk to an advisor and would rather send an email please use their official email address for your query, complaint or claims request. Alternatively you can write to Debenhams’ official home insurance postal address:

Debenhams Home Insurance,
Lysander House,
Catbrain Lane,
Cribbs Causeway,
BS10 7TQ,
United Kingdom.

Wedding Insurance – 0800 440 2430

Phone Debenhams Wedding Insurance advisors for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 440 2430. They offer a range of wedding policies that cover everything from suppliers to gifts and photographs, so to get a quote or to renew your existing policy please phone their free helpline. In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to make a claim on your wedding insurance policy please call their dedicated claims teams on 0344 412 4296. You can send your claims details or renewals/quotes information to their official email address

Pet Insurance – 0333 234 0580

Phone advisors for Debenhams Pet Insurance by calling their mobile-friendly contact number 0333 234 0580. You should phone this particular helpline if you would like information about what cover they offer or if you would like to get a quote for a pet insurance policy. Furthermore you can renew your existing pet insurance policy by calling 0333 234 0580. Alternatively in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to make a claim on your insurance policy you should phone their dedicated claims contact number 0333 234 0618. You can also email their team by using their email address and similarly if you would prefer to send a letter to their pet insurance team you can use their official postal address which is:

Debenhams Pet Insurance,
The Connect Centre,
Kingston Crescent,
PO2 8QL,
United Kingdom.

Car Insurance – 0344 840 6305

Contact Debenhams Car Insurance on their phone number 0344 840 6305 which is their dedicated customer service centre helpline. This is a UK-based centre which you should get in touch with if you need to renew your car insurance policy, if you are unsure of which car insurance department to contact or if you would like information about any of their available policies and their respective cover. 0344 840 6305 is open from 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-7pm Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday so please be aware that the car insurance customer service centre is closed on Sundays and UK bank holidays. Please consult the helpful table below to find the specific phone number for the department you need to contact, including claims contact details and breakdown helplines.

Car Insurance Department UK Phone Number
Customer Services 0344 840 6305
Get a Quote 0344 840 6340
Claims 0344 840 9506
Breakdown Cover (RAC) 0330 159 0453
Breakdown Cover (Debenhams Motor Breakdown) 0190 423 4874
Windscreen Claims 01904 234 893

You could also send an email to Debenhams by using their car insurance email address or you can send relevant documentation to your claim or quote by sending your letter to their official postal address:

Debenhams Car Insurance,
Lysander House,
Catbrain Lane,
BS0 7TQ,
United Kingdom.

Gadget Insurance – 0330 880 1733

Contact advisors for Debenhams gadget insurance by calling their phone number 0330 880 1733. You can phone this helpline to get helpful information about the devices that they cover and the extent of cover that they provide, as well as to get a quote for your gadget protection. If you need to change your insurance plan or you are having trouble making the monthly payments for your policy you should also phone 0330 880 1733. If you need to make a claim on your gadget insurance or you want to talk about an existing claim you should phone their dedicated claims contact number 0330 880 1743. If you would prefer to send an email rather than talk to an advisor you should use their official email address and if you would like to send them an enquiry letter or relevant documents you should use their postal address here:

Debenhams Gadget Insurance,
Suite 2209-2217,
Europort Road,

Travel Money

If you are travelling abroad for home or business you should consider getting travel money from Debenhams, who offer excellent exchange rates to give you the most money possible for your trip. For further details about their travel money service or to purchase travel money you should visit one of their stores which have those facilities; we have helpfully provided you with a list of these stores here:

Debenhams Store Store Phone Number Debenhams Store Store Phone Number
Aberdeen 0122 457 8515 Liverpool 0151 703 7036
Barrow-In-Furness 01229 841 420 Llandudno 01492 868 036
Basildon 07950 738 827 Luton 01582 816 937
Basingstoke 01256 865 009 Manchester 0161 838 8414
Bath 0122 582 7207 Meadowhall 01142 516 515
Bedford 01234 332 883 Merry Hill 0138 441 8505
Belfast 0289 043 5507 Milton Keynes 0190 829 5515
Birmingham – Bull Ring 0121 622 8012 Newcastle 0191 227 5838
Bournemouth 01202 702 572 Northampton 01604 623 005
Bradford 01274 760230 Norwich 0160 372 8149
Brighton 0127 332 2517 Nottingham 0115 988 8612
Bristol 0117 945 3615 Oxford 0186 525 5056
Bromley 0208 290 7515 Oxford Street 0207 518 7540
Bury 0161 761 8208 Plymouth 0175 227 5094
Bury St Edmunds 01284 741 002 Portsmouth 0239 285 5614
Canterbury 0122 782 5415 Preston 01772 208 316
Cardiff 02920 381 544 Reading 01189 515 139
Carlisle 0122 888 2611 Romford 0170 843 6015
Chelmsford 01245 245 815 Salisbury 0172 243 5015
Chester 0124 450 5664 Sheffield 0114 289 5304
Clapham Junction 0207 801 2134 Silverburn 0141 891 7937
Colchester 0120 681 2508 Southampton 0238 021 8694
Coventry 0247 623 8615 Southend 0170 244 5980
Crawley 01293 608 112 Staines 01784 496 711
Croydon 0208 603 2013 Stirling 01786 468 415
Dundee 0138 231 8517 Stratford Upon Avon 0178 920 3009
East Kilbride 01355 576111 Sunderland 0191 568 2110
Edinburgh 0131 718 2215 Sutton 0208 652 6715
Exeter 0139 242 8681 Swansea 0179 248 2515
Gateshead – Metro Centre 01914 933 715 Swindon 0179 360 2680
Glasgow 0141 225 3415 Taunton 01823 425013
Gloucester 0145 242 8615 Telford 01952 238 537
Guildford 0148 346 7515 Trafford Centre 01617 463 009
Hanley 01782 211 035 Uxbridge 0189 581 6005
Harrogate 01423 706 036 Wandsworth 0208 812 4207
Harrow 07957 919 020 Warrington 0192 542 5211
Hull 01482 621 347 Westfield (White City) 0208 735 2607
Inverness 01463 724 716 White Rose 0113 271 1226
Ipswich 0147 363 8563 Wimbledon 0208 944 3902
Lakeside 01708 683 154 Winchester 0196 285 8132
Leeds City Centre 01132 186 315 Woking 01483 732 760
Leicester 0116 248 8916 Wrexham 01978 345 737
Leith 0131 553 8106 York 0190 455 6515
Lincoln 01522 574 811

You can also check the live exchange rates they offer by going to their official travel money website

Debenhams UK Phone Numbers

Debenhams Department Contact Number
Customer Services & Complaints 0344 561 6161
Debenhams Online 0344 800 8877
Debenhams Plus Appliances & Electricals 0871 984 1922 (13p/min + access charge) & 01484 448 922
Made-to-measure Curtains 0330 660 0941
Flowers 0203 696 1129
Hampers 0344 248 1669
Gift Cards (13p/min + access charge) 0871 384 3401
Credit Cards 0333 220 2519
Travel Insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0843 658 0371
Home Insurance 0344 776 5324
Wedding Insurance 0800 440 2430
Pet Insurance 0333 234 0580
Car Insurance 0344 840 6305
Gadget Insurance 0330 880 1733

Other Ways of Contacting Debenhams

Debenhams Online Contact Forms

If you would prefer to contact Debenhams online, for example if you need to send them an attachment or if you simply prefer not to speak to someone you can fill out an official contact form, or if you would like to cancel an order online you can download a cancellation form at

Write to Debenhams

It is quicker to contact Debenhams advisors by calling them or sending your query online, however if you would prefer to make your enquiry or provide feedback in writing you should send your letter to their customer service postal address:

Debenhams Customer Services,
4th Floor,
10 Brock St,
Regents Place,
NW1 3FG,
United Kingdom.

Debenhams Store Finder Service

Please use the official store finder service to find your nearest Debenhams store by entering your location, choosing from a map view or selecting a shop from an A-Z list.

Debenhams Social Media

Debenhams are a world-famous British retailer who operate over 150 stores in the UK and operates a similar number of franchised stores all over the globe. To help them promote these stores and to help you keep in touch with them they run several pages on some of the world’s most popular social media websites, you can find these pages by following the links in the helpful list below:

Debenhams’ Facebook Page
Send a Tweet To Debenhams’ Twitter Page
Check out Debenhams’ Google+ Page
See Debenhams Instagram Pictures
Debenhams Pinterest
View Debenhams Videos on YouTube
Debenhams LinkedIn