Waitrose Contact Number: 0800 188 884

Contact Waitrose for free by dialling their freephone customer service number 0800 188 884 to place a telephone grocery order, for online shopping support and to report a missing MyWaitrose card.

Customer services – 0800 188 884

MyWaitrose Card

Phone Waitrose customer service advisors for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 188 884 to request a food to order deliver over the phone and to get technical support whilst using their online shopping platform. You can also call this number to change your scheduled delivery date, to redeem Waitrose vouchers and to find your nearest store. Likewise you can confirm their supermarket opening times and parking facilities by calling their UK-based customer care staff.

This is also the main telephone number for enquiries about your MyWaitrose loyalty card, therefore you may phone to notify them that your card has been lost, to replace a damaged card and to confirm the latest deals you are eligible to receive as a member. Furthermore you can call their customer service staff to get the full conditions for receiving a free hot beverage such as tea or coffee when you make a purchase with your MyWaitrose card.

Calls to the Waitrose customer service helpline 0800 188 884 are completely free of charge from all UK landline and mobile handsets. You may phone them from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 8am-9pm Saturday and 9am-7pm Sunday however these opening hours may be reduced on UK bank holidays.

Phone Waitrose from abroad: +441344 825 232

Contact Waitrose customer services from abroad by calling their international phone number +441344 825 232 to open a new online shopping account from outside the UK, for specialist cake orders and to renew your MyWaitrose subscription. However please be aware that calls from overseas are not free of charge; the exact charges will depend on which country you phone from.

Waitrose cellar, flowers and gifts – 0800 188 881

Contact Waitrose on their freephone helpline number 0800 188 881 for wine cellar, flower bouquets and gift orders. Therefore this number is useful for wedding planners and event managers. Their dedicated wine experts will also be able to provide advice on meal pairings and the best vintage. If the recipient is unhappy with their gift you may call this helpline to request a full refund, however due to their low shelf life you may not be able to claim money back on unwanted flower orders.

Waitrose Garden – 01344 578 800

Contact Waitrose Garden on their local-rate phone number 01344 578 800 to place a telephone order for outdoor furniture, plants and flower seeds. You can also phone for technical support when placing an order via their online store, where you can also browse promotional deals on barbecue (BBQ) sets, power tools and sheds. Furthermore you can call this helpline for advice from horticultural experts on when you should plant your bulbs as well as the optimum season to harvest your vegetable crop.

Waitrose Garden contact numbers

Waitrose Garden department Phone number
Waitrose Garden customer services 01344 578 800
Garden telephone ordering 01344 578 811

Waitrose Pet – 0345 032 8002

Animal owners can call Waitrose Pet on their telephone contact number to order food products, flea treatments and vitamin supplements. Their friendly customer care staff can also provide recommendations of what type of food would be best considering your pet’s age, weight and dietary requirements. If you do not already own a pet Waitrose can offer advice about what you will need to welcome a new cat or dog to your property. Finally they offer pet insurance via their partner John Lewis organisation, hence you can call this helpline to get a quote.

Food magazine enquiries – 0207 565 3117

Phone the Waitrose Food magazine on their dedicated contact number 0207 565 3117 to manage your free subscription, for troubleshooting advice when downloading the app and to query a featured recipe. Moreover you can call this helpline for details on how you can submit recipes and food photographs to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Waitrose head office – 01344 424 680

Contact Waitrose head office on their Bracknell phone number to file a formal complaint about a supermarket store, out of date produce and poor customer service conduct. You can also phone this helpline to initiate legal proceedings if you have suffered an accident in store or you had an allergic reaction to a food product which was incorrectly labelled. Alternatively you can send a letter of complaint directly to their head office address:

Waitrose Limited,
Doncastle Road,
Southern Industrial Area,
RG12 8YA,
United Kingdom.

Waitrose contact numbers

Waitrose department Telephone number
Customer services 0800 188 884
Phone Waitrose from abroad +441344 825 232
Waitrose cellar, flowers and gifts 0800 188 881
Waitrose Garden customer services 01344 578 800
Garden telephone ordering 01344 578 811
Waitrose Pet 0345 032 8002
Food magazine enquiries 0207 565 3117
Waitrose head office 01344 424 680

Waitrose Bracknell Supermarket

Alternative ways to contact Waitrose

Waitrose have UK postal and email addresses for customers who would prefer to contact them about their grocery food products and stores in writing. Alternatively you can post public messages via their social media profiles where you will also find their upcoming sales and current promotions.

Write to Waitrose

You can contact Waitrose customer care in writing by sending your letters to their UK postal address:

Customer Care,
Waitrose Ltd,
Doncastle Road,
RG12 8YA,
United Kingdom.

Waitrose email addresses

Emailing Waitrose customer services is a convenient alternative to sending postal messages or calling their telephone helplines, they recognise this and offer several different email addresses for each of their specialist departments:

  • MyWaitrose card enquiries: mywaitrose@waitrose.co.uk
  • Wine cellar orders: waitrosecellar@waitrose.co.uk
  • Flower enquiries: waitroseflorist@waitrose.co.uk
  • Waitrose gift orders: waitrosegifts@waitrose.co.uk
  • Waitrose Garden: customerservices@waitrosegarden.com
  • Waitrose Pet: customerservices@waitrosepet.com
  • Email enquiries regarding the Waitrose Food magazine: waitrosefood@waitrose.co.uk

Waitrose social media profiles

Waitrose have numerous profiles on popular social media websites where you may send public messages with your general enquiries. Furthermore they often list seasonal promotions and sales deals on these profiles as a marketing tool:

Find sales deals on the Waitrose Facebook page
Ask for help via Waitrose’s Twitter feed
Watch Waitrose adverts via YouTube
Get recipe suggestions from the Waitrose Instagram page
Get more information about the Waitrose supermarket chain via their LinkedIn profile