Gumtree Contact Number: 0208 605 3325

You contact Gumtree on their London phone number 0208 605 3325 for enquiries about classified ads on their site or to open a dispute with a seller who may have sold you defective goods for example.

Customer services – 0208 605 3325

Phone Gumtree customer services on their UK contact number 0208 605 3325 for enquiries about placing an advert for your goods and services on their classified ads website. These can range from pets to boats and even cars, so please do not hesitate to contact them if you would like to post an advert on their site. Similarly you can call this number if you have seen a classified ad and you would like to confirm that the seller is trusted in order to prevent you from being the victim of fraud. Unfortunately there are occasions when their checks fail meaning you are sold a defective item, therefore you should call this helpline to open a dispute with the individual who misled you and report them as a potential fraudster. Additionally you should call this helpline to manage your Gumtree account, for example you should phone their customer care team if you have forgotten your username or password. Moreover if you have recently changed your address you should notify this team as soon as possible so that local buyers will see your ads, thus potentially saving you from excess delivery charges.

Please note that although the Gumtree customer service phone number 0208 605 3325 is not a freephone number calls to it may be free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff. This is because it is a local-rate geographic number thus it costs the same to call as other 01 and 02 telephone numbers.

Complaints – 0208 605 3325

Contact Gumtree to make an official complaint by calling their customer service phone number 0208 605 3325. You should call this helpline if you have been deceived by a seller who has sold you a defective item or has taken your money without giving your item to you. By contrast if you are selling an item through Gumtree you can also phone this helpline to complain about a buyer who is refusing to pay for what you have sold to them. Additionally if you have been offended by a member of their customer service staff you should call this helpline in order for them to receive a reprimand for their behaviour. Alternatively if you would prefer to make your complaint in writing you can do so by sending a letter to their official postal address below, where you can also send documents relevant to your dispute such as correspondence with a fraudulent buyer or seller.

Complaints Department,
5 New Street Square,
United Kingdom.

Business enquiries – 0203 5800 500

Contact Gumtree by calling their dedicated phone number 0203 5800 500 for business enquiries, where you can ask about putting regular adverts for your company’s products and services on their popular classified ads website. They also offer insight services for monitoring your advertising and sales presence so you should call this number to manage your account by adding a new nominated representative. Additionally if your business has changed ownership or if you would like to notify them that you have moved premises then you should contact their business customer care team.

Gumtree contact numbers

Department Phone number
Customer service & complaints 0208 605 3325
Business enquiries 0203 5800 500

Other ways you can contact Gumtree

As well as their customer service and business helplines you can also contact Gumtree through a number of online options. These include contact forms, live chat services and dedicated accounts on social media websites.

Email Gumtree

If you would prefer to send your enquiries and complaints to Gumtree via email you could try their old email address, where you can send screenshots of a conversation you had with another member on the site if it is relevant to a dispute you are having with the other party. Alternatively you can go to their help website to get the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and have a live web chat with one of their advisors.

Postal address

Contact Gumtree in writing by sending your letters to their official postal address which is provided below, however please be aware that this will usually be far slower than calling their customer service telephone numbers or by sending them an email.

5 New Street Square,
United Kingdom.

Connect with Gumtree on social media

Companies such as Gumtree recognise how social media websites can be used as a powerful tool for them to promote their services and advertise their products. As such you can contact Gumtree via their Twitter customer service page or by sending a message through their other social media profiles:

Check out their promotional posts on Facebook
See the Tweets on their main Twitter feed
View their company profile on LinkedIn
Watch their promotional videos on YouTube