Transport for London (TFL) Contact Number: 0343 222 1234

Phone Transport for London (TFL) on their UK contact number 0343 222 1234 for oyster card customer services, to get the latest bus times and for ticket refunds.

Customer services – 0343 222 1234

TFL Oyster Card with Reader

Contact TFL by calling their customer service phone number 0343 222 1234 for enquiries about transport in London including buses, the underground tube network, DLR and the Emirates Air Line cable car. For example you can phone this number to enquire about the bus timetable, helping you to plan your journey across the capital. Furthermore if you would like to report lost property then you can call this helpline to see if your items have been handed in to one of their locations.

If you are a disabled customer then you can call this number for special accessibility support when boarding tube trains and buses to help you navigate around the city in comfort. Moreover if you would like details on how you can pay for travel cards and day tickets you can phone their friendly staff to find out which ticket is most suitable for you.

The TFL customer care contact number 0343 222 1234 is charged at the same rate as calls to locally-registered phone numbers starting in 01 and 02 area code prefixes. Therefore a variable per-minute rate is applied which depends on when exactly you make the call, plus a connection fee which is determined by your provider. However you can call TFL for free on this number if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff, please check with your operator for confirmation of this. You can call TFL from 8am-8pm seven days a week although there may be closures on certain UK bank holidays such as Christmas Day.

Oyster card enquiries – 0343 222 1234

Phone TFL about your Oyster card by calling their customer service contact number 0343 222 1234 to report your card as lost or stolen. Furthermore you can call this helpline if you believe you have been overcharged for a journey which you would like refunded. Similarly if you have purchased a season ticket which isn’t scanning correctly at the ticket barriers you can phone their personable staff to establish whether this is a problem with your card specifically or if it an issue with their card readers. By calling this number you can also check your journey history and get an update on the current balance on your card, thus letting you know if you need to top up your card before your next journey. Finally if you have forgotten the username or password to your online Oyster account you may phone their customer care department to get these reset in order for you to log in.

Complaints – 0343 222 1234

Contact TFL to make a formal complaint by calling their UK phone number 0343 222 1234, where you can voice your dissatisfaction about a delayed bus or tube service. Moreover if you have repeatedly been overcharged for your journeys around London then you can call this helpline to request a refund. Similarly if you have been treated poorly by a member of TFL staff you should dial this number to receive appropriate compensation. If TFL do not resolve your complaint in a satisfactory manner then you can escalate the complaint by sending a letter to London TravelWatch, which is the independent watchdog of transportation within the capital, by using their postal address:

London TravelWatch,
169 Union Street,
SE1 0LL,
United Kingdom.

Santander Cycles – 0343 222 6666

Contact TFL on their Santander Cycles phone number 0343 222 6666 to hire a bike to travel around London, where you can also get the location of your nearest docking station. Furthermore if you are unsure of their hire and ride prices then you can call this helpline to get details on how much a bike ride using this service will cost you. Moreover if you are having difficulties paying for a bicycle then you should call this helpline for assistance, by contrast if you aren’t able to dock a hired bike then you should phone this number as quickly as possible to avoid being overcharged or fined.

Taxis & minicabs – 0343 222 4000

Call Transport for London (TFL) on their telephone contact number 0343 222 4000 for enquiries about their famous black cab taxis and minicabs operating in the city. For example you can call this number to get an estimated cost for your journey in order to be aware if the driver is overcharging you. Additionally if you would like to report illegal taxi and minicab activity you can phone this number to notify them of potentially criminal activity.

Dial-a-Ride – 0343 222 7777

Contact Transport for London (TFL) on their Dial-a-Ride phone number 0343 222 7777 to apply to become a member which in turn entitles you to around one journey per week from your home. If your driver is late then you can call this helpline to get an update on their location so that you know when they will be arriving. Similarly if your driver has arrived early you can notify TFL by calling this helpline so that they wait for you.

Congestion charge – 0343 222 2222

Phone 0343 222 2222 to contact Transport for London (TFL) about the congestion charge, where you can get details of which areas are covered by the charging zone and ways in which you can pay the fee. If you believe you have been served a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) unfairly then you can call this number to dispute the fine with TFL. Please note that if you are responsible for the congestion charge payments for multiple vehicles you should call their dedicated fleet autopay telephone number 020 7649 9860 to pay your fees.

Low emissions zone – 0343 222 1111

Contact TFL for enquiries about the low emissions zone (LEZ) by calling their telephone number 0343 222 1111 to check if your vehicle is affected by the charges, to check where the LEZ applies and to check how you can get your van to meet the appropriate emissions standards. You can also call this helpline to make a telephone payment to TFL in relation to your vehicle emissions.

Transport for London (TFL) contact numbers

Department Phone number
Customer services & Oyster cards 0343 222 1234
Santander Cycles 0343 222 6666
Taxis & minicabs 0343 222 4000
TFL Dial-a-Ride 0343 222 7777

TFL Tube (underground) Map

Other ways you can contact Transport for London (TFL)

As well as offering a host of telephone helplines you can also contact TFL through email, by writing a letter to their customer service postal address and by sending a message to one of their numerous profiles on social media networks.

Write to TFL

If you would prefer to correspond with Transport for London (TFL) in writing then please use their dedicated customer service postal address provided below, however please note that you will save time by calling or emailing them rather than sending them a letter.

Transport for London (TFL) Customer Services,
4th Floor,
14 Pier Walk,
SE10 0ES,
United Kingdom.

Email TFL

Send an email to TFL by going to their official help and support website, where you will find options including a web form for you to fill out as well as the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) which may be relevant to your queries.

Connect with TFL via social media

Social media is a powerful tool for large organisations such of TFL and they use it to great effect as a way for people to contact them and to post live updates about travel delays.

Check out TFL’s posts on Facbook
Get live travel updates via Tweets from their Twitter page
Get the latest news and video updates from their Youtube page
Check out the Transport for London (TFL) profile page on LinkedIn