Subway Contact Number: 0800 085 5058

Contact Subway UK customer care for free by calling their freephone number 0800 085 5058 to find your nearest store, for their full sandwich menu and to confirm whether they offer home delivery services in your area.

Subway customer services – 0800 085 5058

Subway Loyalty Card

Contact Subway customer services on their freephone number 0800 085 5058 for free to find your nearest sandwich store, for their updated prices and to order a loyalty card. If you have lost your existing card you should phone this helpline to request a replacement, likewise if you forgot to scan your card when purchasing a sub you can request to add the missing points to your account.

Furthermore if you have not previously visited Subway you can call this number for their full menu and to confirm which of their menu items are suitable for consumption by vegetarians and customers with a gluten intolerance. You can also phone this helpline to order sandwiches and salads for home delivery if you live within their catchment area. Finally if you left a personal possession in a restaurant you can call this number to reach their lost property department.

Head office complaints – 01223 550 820

Phone Subway on their corporate head office number 01223 550 820 to contact management about poor food safety in your local restaurant. Therefore you may dial this number to request a full refund on your meal and to request compensation if you missed work due to the case of food poisoning. Similarly if Subway refuse to redeem a purchase on your loyalty card despite having the requisite points. Moreover if a member of their team was rude to you then you can phone this helpline to inform Subway of their poor conduct.

Calling Subway head office will cost the same as making a call of an equal period of time to any other local UK number, which means you can phone them for free if you get inclusive minutes on your tariff. Otherwise you will have to pay your landline or mobile provider a variable per-minute fee as well as a standard access charge. If you would prefer to write to Subway’s UK head office then send your letters to their Cambridge address:

Chaston House,
Mill Court Hinton,
Great Shelford.
CB22 5LD,
United Kingdom.

Subway UK contact numbers

Subway department Phone number
Customer services 0800 085 5058
Subway head office & complaints 01223 550 820

Subway Footlong Sandwich

Alternative ways to contact Subway

Subway maintains several profiles on popular social media websites which they use to advertise their new sandwich fillings and stores opening throughout the UK. However if customers would prefer to contact their advisor team using more traditional methods they offer email services and a postal address.

Write to Subway

Contact Subway in the post by sending a letter to their UK office address which can be found in Cambridge. Please be aware that if you write to their address it may take them up to a week to reply to your sandwich-related enquiries:

Subway Customer Services,
Chaston House,
Mill Court Hinton,
Great Shelford.
CB22 5LD,
United Kingdom.

Email Subway

You can email Subway by filling out their detailed online contact form where you can leave feedback about a specific restaurant. Therefore it is recommended that you have your receipt details to hand when posting your enquiry so their staff can direct you to the correct department as quickly as possible.

Visit Subway on social media

Customers can visit the various social media profiles operated by Subway for information about their sandwich sales, for new filling options as well as stores opening in your local area. Moreover you can leave public feedback about a particular visit by posting on these profiles, however please do not leave any sensitive payment information as this could be used by fraudsters.

Visit Subway on Facebook
Post a tweet to the Subway Twitter page
Watch Subway adverts on their YouTube channel
Learn about working at Subway on their LinkedIn profile