Southall Travel Contact Number: 0208 843 6891

Contact Southall Travel UK on their London phone number 0208 843 6891 to book a flight, for their latest holiday package prices and to make an emergency claim on your travel insurance policy.

Customer services – 0208 843 6891

Phone Southall Travel on their UK customer service contact number 0208 843 6891 to change an existing flight booking by changing your seat number, adding extra luggage and correcting a name which was spelled incorrectly on your ticket. Moreover you may dial their London telephone number if you would like to upgrade your flight to first class or by add optional business lounge hospitality to your experience. You can also phone this helpline for their live flight timetables, which is particularly helpful when planning for your transfer and whilst monitoring a delayed plane. Similarly if you would like an up-to-date list of their current destinations you can phone this number to plan your next holiday. Finally if you would prefer to speak to an advisor at your local Southall travel agent branch you can phone this number to find your nearest store.

Calls to the Southall Travel contact number 0208 843 6891 are charged at the exact same rate as calls to other 02 area code phone numbers, as well as those which start with an 01 prefix. This means you will pay a per-minute rate which depends on when exactly you make the call as well as a connection fee which is determined by your exact provider. As these are local rate calls you will be able to contact Southall Travel for free from either a landline or mobile phone if you have free inclusive minutes included as part of your tariff.

Complaints – 0208 843 6891

Contact Southall Travel customer services on their UK phone number 0208 843 6891 to make a complaint about a flight or a holiday you booked through this travel agent. For example if your baggage was severely delayed, lost or damaged you can phone this helpline to file for compensation. Similarly if your plane was delayed to the extent that you missed your connecting flight you should call this helpline to apply for a partial refund on the cost of your ticket. Alternatively if you would prefer to write a letter of complaint you should send them to their UK head office in Southall by using this postal address:

Southall Travel LTD – Complaints Department,
Palmoak House,
19 South Rd,
UB1 1SU,
United Kingdom.

Chat to Southall Travel on Whatsapp – 0782 587 4342

You can also send written messages to Southall Travel customer services via the popular Whatsapp app by adding their mobile contact number 0782 587 4342 to your phone. However please note that you will be unable to make a voice call to their advisors on this number, if you would prefer to speak to someone please call the appropriate telephone number from the table below.

Book a flight with Southall Travel – 0208 843 4444

Phone Southall Travel on their bookings contact number 0208 843 4444 to book a flight, to get their latest prices and for last-minute deals. You should also phone this helpline if you have accrued enough Air Miles to get a discounted or free flight to your chosen destination. By contrast if you are unfortunately unable to travel on the dates chosen you can phone this number to cancel your booking.

Southall Travel holidays – 0208 705 0071

Contact Southall Travel on their dedicated holidays phone number 0208 705 0071 to book an all-inclusive holiday package, where you can also modify an existing booking by changing which hotel you are staying in. Furthermore they offer a range of deals on cross-country tours, so if you would like to stay in a number of destinations within a country please call this helpline for further information from a UK-based customer care advisor. You should also phone this number to hire a car when travelling abroad, where you can select from a range of models ranging from family-friendly people carriers to two-seat sports cars.

Travel insurance – 01732 853 361

Phone Southall Travel to get a quote for an insurance policy for your next holiday by calling their UK contact number 01732 853 361; please note that you must inform them of any pre-existing medical conditions before you fly otherwise your cover may be declared void. If you already have a policy and you would like to make a claim in the event of a medical emergency you should phone their international helpline +441732 85 33 33, however this is not a freephone service and the amount that you get charged will depend on which country you call them from.

Southall Travel contact numbers – in full

Department Phone number
Customer services & complaints 0208 843 6891
Customer services & complaints – Whatsapp 0782 587 4342
Southall Travel booking helpline 0208 843 4444
Travel insurance – customer services 01732 853 361
Travel insurance – claims & emergencies +441732 85 33 33

Other ways to contact Southall Travel

Southall Travel offer numerous ways in which you can contact their customer service teams including a UK postal address, email forms and online profiles on popular social media networks.

Write to Southall Travel

You can write letters to the customer care team at Southall Travel by writing to their UK head office postal address below however you will get a response faster by calling their telephone numbers listed above, please remember to affix the correct postage before you send your correspondence.

Southall Travel LTD,
Palmoak House,
19 South Rd,
UB1 1SU,
United Kingdom.

Send an email to Southall Travel

Although Southall Travel do not have a dedicated email address to send written enquiries you will still be able to send them online enquiries by filling out the contact form on their UK website.

Connect with Southall Travel on social media

Southall Travel have embraced the modern phenomenon of using social media websites to connect with their customers as well as promote their promotional rates, links to their profiles can be found here:

Write a message on their Facebook wall
Send a Tweet to the Southall Travel Twitter page
Add Southall Travel to your circles on Google+
Watch videos on the Southall Travel YouTube channel
Check out travel pics on their Instagram page