First Utility Contact Number: 01926 320 700

Contact First Utility by calling their customer service phone number 01926 320 700 to manage your energy account and confirm the rates that apply to their gas and electricity tariffs.

Customer services – 01926 320 700

Phone First Utility on their customer service contact number 01926 320 700 for enquiries about their energy rates which in turn affect your gas and electricity bills. If you aren’t already a customer you can call this local-rate telephone number to switch to their supply, similarly if you are moving home you can call this helpline to set up an account at your new address. Furthermore if you would like to query your bill in the event that you believe you have been overcharged then you can call their customer care team to get a refund. Additionally in order to prevent you from being overcharged in the future you can phone them to submit your meter readings, which is significantly more accurate than estimate bills. Please note that they offer specialist services for vulnerable and disabled customers so get in touch with them to find out if you are eligible for discounted energy prices, where you can also request to receive your correspondence in braille format. Finally if you require technical support whilst using their online services or their mobile app then you should phone this department.

Calls to First Utility’s customer service telephone number 01926 320 700 are charged at the same rate as calls to other local 01 and 02 numbers, plus these calls may be included in your free inclusive minutes making the call effectively free of charge.

Gas emergencies – 0800 111 999

Phone 0800 111 999 for free immediately to contact First Utility if you suspect there’s a gas leak or carbon monoxide in your home. The national gas emergency team will then guide you on how you can make you and your family safe, current guidelines include no naked flames and opening all doors and windows to ensure that the gas can dissipate. Alternatively if your boiler is not working you can contact First Utility on their customer service telephone number 01926 320 700.

Power cut helpline – 105

Contact First Utility to notify them that you have a power cut by calling the national electricity emergency helpline number 105. Calling this number allows engineers to identify which substations are affected, plus they will be able to provide you with updates on how long it will be until your supply is restored.

Complaints – 01926 356 512

Phone First Utility to make an official complaint by calling their Warwick head office contact number 01926 356 512 directly to speak to a customer service advisor who will then guide you through their complaints process. You should phone this helpline if you have repeatedly been overcharged for your gas and electricity usage, if you constantly recieve final notices despite paying your bills on time and if you have been offended by a member of staff. Alternatively you can send them a letter of complaint by using their dedicated postal address below, to which you can also send documents relevant to your dispute such as receipts and previous bills.

First Utility – Complaints Department,
PO Box 4360,
CV34 9DB,
United Kingdom.

Landline & broadband – 01926 328 002

Contact First Utility on their UK telephone number 01926 328 002 if you are a landline and broadband customer who requires billing support. Therefore if you believe you have been overcharged for your calls and internet usage you should call this number so that they can review your case and provide you with adequate compensation. Additionally if you are having a technical issue with your home WiFi signal then you should contact this customer care team for troubleshooting advice to get you back online. This is also their telephony sales number so you can call this number to sign up for their landline and internet services, similarly if you feel that your download speeds are insufficient you can get in touch with First Utility to upgrade your package to superfast broadband. Alternatively you can get technical support with your online account or telephone bills by writing to their official email address

Summary table of First Utility phone numbers

First Utility Department Phone number
Customer services 01926 320 700
Gas emergencies 0800 111 999
Power cut helpline 105
Complaints 01926 356 512
Landline & broadband 01926 328 002

Alternative ways to contact First Utility

First Utility have positioned themselves as a ‘revolutionary’ force in the UK energy market, combating the attitudes held by some of the ‘big six’ suppliers in the country that many see as not focused on their customers. Therefore they offer a number of ways you can contact them, ranging from conventional email and postal addresses to official customer service accounts on some of the most popular global social media sites.

Email address

You can send your customer service enquiries to First Utility by using their official email address, where you can also send attachments relevant to a billing dispute such as receipts. Alternatively you can use their online Ask First service to get the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Write to First Utility

You can write to First Utility by sending your letters to their official postal address which is provided below, however please note that it will be normally be far quicker to direct your customer service enquiries to their telephone helplines.

Customer Service Department,
First Utility,
PO BOX 4360,
CV34 9DB,
United Kingdom.

First Utility on Social media

First Utility has recognised the fact that social media websites have become an increasingly important way for companies to promote their services and brand; please examine the list below to find links to their most popular pages. Additionally they are aware of the fact that these sites can be a way for people to contact their customer service departments, you can do just so by sending a tweet to their Twitter page

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