E.ON Contact Number: 0345 303 3040

Contact E.ON customer services on their mobile-friendly customer service phone number 0345 303 3040 for general enquiries about your energy supply, meter readings and bill payments.

Customer services & prepayment meter enquiries – 0345 303 3040

Phone E.ON on their national non-geographic helpline contact number 0345 303 3040 for general enquiries about their gas & electricity supply, price information and if you are an existing customer who uses a prepayment meter. Therefore you should call this helpline if you are having technical difficulties with using your prepayment card or key, for example if you are unable to top it up or if you have topped it up and the funds are not being recognised by your meter. Additionally you should call this number if you have lost power or heating and you are on a prepayment meter. Their customer service helpline on 0345 303 3040 is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday & 8am-6pm Saturday and calls are charged at the same rate as calls to local UK phone numbers such as 01 & 02 numbers.

Textphone & minicom helpline – 0800 056 6560

Please contact E.ON by calling their dedicated textphone number 0800 056 6560 if you are hard of hearing or have a severe speech impediment and therefore you require the use of textphone or minicom services. You can call this number if you have any sort of E.ON energy meter and calls are free of charge as it is a freephone number.

Braille support helpline – 0333 202 4674

Contact E.ON by calling their local-rate telephone number 0333 202 4674 if you would like to receive your important correspondence in braille format due to blindness or sight loss. This service will not cost you any more than receiving letters and energy bills in standard text format so please do not hesitate to call them.

Contact E.ON from abroad: +44 115 843 4373

Contact E.ON from outside the UK by calling their official international telephone number +44 115 843 4373 which you should call for any enquiry you have. Thus you should call this international helpline if you are overseas and you wish to query a bill payment that has been made from your account to E.ON and to make sure your energy supply is switched off if you believe you have left a gas device on in your house. The exact cost of calling E.ON’s international contact number will depend on which country you are calling from, however please be advised that it will almost certainly cost more than making an equivalent UK-only phone call.

Billing enquiries – 0345 059 9905

Phone E.ON on their billing enquiries contact number 0345 059 9905 to make a bill payment, provide up-to-date meter readings and to query a payment on your bill. You should therefore call this number if you believe you have been overcharged on your energy bills and you would like to dispute this payment. Furthermore giving accurate and up-to-date meter readings is important for making sure you are charged the correct amount for your gas or electricity supply. Finally please call this number if you have erroneously been sent final reminders when you have already made a bill payment.

Smart meter enquiries – 0345 366 5996

Contact E.ON on their official phone number 0345 366 5996 for general enquiries about their Smart Pay as you Go meters, to switch your existing prepayment meter to a Smart meter and for technical support if you are having difficulties with your current Smart meter. These devices send meter readings straight to E.ON digitally so you should also call the helpline above if you believe there is a fault in your meter which means you are paying too much for your gas and electricity.

Home-mover enquiries – 0345 303 3020

Contact E.ON if you have moved home or are moving home by calling their UK telephone number 0345 303 3020 if you pay for your energy needs by direct debit or call 0345 366 5976 if you have a smart meter installed in your home. You should call these helplines if you would like to transfer your E.ON account to your new address or contrastingly if you would like to cancel your account once you have moved home.

Change of energy supplier – 0345 302 3473

Phone E.ON on their local-rate contact number 0345 302 3473 if you have recently changed supplier or are planning on leaving E.ON if you are a customer with a prepayment meter, alternatively phone 0333 202 4610 if you pay for your gas & electricity by direct debit. You should submit final meter readings by calling this number so that you can receive your last bill and therefore not accrue debt on your previous account. If you are switching to E.ON from another energy supplier you should call these helplines to set up a new direct debit for your bill payments or to convert your meter before you start paying for your gas & electricity through them.

Complaints – 0333 202 4606

Contact E.ON to make an official complaint by calling their dedicated phone number 0333 202 4606, where you can dispute a decision they have made about your energy prices and complain about a member of their staff. You should also call this number if they have overcharged you for your energy supply and have refused to acknowledge this and refund you accordingly. If you would prefer to make your complaint in writing or to send them documents relevant to your dispute, such as meter photos or bill copies, then please send your letters of complaint to their official postal address:

Complaints Department,
E.ON Customer Service Centre,
PO Box 7750,
NG1 6WR,
United Kingdom.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution to your complaint that is offered by E.ON you should escalate the case to The Ombudsman Service: Energy, who will independently review your case and provide you with a final decision. You can contact The Ombudsman Service: Energy by calling their UK phone number 0330 440 1624, by sending an email to enquiries@os-energy.org or by sending a letter to their postal address:

The Ombudsman Service: Energy,
PO Box 966,
WA4 9DF,
United Kingdom.

Online account support – 0345 301 5933

Contact E.ON on their technical support phone number 0345 301 5933 if you need troubleshooting advice on using your online energy account and if you have forgotten your username or password. You can call this helpline to change an online meter reading that you submitted by mistake, to change your personal details on your account and to check that an online payment has reached E.ON.

New connections – 0333 202 4730

Phone E.ON on their engineer contact number 0333 202 4730 if you have built an extension to your property which needs gas or electricity connections. As well as getting connections installed you should call this helpline prior to building your extension to inform E.ON and to get helpful advice on where your existing connections are to help them to install connections efficiently and with minimal disruption to the new structure. Alternatively please phone 0333 202 4920 if you are a business owner and you need new gas & electricity connections for your commercial premises or call 0345 301 5921 if you are a property developer and you would like E.ON to install connections to your new builds.

Energy-saving home improvements – 0330 400 1183

Contact E.ON to get free energy-saving home improvements by calling their telephone helpline number 0330 400 1183, where you can apply for eco-friendly improvements such as cavity wall insulation, boiler grants and loft insulation. You can get these energy-saving solutions if you claim certain income-related benefits to help you save on your energy bills, therefore you can call this helpline to check if you are eligible for these improvements.

Bereavement support – 0333 202 4841

Phone E.ON by calling their dedicated bereavement support contact number 0333 202 4841 if a loved one has passed away and you wish to either close their energy account or transfer the account to the beneficiary as named in their will. Specially-trained advisors on this helpline will also provide you with support over any outstanding electricity & gas payments and how you can send in a valid death certificate in order to close or transfer the energy account. Be aware that some of their probate services are provided by Phillips & Cohen Associates, so if you receive a call from them they are acting on behalf of E.ON.

Business enquiries – 0333 202 4586

Contact E.ON on their business enquiries telephone number 0333 202 4586 for dedicated commercial customer service advice on your gas & electricity supply and to update your company’s energy account or nominated representatives. You can also call this helpline for queries about their business energy tariffs and management services, thus providing assistance if your company has particularly high or unique energy needs. Please examine the full list of phone numbers provided below for specific billing, meter or payment enquiries, however if you would prefer to email E.ON business services you can fill out an official online contact form on their website.

Business Enquiries Team Phone Number
Customer services 0333 202 4586
Join E.ON 0333 202 4586
Billing enquiries 0333 202 4687
Direct Debit enquiries 0333 202 4687
Smart meter queries 0345 366 5974
New connections 0333 202 4920

Gas emergencies – 0800 111 999

Call 0800 111 999 immediately if you smell gas or suspect there is a problem with your E.ON gas supply; this freephone number is free to call from any UK landline or mobile phone. The National Gas Emergency Service will then advise you on what to do next to keep you and your family safe, however if in doubt turn off your gas supply at the meter immediately, open your doors and windows and evacuate the property if possible. Alternatively if you are having a problem with your E.ON boiler you should call 0800 051 1470 for free to request a GasSafe engineer callout to look at your boiler and fix it.

Power cut & electricity emergencies – 105

Contact Distribution Network Operators for free by calling 105 if you have had a power cut and it is not a problem with your individual E.ON electricity supply. By calling this number you can report a problem which the network operator may not know about and get an update on how long it will be until your electricity supply is running again.

Important E.ON telephone numbers

Department Phone Number
Customer services & prepayment meter enquiries 0345 303 3040
Textphone & minicom helpline 0800 056 6560
Braille support helpline 0333 202 4674
International contact number +44 115 843 4373
Billing enquiries 0345 059 9905
Smart-meter enquiries 0345 366 5996
Home-mover enquiries 0345 303 3020
Change of energy supplier 0345 302 3473
Complaints 0333 202 4606
Online account support 0345 301 5933
New connections 0333 202 4730
Energy-saving home improvements 0330 400 1183
Bereavement support 0333 202 4841
Business enquiries 0333 202 4586
Gas emergencies 0800 111 999
Electricity emergencies 105

Alternative ways to contact E.ON

As one of the largest energy companies operating in the UK, E.ON has a number of ways in which their approximately five million customers can contact them including email forms, social media accounts and postal addresses.

Email E.ON

Email is a very convenient way for contacting major energy companies as it removes the need to be sat on hold for a lengthy amount of time and allows for more detailed enquiries, therefore if you would like to email E.ON please fill out an online contact form from their website for general & account-specific enquiries. Furthermore you can have a live web chat with a UK-based customer service advisor by visiting this site.

Postal address

Nowadays it is usually far quicker to send your general enquiries to companies such as E.ON via telephone & email, however if you would still prefer to write to E.ON or send them documents relevant to a payment query such as a bill then please address your letters to their customer service department:

E.ON Customer Service Centre,
PO Box 7750,
NG1 6WR,
United Kingdom.

Social media

You can also contact major energy companies such as E.ON by going to their social media pages and liking their posts, sending them a message or watching their range of promotional videos. We have helpfully found their most popular social media profiles and condensed them into the list below for your convenience.

Check out their Facebook posts
Contact customer services via Twitter
View their promotional tweets & videos
Add E.ON to your circle on Google+
Watch their adverts and helpful tips on YouTube
View their company profile page on LinkedIn