Child Support Agency (CSA): 0345 713 3133

To contact the Child Support Agency (CSA), phone their telephone number 0345 713 3133 at standard rates to manage your existing child maintenance case and to report a change in your circumstances.

CSA Helpline – 0345 713 3133

Phone the CSA helpline by calling the local-rate contact number 0345 713 3133 to tell them about a change in your circumstances that will affect your child maintenance payments, such as a change in your wage or a change in the number of nights that the child spends with either parent. You should also phone this number if you have an existing CSA case but you would like to dispute parentage by undergoing a DNA test. Furthermore you should phone them to close your case if your child is no longer eligible to receive child maintenance payments or if you have reconciled with the other parent and therefore no longer need to use the CSA’s services. You should call the Child Support Agency on their helpline 0345 713 3133 if you set up your case before March 2003, however if you set up your child maintenance case after this date it will normally be quicker to contact your regional CSA office directly by using the phone number for your region in this helpful list:

CSA Regional Office Phone Numbers

Region CSA Contact Number Textphone Number
Wales & North-West England 0345 609 0082 0345 713 8099
Scotland & North-East England 0345 609 0042 0345 713 6804
The Midlands 0345 609 0062 0345 713 1707
Northern Ireland & Eastern England 0345 609 0092 0345 713 2243
South-East England 0345 609 0052 0345 713 4700
South-West England 0345 609 0072 0345 713 7217

New Child Maintenance Case – 0800 083 5130

Call Child Maintenance Options for free on their freephone contact number 0800 083 5130 to set up a new financial arrangement with your estranged partner as the Child Support Agency (CSA) no longer handle new child support cases. Helpful advisors will answer to your general enquiries as to how you can make child maintenance payments and to make a payment schedule that is most beneficial for both parents as well as the child involved.

If you would prefer to correspond with the CSA about a new child maintenance case in Welsh then please phone their dedicated Welsh language helpline 0800 408 0308 to set up a new case. Ffoniwch y CSA ar eu llinell gymorth yn yr iaith Gymraeg 0800 408 0308 i sefydlu achos cynhaliaeth plant newydd.

CSA Appeals – 0345 713 3133

Contact the CSA by calling their main phone number 0345 713 3133 if you believe you are paying too much child maintenance or by contrast if you believe the other parent is not paying enough to support your child. You must call this number first in order to start your appeal and get a ‘mandatory reconsideration’, which means that the CSA will examine why you think their decision is unfair and decide whether to change it.

If you are unhappy with the solution that they offer you can then refer your case to the independent tribunal who will review your case in court. In order to get this tribunal to examine your dispute with the CSA you should download and fill out the SSCS2 form from the Department of Work & Pensions, then send it to the postal address below that is appropriate for where you are in the UK.

Appeals address for England & Wales
HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,
PO Box 1203,
BD1 9WP,
United Kingdom.
Appeals address for Scotland
HMCTS SSCS Appeals Centre,
PO Box 27080,
G2 9HQ,
United Kingdom.

Complaints – 0345 713 3133

Call the CSA on their official phone number 0345 713 3133 to contact an advisor in order to make a complaint about their service and how they have treated you. You should call this number if you believe you haven’t been kept fully informed about a decision that has affected your child maintenance payments or if you would like to complain about a specific member of staff. After contacting the CSA you feel that they have not resolved your complaint in a satisfactory manner you should contact the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) by calling their local-rate telephone number 0345 606 0777 to escalate your complaint.

Employer Services – 0345 713 6010

Contact the CSA on their telephone helpline number 0345 713 6010 if you are an employer and you would like assistance on making child maintenance deductions from your employee’s pay. Additionally you should phone this number if your employee is in a dispute with their estranged partner about their wage amount so that you can confirm the correct amount to the CSA. If you are hard-of-hearing or have a severe speech impediment you can call the CSA using their employers textphone number 0345 713 8924.

Important CSA Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
General enquiries & existing cases 0345 713 3133
New child maintenance cases 0800 083 5130
Employer services 0345 713 6010

Alternative ways to contact the Child Support Agency (CSA)

The CSA recognises that many parents are simply too busy to be sat on hold for ages waiting for an advisor to become available, therefore they offer a number of regional email & postal addresses to help you contact them as quickly as possible.

Email Addresses

You can email the CSA to update them on a change in your personal circumstances which will affect the amount of money you provide & receive through the child maintenance system by using the official online contact for the regional office in your area which are helpfully provided below. If you are unsure of which regional office you should contact you can enter your postcode on their helpful office finder to find the appropriate office for your enquiry.

Online contact form for Wales & North-West England
Online contact form for Scotland & North-East England
Online contact form for the Midlands
Online contact form for Northern Ireland & East England
Online contact form for South-East England
Online contact form for South-West England

Postal Addresses

You can also write to your regional Child Support Agency office using the freepost postal addresses below for general enquiries, to make a query an existing case and to notify them in writing that your circumstances have changed which will affect either child maintenance payments. Additionally you can send them documents that are relevant to a dispute with your estranged partner, for example you can send a copy of your annual tax statement to confirm your wage or documents which would dispute your parentage such as a DNA result.

Postal address for Wales & North-West England
Child Support Agency 5,
Post Handling Site B,
WV99 1GH,
United Kingdom.
Postal address for Scotland & North-East England
Child Support Agency 3,
Mail Handling Site A,
WV98 1SG,
United Kingdom.
Postal address for the Midlands
Child Support Agency 1,
Post Handling Site B,
WV99 1ED,
United Kingdom
Postal address for Northern Ireland & Eastern England
Child Support Agency 6,
Mail Handling Site A,
WV98 1SH,
United Kingdom.
Postal address for South-West England
Child Support Agency 4,
Mail Handling Site A,
WV98 1QL,
United Kingdom.
Postal address for South-East England
Child Support Agency 2,
Post Handling Site B,
WV99 1NE,
United Kingdom.