British Airways (BA) Contact Number: 0344 493 0787

Phone British Airways (BA) customer services by calling their UK contact number 0344 493 0787 to book a flight, amend your ticket details or to make a lost baggage claim.

Customer Services – 0344 493 0787

Contact British Airways’ dedicated team of UK customer service advisors by calling their main phone number 0344 493 0787. You can call this helpline to book a flight to one of their 180+ worldwide destinations, or to amend the details of an existing booking if someone in your group has had to cancel and you want to replace them with another person. Furthermore if you want to make sure the seats you have booked are next to each other, or if you would like prefer to be sat in a window or aisle seat then phone 0344 493 0787 to amend your seat number. Additionally you can change your hotel or car rental booking by phoning their telephone helpline.

British Airways (BA) only maintain a few phone numbers in order to avoid expensive line-rental charges and pass on their savings to customers. Their main customer service phone number 0344 493 0787 is therefore truly multi-purpose and there are a number of options you have to select after dialing their helpline to get to the department you want to contact, thankfully we have provided these options in this table in order to help you contact the relevant team as quickly as possible:

Reason for Calling British Airways Telephone Option
Book a Flight or get Price Information Option 2
Amend an Existing Booking Option 1
Seating & Baggage Enquiries Option 3
Advanced Passenger Information (API) Enquiries Option 3
Get a Refund Option 1
Special Meals Advice Option 3
Accessibility Enquiries Option 3
Website Technical Support Option 3

Complain to British Airways – 0344 493 0787

Call the main British Airways customer service helpline 0344 493 0787 to lodge an official complaint with BA about damaged luggage, delays, cancellations or a member of their staff. Alternatively if you would prefer to make your complaint in writing you can fill out their online contact form to send them an email or send a letter using their official complaints postal address:

British Airways Complaints Department,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 1126,
UB8 9XS,
United Kingdom.

Lost & Damaged Baggage – 0344 493 0785

Phone British Airways to report a missing or delayed bag by calling their dedicated baggage phone number 0344 493 0785. Advisors on this helpline will be able to provide you with live information as to the whereabouts of your luggage and notify you on how long it will take until it is sent to your destination. They will also be able to help you create a lost & damaged baggage report, which you will need in order to claim for compensation. If you have already made a compensation claim to British Airways and you would like an update on its progress you should phone their main customer service number 0344 493 0787.

Baggage Tracker

If your baggage has been delayed on a British Airways flight you can also get live updates on its location by using the official WorldTracer web tracking service, which will notify you when your luggage has been loaded onto a flight or offloaded at your destination.

Get Live Flight Updates – 0344 493 0777

Contact British Airways to get live flight updates by calling their 24-hour phone number 0344 493 0777 to get up to date arrivals and departures information for a specific flight. Between 6am-8pm this helpline is manned by UK-based customer service advisors who will be able to tell you exactly where the aeroplane you will be flying on is currently and get an estimated departure or arrival time. Outside of these hours this service is automated and will be able to notify you on when your place left its last destination and when it is due to arrive.

Track your Flight Online & On Your Mobile

British Airways have embraced modern technology in not just their planes but also in how they communicate with their customers, for example you can now track a flight online or by using their dedicated mobile app. If you would like to check an arrival or departure time online you can go to their official flight tracker website and enter the route, flight number or airport in order to check the predicted arrival and departure times of your flight. They also have a dedicated mobile app where you can check live flight information at just the touch of a button which you can download from Google Play if you use an Android device or download it from the App Store if you use an Apple iPhone.

Group Bookings – 0344 493 0765

Phone the dedicated group bookings number 0344 493 0765 to contact British Airways about their convenient group travel service for your sports team, volunteer group or friends. By using this service each group member can pay a small deposit rather than one person paying a huge lump sum and specially-trained staff members will help you through the process of booking your flight and travel plans. You can call this number to amend your party, change your date of travel and to get information about booking vehicles once you arrive.

Executive Club – 0844 493 0747

Phone British Airways’ Executive Club using their business-rate contact number 0844 493 0747 for assistance with managing your executive account or your Avios reward currency. Their Executive Club is their reward scheme for frequent flyers, so if you regularly fly with them you should consider joining to save you money on a future trip. If you are missing Avios points from your account or if you want to amend a flight booking that you made through the Executive Club service then you should phone 0844 493 0747 to correct these errors. Alternatively if you are based in another country or if you would like to contact British Airways (BA) about your account whilst on holiday or on business abroad then please phone their official international helpline +44 191 490 7901.

Write to BA Executive Club

If you would prefer to send your enquiry or feedback to British Airways Executive Club in writing, or if you need to send them documentation such as tickets to support a claim for lost Avios points then you should write to them using their dedicated postal address:

British Airways Executive Club,
PO Box 1125,
UB8 9XR,
United Kingdom.

British Airways On Business – 0344 493 0748

Contact the On Business division of British Airways by calling their UK phone number 0344 493 0748 to find out your company’s Avios points balance or to book a business flight for one of your members of staff. You can also phone this number to manage your On Business account, for example you can see which tier your company is on or change your employee’s registered details. Additionally if you have lost your login details or you wish to add another nominated agent to manage your company’s On Business account then you should phone their their main helpline 0344 493 0748.

British Airways OpenSkies

OpenSkies is the business-class-only transatlantic airline that is owned by British Airways (BA) that operates transatlantic flights between France and the United States. Contacting this subsidiary airline therefore depends on which of these countries you made your booking from.

BA OpenSkies France Contact Number – 0825 825 400

Contact British Airways OpenSkies on their French contact number 0825 825 400 if you are based in France and you want to fly business-class to America, or if you have already made a booking and you would like to modify your travel date or seat number. Alternatively if you have made a hotel or car rental booking with OpenSkies you should phone their official French helpline 0157 324 975 to amend your travel details.

Contactez British Airways OpenSkies sur leur numéro de contact français 0825 825 400 si vous êtes basé en France et vous voulez voler en classe affaires à l’Amérique, ou si vous avez déjà fait une réservation et vous souhaitez modifier votre date de voyage ou numéro de siège. Alternativement, si vous avez fait une réservation hôtel ou location de voiture avec OpenSkies vous devriez téléphoner à leur service d’assistance téléphonique officiel Français 0157 324 975 pour modifier les détails de votre voyage.

BA OpenSkies America Contact Number – 1-800-247-9297

Phone British Airways on their American contact number 1-800-247-9297 (1-800-AIRWAYS) to book a business-class flight from the United States to France, or to change your existing booking. Furthermore you can also phone this hotline to make any other enquiries with OpenSkies about their American operations. If you have booked a hotel or car rental through OpenSkies then you should call their other helpline 1-877-4 A VACATION instead.

British Airways Contact Numbers

Department Phone Number
Customer Services 0344 493 0787
Lost & Damaged Baggage 0344 493 0785
Live Flight Updates 0344 493 0777
Group Bookings 0344 493 0765
Executive Club 0844 493 0747
British Airways On Business 0344 493 0748
OpenSkies France 0825 825 400
OpenSkies America 1-800-247-9297

Alternative Ways to Contact British Airways

As the flag-carrying airline of the United Kingdom, you would expect that British Airways has a number of ways for them to keep in touch with their many customers, and you’d be correct as they have a comprehensive email form, postal address and official pages on some of the world’s most popular social media websites.


If you would prefer to send British Airways an email you can do so by filling out an online contact form on their official website, where you can also get helpful answers to FAQs, latest travel information and security updates.

Write to British Airways

You can write to British Airways by sending your letters of enquiry or feedback to their official postal address below, please be aware that if you are writing about a specific flight or baggage claim to put your flight reference or ten digit file reference on your letter.

British Airways,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 1126,
UB8 9XS,
United Kingdom.

Social Media

British Airways maintain a strong online presence on some of the most popular social media sites. In recent years these outlets have become increasingly important in helping major companies stay in touch with their customers and in promoting their businesses, which British Airways have recognised with aplomb. If you would like to connect with British Airways over social media then please click the links to their official pages here:

See British Airways’ Facebook Posts
Send a Tweet to their Twitter Page
Check out their Google+ Posts
Find their Company Profile on LinkedIn
See their Photos on Instagram
Watch BA’s Videos on YouTube