1&1 Contact Number: 0333 336 5691

Contact 1&1 customer services on their helpline phone number 0333 336 5691 for technical support with your webmail account, for web hosting enquiries and to register a new domain name.

1&1 customer services – 0333 336 5691

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Phone 1&1 customer services by dialling their UK contact number 0333 336 5691 for technical support with your webmail account, for billing enquiries and to report a problem on your website control panel. Therefore if you have forgotten either your username or password you can call this helpline to have these details reset, similarly if you suspect that your website has been fraudulently accessed by hackers you can get security advice from this customer care centre.

Moreover this is the helpline you should dial if you need customer support with your 1&1 server, including their off-site virtual server packages. For example if you are having difficulty accessing your stored files over the internet you can contact an advisor for assistance, where you can also upgrade your package if you require a faster connection. Additionally you can call this helpline for support with your SEO marketing needs, for example if you would like to set up a new pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign on your website.

Contacting 1&1 over their UK phone number 0333 336 5691 will cost you the same as making a local-rate call to an 01 or 02 area code number, thus you will pay a per-minute charge of up to 12p maximum (approximately) as well as an access charge which may be more expensive for customers phoning from a mobile handset. Alternatively you can phone them for free provided you have free inclusive minutes remaining on your monthly landline or mobile tariff as these can be used to call any national 03 helpline. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week however be aware that during peak periods you may be placed on hold.

Sales – 0333 336 5172

Get a quote for 1&1 email, web hosting and domain services by calling their sales contact number 0333 336 5172 to get their latest price rates over the phone. You can select from all-inclusive packages whereby they will provide full administration to your website leaving you to wholly focus on the content or you can simply select webmail services and basic hosting services.

Cancel your 1&1 subscription – 0800 917 6273

Phone 1&1 customer care for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 917 6273 to cancel your web-hosting, email or domain services due to financial constraints or lack of web traffic. Be aware that you may have to pay a surcharge or the remainder of your fees if you hold a non-flexible contract with the company. They may be able to offer discounted rates if you rejoin at a later date or delays on payment dates if your company is in financial strife however this will be at their discretion.

1&1 UK head office – 01753 490 403

Phone the 1&1 UK head office on their Gloucester contact number 01753 490 403 to file a complaint against the webhosting firm. For example if you believe you have been repeatedly overcharged for using their internet services you can call this helpline to request compensation in the form of a refund against the excess amount that you paid. Similarly if the amount you are paying for your domain has increased substantially without warning you can call this helpline to appeal against the increase. Alternatively if you would prefer to send a letter of complaint to the 1&1 head office along with evidence supporting your claims you may write to their Gloucester postal address:

Discovery House,
154 Southgate Street,
GL1 2EX,
United Kingdom.

1&1 domains – 0333 336 5812

Contact 1&1 on their dedicated domains telephone number 0333 336 5812 to register your ideal website name, to check the price rate for each top-level domain (TLD) and to enquire about upcoming auctions if your desired suffix is not available yet. Furthermore you can call this helpline to ask about their additional services including private registration, domain transfer and SSL certification.

MyWebsite – 0333 336 5219

Contact 1&1 for information about their MyWebsite services by calling their customer care phone number 0333 336 5219 where you can ask about a specific design, get support uploading a picture to your template and for technical support with their photo editor. Furthermore if you would like to add a specific widget to your website such as opening hours, bookings, route planning and online web chat you can call this helpline to find out how to integrate these. Furthermore if you do not have the time to build your own website from scratch you can contact 1&1 for free on their freephone helpline number 0800 021 1693 to request an appointment with a personal web consultant who will construct your website for you.

1&1 web hosting – 0333 336 5429

Contact 1&1 on their web hosting telephone number 0333 336 5429 for technical support when uploading files to your website, to notify them that your website is down and for assistance when creating a MySQL database to manage your customer data. You can also call this helpline if you need assistance when changing the default PHP directives and for using their bespoke website building tools.

1&1 telephone numbers

Department Contact number
1&1 customer services 0333 336 5691
Sales 0333 336 5172
Cancel your 1&1 subscription 0800 917 6273
1&1 UK head office 01753 490 403
1&1 domains 0333 336 5812
MyWebsite enquiries 0333 336 5219
1&1 web hosting 0333 336 5429

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More ways to contact 1&1

Unsurprisingly for an internet domain and web-hosting company there are a number of online methods you can use to contact 1&1, including an online support centre and social media profiles. However they still offer a customer service postal address for those wishing to communicate using more traditional methods.

Write to 1&1

Customers can write to 1&1 by sending letters to their UK postal address which is provided below for your convenience, please note that if you have urgent enquiries such as reporting a downed website that this is a slow way of communicating and you should instead call them.
1&1 Customer Services,
Discovery House,
154 Southgate Street,
GL1 2EX,
United Kingdom.

1&1 online support centre

Visit the 1&1 online support centre f you would like to email them for hosting, webmail and SEO marketing support. Here you will also be able to login to your account, search for available domains and get technical support via a live web chat tool.

Contact 1&1 via social media

1&1 uses their social media presence as a way for them to promote their web hosting rates and cheapest domain prices to millions of UK residents, in return you can use their profiles as a way of contacting the company with grievances about your billing or a down website.

Find advertisments and price rates on the 1&1 Facebook page
Reach out to 1&1 via their customer service Twitter feed
Get the latest web-hosting news from the 1&1 Google+ page
Watch video advertisements from 1&1 on their YouTube channel
1&1 LinkedIn profile page