Swindon Area Code: 01793

01793 is the telephone area code for the large town of Swindon which is situated in Wiltshire, UK.

If you would like to call a person or company based in Swindon then please dial their designated telephone area code 01793 followed by the remaining six digits of the full UK phone number. Similarly if you have received a call from a number that starts with 01793 then chances are it is from Swindon as this area code is applied to all new numbers in the area by default.

All UK localities using the 01793 area code

Blunsdon Purton Toothill
Broad Hinton Royal Wootton Bassett Wanborough
Chiseldon Shrivenham Wroughton
Cricklade Stratton St Margaret
Highworth Swindon

Cost of calling 01793 (Swindon) phone numbers

Calls to Swindon’s 01793 phone numbers are charged at the exact same rate as calls to other local geographic UK numbers, which include 01 and 02 numbers. Therefore you will be charged a variable per-minute fee that depends on when exactly you make the call plus a set call access charge which is determined by your specific landline provider. Calling 01793 numbers from a mobile will be effectively free of charge if you use inclusive minutes that are included as part of your tariff or contract to make the call, however please check with your network provider for full details about your call charges.

How to make an international call to Swindon

The first stage in calling a Swindon phone number from outside the UK is to remove the initial zero ‘0’ from their 01793 area code, leaving you with 1793. You should then replace this zero with the international calling code for the UK which is ‘+44’, giving you +44 1793. Finally you should dial the remaining six digits of the full phone number you wish to call. Therefore if you wanted to contact STEAM – the museum of the Great Western Railway from overseas you would dial +441793 466 637 instead of 01793 466 637.

Some popular Swindon phone numbers

UK phone numbers which start with the 01793 area code are generally well recieved in the local Swindon area as well of the wider UK as they are less likely to be used by national sales teams which can use unscrupulous tactics such as cold calling. Some phone numbers for popular Swindon attractions have been provided for you below.

  • 01793 466 637 – This is the general enquiries phone number for STEAM- the museum of the Great Western Railway which houses exhibits dedicated to the locomotive history of the town.
  • 01793 524 481 – This is the ticketing & general enquiries number for Wyvern Theatre which hosts a broad range of theatrical, comedy and musical performances.
  • 01793 466 556 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, which houses exhibits that document local social history and beautiful artwork by local history.

Visit Swindon

Swindon is a large town in the picturesque UK county of Wiltshere that has strong connections to the railway heritage in the country, as documented by the STEAM Museum in the town. The town is in an excellent location as it is close to London as well as the major cities of Reading and Cardiff, which makes it an ideal place to live for commuters. As such there are a large number of retail outlets and restaurants in the town which offer splendid shopping experiences and delicious cuisine respectively. Coupled with excellent cultural venues such as the Wyvern Theatre, this makes Swindon an attractive place to live and visit.