Shrewsbury Area Code: 01743

The Shropshire market town of Shrewsbury uses 01743 as their UK telephone area code.

Shrewsbury is the county town of the Shropshire which is situated in the West Midlands, England. Residents and businesses in the town use the 01743 telephone area code as this is allocated to all new numbers in the vicinity by default, therefore if you have been called by a number beginning with 01743 it is highly likely to have come from Shrewsbury. Similarly if you need to call a Shrewsbury landline number you will first have to dial 01743 followed by the last six digits of the full telephone number.

Full list of localities using the 01743 area code

Bayston Hill Hanwood Pontesbury
Cross Houses Harlescott Shrewsbury
Dorrington Montford Bridge Upton Magna
Halfway House Nesscliffe Worthen

Cost of phoning an 01743 telephone number

Shrewsbury telephone numbers which use their area code prefix 01743 are charged at the exact same rate as other local 01 and 02 phone numbers, as well as national customer service helplines which start with 03. Therefore you can call Shrewsbury landlines for free but only if you have inclusive minutes on your monthly calls tariff (the only “cost” will be to your amount of minutes.) However if you do not have inclusive minutes you will have to pay your provider an access charge to connect the call, which may be higher for mobile devices, as well as a per-minute fee which depends on when you make the call.

How to call a Shrewsbury phone number from abroad

If you are overseas and you need to call someone in Shrewsbury using their 01743 area code you can use this simple guide to connect the call. Firstly you need to remove the zero from the area code thus leaving you with 1743, you should then replace this with the international dial-in code for the United Kingdom which is +44. This effectively gives you a new ‘international area code’ for Shrewsbury: +441743. Finally you should dial the remaining six digits of the full landline number, so as an example if you wanted to book tickets to the Shrewsbury Flower Show from abroad you would dial +441743 234 050 instead of 01743 234 050.

A few examples of popular Shrewsbury phone numbers

Shrewsbury telephone numbers are popular in the local area and across the wider UK in general as they are normally registered to physical addresses in the town, which means they are more likely to be used by legitimate operations as opposed to cold-calling sales operatives. However you can still register 01743 numbers from outside the Shrewsbury area so please consult a telephone directory if you have been called by an unknown number. Some examples of famous attractions within Shrewsbury and the surrounding districts have been included for your convenience here:

  • 01743 234 050 – This is the telephone number for the Shrewsbury Horticultural Society who you should call if you would like to book tickets to their annual flower show which is one of the most highly-renowned gardening events in the country.
  • 01743 358 516 – You can call Shrewsbury  Castle on their general enquiries phone number to get their seasonal opening times, for admission costs and for more details about the collections held by the  Shropshire Regimental Museum Trust.
  • 01743 258 888 – Contact the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery for official tourist information about the town, for information about upcoming exhibits and for open air shows at the beautiful 28-acre Quarry Park.

What’s special about Shrewsbury?

The Shropshire county town of Shrewsbury is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture still in use, with over 600 buildings protected under English Heritage laws. For instance you can find a Benedictine monastery, a sandstone castle and several timber-framed buildings within the town boundaries. This architecture is complemented by the 28-acre Quarry Park with beautiful flower gardens, the town’s horticultural society hosts the annual Shrewsbury Flower Show which is renowned throughout the nation. Shrewsbury is also well known for being the birthplace of the famous biologist Charles Darwin who first established the modern theory of evolution driven by natural selection.