Rotherham Area Code: 01709

The telephone area code for the large UK town of Rotherham is 01709.

The UK telephone area code 01709 is registered to all new phone numbers in Rotherham by default, therefore if you would like to call a person or business in the town you should first dial 01709 followed by the remaining six digits of the phone number. Similarly if you have received a call from a number that starts with 01709 it was almost certainly made from a phone in the Rotherham area.

List of localities which use the 01709 area code

Conisbrough Parkgate Wath-upon-Dearne
Goldthorpe Rawmarsh Wickersley
Maltby Rotherham
Mexborough Thrybergh

Cost of calling 01709 (Rotherham) phone numbers

All UK local phone numbers that start with an 01 or 02 prefix are charged at the exact same rate. Calling an 01709 number will therefore cost you a variable per minute fee that depends on when you are making the call, as well as a set call access fee that is determined by your landline provider. Calling a Rotherham phone number from a mobile will normally cost more than an equivalent landline call if you are not using any free minutes to make the call, however if you have these inclusive minutes as part of your contract or tariff then you can call Rotherham from a mobile for essentially no monetary cost.

Calling Rotherham phone numbers from abroad

Calling a Rotherham phone number from outside the UK using the 01709 prefix is a very simple process for you to follow. The first step in calling a local number from abroad is to remove the initial zero ‘0’ from the 01709 telephone area code, in this case leaving you with 1709. You should then replace this zero with the international dialing code for the United Kingdom which is +44, therefore giving you a new code of +44 1709. Therefore if you wanted to call the Magna Science Adventure Centre from outside the UK using their phone number 01709 720 002 you would instead dial +44 1709 720 002.

Famous examples of Rotherham phone numbers

Phone numbers which use the 01709 prefix are generally received positively in the local area and throughout the UK and are usually more popular than nationally-registered numbers such as 03 numbers. This is because national phone numbers can be more difficult to trace than 01709 numbers and as such they are more likely to be used by sales teams or companies which make unwanted calls, whereas 01709 numbers are registered to physical addresses in the Rotherham area. Some phone numbers for attractions in Rotherham have been provided here for your convenience:

  • 01709 720 002 – This is the general enquiries phone number for then Magna Science Adventure Centre, which is an educational visitor centre primarily aimed for children.
  • 01709 823 621 – This is the box office phone number for Rotherham Civic Theatre which hosts musical and pantomime performances as well as theatrical shows.
  • 01709 336 633 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Clifton Park Museum which houses exhibits detailing local social and archaeological history.

Visit Rotherham

Rotherham is a large & thriving town in South Yorkshire, England, UK. The town has a rich industrial past, which is documented in its many museums such as the Clifton Park Museum as well as the fact it has recently been chosen as the location of the Yorkshire Man of Steel statue which will stand over 32 metres. Rotherham also offers plenty for the more modern-focused explorer, with an excellent cinema complex, superb shopping facilities and a large number of independent & chain restaurants. A couple of high-level football and rugby union clubs can also be found within the town’s boundaries, namely Rotherham United and Rotherham Titans.