Rochdale Area Code: 01706

UK telephone numbers registered to the market town of Rochdale use the 01706 area code.

The 01706 area code is automatically designated to all new phone numbers in the Rochdale area by default, therefore if you want to call a person or business in the town then you will almost always have to dial 01706 before the remaining six digits of the number and likewise if you have received a call from a number starting with 01706 then chances are it came from someone in Rochdale or the surrounding localities.

All UK localities using the 01706 area code

Bacup Ramsbottom Shaw
Haslingden Rawtenstall Todmorden
Heywood Rochdale Whitworth
Littleborough Rossendale

How to call Rochdale from overseas

Calling any UK phone number from outside the country is a simple process which you can follow to call someone in Rochdale. Firstly you should remove the initial zero ‘0’ from the 01706 area code, leaving you with 1706. You should then replace this lost zero with the international dialing code for the United Kingdom ‘+44’. Therefore if you wanted to call Touchstones Rochdale, which is the main museum and art gallery in the town you would dial +44 1706 924 492 instead of their UK phone number 01706 924 492.

Cost of calling an 01706 phone number

All local phone numbers in the UK which start in 01 and 02 are charged at exactly the same rate. Calling a phone number which starts with 01706 will therefore cost you a per-minute fee that varies depending on the time and day you are calling Rochdale on, plus a standard call access charge that is set by your landline provider. If you have free mobile minutes on your contract or tariff then you can essentially call 01706 phone numbers for free as these will be used to make the call, however please check with your mobile provider as calls will usually be more expensive than equivalent landline calls to Rochdale if you do not use these free minutes to make the call.

Examples of popular Rochdale (01706) phone numbers

Calls from numbers which are prefixed with Rochdale’s 01706 area code are generally better received in the local area and the rest of the UK than nationally-registered 03 and 08 phone numbers. This is because nationally-registered phone numbers are usually less easy to trace than 01706 phone numbers and are therefore favoured amongst companies which employ cold-calling sales teams, whereas you can be fairly certain that a caller with an 01706 number is in the Rochdale area. Some examples of popular attractions in the town which use the 01706 area code are included here for your convenience:

  • 01706 924 492 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Touchstones Rochdale, which is an award-winning arts & heritage centre which houses an art gallery, visitor information centre and museum.
  • 01706 524 920 – This is the general enquiries contact number for the Rochdale Pioneers Museum which is the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement which was founded in 1838.
  • 01706 642 008 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Curtain Theatre which is an intimate venue that is home of the Rochdale Amateur Dramatic Society.

Welcome to Rochdale

Rochdale is a residential & market town in Greater Manchester, UK, which was one of the most important towns during the early years of the industrial revolution. Nowadays the town is a bustling hubbub of independent and famous retailers, however you can still gain an insight into the town’s historical past by visiting one of the several museums based in the area, such as the Touchstones Rochdale. The town also has a thriving theatre scene, with the Curtain Theatre being just one example. Furthermore Rochdale is the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement which is commemorated by the Rochdale Pioneers museum.