Milton Keynes Area Code: 01908

To call a telephone number in the large UK town of Milton Keynes you must first dial their 01908 area code prefix.

Residents and private businesses within the new town of Milton Keynes use the UK area code 01908 as their telephone prefix by default. This means if you have to phone a home or company address within the town you will usually have to dial 01908 followed by the remaining six digits of the number, even if you are in the local area. Likewise if you have been called by someone using an 01908 number it is likely that they are in the Milton Keynes area.

Cost of phoning Milton Keynes (01908) numbers

The cost of calling local numbers starting with 01 and 02 area codes are standardised across the entire United Kingdom, meaning it will cost the same to phone 01908 numbers as any other local helpline. Usually these charges consist of an access charge followed by a per-minute rate which you will pay to your landline or mobile provider. However you will be able to contact a person or business in Milton Keynes for free if you get inclusive minutes on your monthly tariff.

How to call a Milton Keynes number from abroad

If you wish to phone a Milton Keynes number from outside the United Kingdom you must first remove the zero from the 01908 area code, leaving you with 1908. Then you replace this zero with the UK’s international dial-in code which is +44, this leaves you with a new code +441908 which you can use to call any Milton Keynes number from abroad. As an example if you wanted to phone The Centre:MK shopping centre on their phone number 01908 398 115 from overseas you would dial +441908 398 115.

Popular examples of Milton Keynes phone numbers

Milton Keynes phone numbers starting in their 01908 area code are generally highly regarded throughout the country as they are usually registered to a physical address within the town. This makes them easier to trace and therefore less likely to be used by unscrupulous companies which use cold-calling sales tactics. A few examples of popular attractions in Milton Keynes along with their respective phone numbers are provided here for your convenience:

  • 01908 398 115: This is the telephone number for The Centre:MK which is the largest shopping centre within the town with over 200 shops and restaurants.
  • 01908 547 548: Contact the Milton Keynes Theatre on their telephone number to book tickets, to amend your current reservation and to report lost property.
  • 01908 640 404: Phone the Bletchley Park Museum for their seasonal opening times, admission prices and for more information about the historical code-breaking facility.

Full list of localities using 01908 area code

Bletchley Milton Keynes Stony Stratford
Bradwell Abbey Newport Pagnell Woburn Sands
Fenny Stratford Shenley Church End Wolverton
Hanslope Stoke Goldington Yardley Gobion

Top things to do in Milton Keynes

  • Milton Keynes has numerous shopping facilities including The Centre:MK which houses over 200 major brands and restaurants alongside smaller independent shops. Furthermore their Xscape centre boasts impressive leisure activities including an indoor ski slope and snow dome.
  • Lovers of drama shows will enjoy the Milton Keynes Theatre which shows a wide selection of plays, stand-up comedy and musicals.
  • Despite its status as a new town the Milton Keynes area is steeped in history, for instance the Bletchley Park code-breaking facility is in close proximity to the town and is now a popular museum.