Middlesbrough Area Code: 01642

Dial the UK telephone area code 01642 if you want to contact a person or business in Middlesbrough

The UK telephone area code for the North Yorkshire town of Middlesbrough is 01642, therefore if you would like to contact an individual in the town you should first dial 01642 and then the other six digits of their phone number, and likewise calls from phone numbers starting in that prefix are most likely to have come from Middlesbrough.

All localities & districts that use the 01642 area code

Billingham Ingleby Barwick Stainton
Eaglescliffe Linthorpe Stockton-on-Tees
Eston Grange Maron in Cleveland Stokesley
Great Ayton Middlesbrough Thornaby-on-Tees
Hartburn Norton Wainstones
Haverton Hill Redcar Yarm
Hutton Rudby Seal Sands

Cost of calling a 01642 (Middlesbrough) phone number

The exact same rate applies to calling 01642 numbers and all other local UK phone numbers which start in 01 or 02. Therefore calling a person or business in Middlesbrough from a landline will cost you a variable per-minute fee that is determined by the time and day that you make the call, as well as a standard setup fee that is determined by your provider. Calling an 01642 phone number from a mobile is essentially free as long as you have free inclusive minutes which you can use to make the call, otherwise it will usually cost you more than making the same call from a landline.

How to make an international call to Middlesbrough

Calling any UK phone number including 01642 numbers from outside the country is easy to do if you know the correct steps. Firstly you should remove the initial zero ‘0‘ from the 01642 Middlesbrough area code, leaving you with 1642. You should then add the UK’s international dialing code ‘+44‘ to the start of this number, thus giving you a new ‘international dialing code’ for Middlesbrough: ‘+44 1642′. Therefore if you wanted to call Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum from abroad you would dial +44 1642 813 781 instead of their UK phone number 01642 813 781.

Some Middlesbrough general enquiries phone numbers

If a phone number begins in 01642 it is generally received more positively in the local Middlesbrough area and throughout the wider UK than national 03 and 08 phone numbers. The reason for this is that national phone numbers may be harder to trace and can therefore be used by unscrupulous sales teams and cold-calling merchants, whereas 01642 phone numbers are registered to personal and business addresses in Middlesbrough by default. Some examples of Middlesbrough phone numbers are provided here, allowing you to check out some of their most famous attractions.

  • 01642 813 781 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Dorman Museum, which houses an extraordinary variety of historical artifacts, natural history exhibits and art pieces, including the largest collection of work from famous designer Christopher Dresser.
  • 01642 727 265 – This is the visitor centre contact number for the Tees Transporter Bridge which dominates the Middlesbrough skyline and is one of the finest examples of a rare transporter bridge in the UK.
  • 01642 815 181 – This is the ticketing and general enquiries helpline of Middlesbrough Theatre, which shows a wide repertoire of famous theatrical works and independent plays.

Visit Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is a large industrial town in North Yorkshire, UK, and offers a superb variety of attractions and places to explore. Despite its previous industrial heritage, Middlesbrough has become a highly cultured Northern city with the MIMA gallery of modern art, as well as the excellent Dorman Musuem, which houses the largest collection of works by famous designer Christopher Dresser. The town has an excellent shopping scene, with famous high-street brands and quality independent shops.