Liverpool Area Code: 0151

0151 is the UK telephone area code for the Merseyside city of Liverpool.

Phone numbers registered to the North-West England city of Liverpool are prefixed by 0151 as it is the default area code for the city. If you wish to call a person or business registered to the Liverpool area you should first dial 0151 followed by the remaining seven digits of the full phone number you want to call, and similarly if you have received a call from the Merseyside area it is highly likely to start with 0151.

Full list of localities covered by the 0151 area code

Aintree Ellesmere Port Mountwood
Allerton Gateacre Neston
Anfield Great Crosby New Brighton
Arrowebrook Hale Netherley
Bebington Heswall Prescot
Birkenhead Hightown Rock Ferry
Bootle Hooton Sefton Park
Bromborough Hoylake Simonswood
Caldy Hunts Cross Stanley
Childwall Huyton Stoneycroft
Claughton Irby Wallasey
Cressington Park Lark Lane Waterloo
Crosby Liverpool West Kirby
Eastham Maghull Widnes

How to call Liverpool (0151) phone numbers from abroad

Calling a Liverpool phone number from outside the UK using their 0151 area code is a simple process which you can easily replicate for calling any other UK 01 or 02 phone number. You should remove the zero ‘0‘ from the Liverpool 0151 area code and then replace this with the international dial-in code for the UK ‘+44‘, once you have done this you can then dial the remaining seven digits of the phone number. Therefore if you wanted to call Liverpool F.C from abroad using their ticket enquiry phone number 0151 264 2500 you would instead dial +44151 264 2500.

Cost of calling 0151 (Liverpool) phone numbers

All calls to 0151 phone numbers are charged at local rates, so calling Liverpool will cost you the exact same amount as making an equivalent call to other 01 or 02 local phone numbers. Therefore calling a Liverpool phone number from a landline will cost you a variable per-minute fee depending on when exactly you make the call, plus an additional call access fee that is determined by your landline provider. Calling 0151 phone numbers from a mobile will be free of charge provided you use free inclusive minutes as part of your contract/tariff in order to make the call, please be aware that calling a Liverpool number from a mobile will be more expensive than an equivalent landline call if you do not use free minutes to make the call.

Some popular Liverpool general enquiries phone numbers

Phone numbers which use the 0151 area code are generally more highly regarded in the local Liverpool area and throughout the UK than nationally-registered 03 or 08 phone numbers. This is because national phone numbers may be registered to sales teams which use unwanted tactics such as cold-calling, whereas 0151 numbers are almost invariably registered to individuals or businesses based at physical Liverpool addresses. We have helpfully provided you with some general enquiries phone numbers for some of Liverpool’s most famous attractions and cultural/sporting venues.

  • 0151 264 2500 – This is the ticketing helpline and general enquiries phone number for Liverpool F.C., one of the most successful football teams of all time.
  • 0151 236 9091 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Cavern Club, arguably the most famous club in Liverpool which was the centre of the 1960’s rock and roll scene. The Beatles played numerous gigs at the club.
  • 0151 478 4499 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Merseyside Maritime Museum which houses exhibits detailing the extensive maritime history of Liverpool.

Visiting Liverpool

Liverpool is a large city in the metropolitan borough of Merseyside and is one of the most well-known UK cities. Liverpool was hugely important in global music as it is where the Beatles were formed, who are widely regarded as the most influential group in the 1960’s rock & roll era. Liverpool is also highly famous in the sporting world as it is the home-place of the eponymous Liverpool Football Club, one of the most successful football clubs in Europe and Everton F.C, as well as being nearby to several Rugby League clubs. Liverpool also has an extensive maritime history, being one of the largest ports in the UK, and was historically the home of cruise companies Cunard & White Star Line, who owned the infamous RMS Titanic. The city is one of the largest student cities in the country with three universities in the city alone, The University of Liverpool is a fine Russel Group establishment and the on-campus Victoria Building was the inspiration to the term ‘Red Brick’ university due to its terracotta-coloured brickwork. Both this thriving student population and the city’s musical heritage make Liverpool one of the finest centres of nightlife in Europe, with a wealth of different clubs tending to all music tastes including rock, pop and underground house music. Liverpool is also one of the finest shopping venues in the UK, with the multi-million pound Liverpool One centre and a host of independent shops, restaurants and bars.