Hull Area Code: 01482

01482 is the UK telephone area code for the city of Kingston-upon-Hull and the surrounding area.

01482 is the default telephone area code for all phone numbers registered to persons and businesses in the UK city of Kingston upon Hull (commonly referred to just as ‘Hull’). Therefore if you want to call a person or business in Hull you should dial 01482 followed by the remaining six digits of the full UK phone number, and likewise if you have received a phone call from a number that starts with the 01482 prefix you can be almost certain that the call was from a Hull-registered phone.

List of districts & localities covered by Hull’s 01482 area code

Beverley Hessle
Brough Hull

How to make an international call to 01482 (Hull) phone numbers

Calling a Hull 01482 phone number, as well as other 01 and 02 area code numbers, from outside the UK is a simple and easy process to follow. The first stage in the process of making an overseas call to Hull is to remove the initial zero ‘0‘ from their 01482 area code. You should then replace this zero from the Hull area code with the UK’s international dial-in code ‘+44‘ which leaves you with +441482, ready for you to dial the remaining six digits of the full UK phone number you want to call from abroad. So for example if you wanted to contact Hull’s award-winning aquarium The Deep from overseas using their 01482 381 000 phone number you should instead dial +441482 381 000.

Cost of calling Hull (01482) phone numbers

Calling 01482 phone numbers will cost the exact same rate as calls to all other UK 01 and 02 area code numbers. Therefore calling Hull from a landline will cost you a variable per minute fee depending on what time and what day you call the 01482 number on, plus an additional call-access fee that is set by your landline provider. Mobile phone calls to Hull will be free provided you use any free inclusive minutes that are included in your mobile tariff, bundle or contract package. Please check with your mobile provider for full details about your specific tariff because calling 01482 phone numbers without using free minutes will normally cost you significantly more than making the equivalent call to Hull from a landline phone.

Popular Hull (01482) phone numbers

Phone numbers using the 01482 area code are usually well-received in the local Hull area and throughout the UK as a whole. The reason for this is that 01482 phone numbers are registered to people and businesses at physical addresses in Hull by default whereas nationally-registered 03 and 08 numbers may be used by national sales teams and unscrupulous cold-calling firms. A few examples of general enquiries phone numbers for attractions and cultural sites in Hull have been provided here for your convenience.

  • 01482 381 000 – This is the general enquiries phone number for The Deep, which is an award-winning aquarium in Hull housing sharks, rays, penguins and other marine animals.
  • 01482 300 300 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Hull Maritime Museum which houses paintings, artifacts and models detailing the rich & extensive history of Hull’s maritime past.
  • 01482 325 252 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Hull Arena, which is an internationally-renowned concert venue and ice rink.

Visiting Hull

Kingston upon Hull is a UK city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Hull is well-catered for in terms of cultural venues, with a host of museums, theatres and art galleries found right in the city centre. Furthermore, in 2017 the city will be the UK’s capital of culture and a plethora of shows, temporary art galleries and concerts will descend upon Hull. Hull is also home to The Deep, a large aquarium which houses a variety of marine animals and was the winner of the ‘Large Visitor Attraction of the Year’ award from Visit Yorkshire in 2014. Sports fans are also in for a treat in Hull, with a top-level English football team and two super league rugby teams (Hull F.C. & Hull Kingston Rovers) based in the city.