Edinburgh Area Code: 0131

0131 is the UK telephone area code for Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

UK phone numbers that start with the 0131 telephone area code are registered to Edinburgh, which is the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh phone numbers are prefixed with 0131 as it is the default UK telephone area code for all phone numbers registered to individuals and businesses that are based in the Edinburgh area. Therefore if you wish to call an Edinburgh phone number you should first dial 0131 and then the remaining seven digits of the full phone number that you wish to call. Similarly if you have received a phone call from an Edinburgh-based person or business it will start with the 0131 area code.

Full list of districts and localities covered by Edinburgh’s 0131 area code

Abbeyhill Edinburgh Maybury
Corstorphine Fairmilehead Morningside
Craiglockhart Fountainbridge Musselburgh
Colinton Granton Newington
Dalkeith Kirkliston Pentland
Davidson’s Mains Leith Portobello
Dean Liberton South Queensferry
Donaldson Loanhead Wester Hailes

Some famous Edinburgh (0131) phone numbers

Calls from 0131 (Edinburgh) phone numbers are generally well-liked in the local area and are also received positively throughout the UK compared to national 03 and 08 phone numbers. This is because 0131 phone numbers are registered to physical addresses in Edinburgh belonging to people or businesses, as opposed to belonging to national sales teams and unscrupulous cold-calling teams. A few examples of general enquiries phone numbers for popular Edinburgh attractions are provided for you here:

  • 0131 226 0026 – This is the general enquiries number for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society, who organise the synonymous annual festival which is officially the largest global arts festival.
  • 0131 225 9846 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Edinburgh Castle, a world famous historical monument which overlooks Edinburgh.
  • 0131 624 6200 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the National Gallery of Scotland, an art gallery which houses collections of fine Scottish and international art works.

Call costs to 0131 (Edinburgh) phone numbers

Phone calls to any Edinburgh (0131) phone number are charged at exactly the same rate as calls to other UK 01 and 02 area code phone numbers. Landline calls to Edinburgh phone numbers will incur a variable per minute charge that depends on what time and what day you are calling an 0131 phone number on, plus a standard call access charge which is determined by your landline provider. Calls to Edinburgh from mobiles will be free if you use your inclusive minutes that are part of your contract or rewards bundle, however please check with your mobile provider as mobile calls to 0131 numbers will cost considerably more than landline calls to Edinburgh if you do not use free minutes to make the call.

How to call Edinburgh (0131) phone numbers from abroad

If you wish to contact a person or business in Edinburgh from outside the UK then please follow our simple guide on how to make a phone call to 0131 numbers from overseas. Firstly you must remove the zero ‘0‘ from the Edinburgh phone number that you want to call from abroad, then you should replace this zero with the UK’s international dial-in code, which is ‘+44‘ . After dialling ‘+44131’ you should then dial the remaining seven digits of the Edinburgh phone number you wish to call. So if for example you wanted to call the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, who organise the internationally-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, on their 0131 226 0026 phone number you should instead dial +44131 226 0026

A short guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and the 7th most-populated city in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is an exceedingly picturesque city, with nature reserves, stunning landscaped botanical gardens and hills allowing you to observe the tranquility & beauty of nature and the mesmerising historical city vistas from inside Edinburgh’s borders. A major part of Edinburgh’s extraordinary cityscape is its ancient historical buildings such as the 15th century Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle, which may have been constructed as early as 914AD.  You can explore the history of these magnificent Edinburgh monuments and their wider context in Scottish history by visiting the marvelous National Museum of Scotland.  However Edinburgh is not purely dominated by natural beauty and ancient monuments as it is as much a thriving cosmopolitan city as it is historical. Edinburgh has a vast range of restaurants serving local and international cuisine and hosts a vibrant nightlife that is renowned throughout the UK and Europe. Edinburgh is also the host of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, commonly referred to as just ‘the fringe festival’, which is officially the largest arts festival in the world.