Derby Area Code: 01332

The UK telephone area code for the East Midlands city of Derby is 01332.

UK phone numbers which begin with the 01332 area code are registered to addresses in the English city of Derby. As 01332 is the default area code for all phone numbers in Derby it is highly likely that you will have to dial 01332 as a prefix if you want to contact a person or business at an address situated in Derby.

All locations covered by the 01332 area code

Allestree Park Derby Melbourne
Alvaston Draycott Mickleover
Breadsall Duffield Peartree
Castle Donington Horsley Shardlow
Chellaston Kirk Langley Willowcroft

How to call Derby from abroad using their 01332 area code

Calling a person or business in Derby from overseas is a relatively easy process, please follow our simple set of guidelines that we’ve provided here on how to make an international phone call to Derby using their 01332 area code. The first step in calling a Derby phone number from abroad is to remove the zero ‘0‘ from the Derby area code 01332, leaving you with 1332. You should then replace the zero from the Derby area code with the international dial-in code for the United Kingdom ‘+44‘, which leaves you with +441332. Finally you should dial the remaining six digits of the full Derby phone number that you want to call from outside the UK. So if for example you wanted to call Derby Museum & Art Gallery from abroad you would convert their 01332 641 901 UK phone number to +441332 641 901.

Costs of calling 01332 (Derby) phone numbers

UK calls to Derby phone numbers using the 01332 area code cost the same amount as calls of equivalent lengths to all other 01 and 02 phone numbers. Calling Derby 01332 phone numbers from a landline will therefore cost you a per-minute rate that depends on what time and day you are calling the Derby phone number plus a set call set-up fee that is determined by your landline provider. Calling an 01332 phone number from a mobile will be free of charge if you are using free inclusive minutes to make the call to Derby, please check with your mobile provider for full details as calling 01332 phone numbers without using your free minutes will usually cost significantly more than equivalent landline calls to Derby.

Some famous Derby phone numbers

Calls from 01332 phone numbers are more highly trusted in the Derby area and more widely respected throughout the UK in comparison to calls from national 03 and 08 phone numbers. This is because 01332 phone numbers are registered to physical addresses of individuals and businesses in the Derby area, as opposed to nationally-registered phone numbers which may be used by national sales teams that potentially send out unwanted phone calls. Some general enquiries phone numbers for popular attractions in Derby that use the 01332 area code are provided here for your convenience.

  • 01332 641 901 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Derby Museum and & Art Gallery, which houses a wide range of Derby artifacts and the largest collection of Joseph Wright paintings in the world.
  • 01332 341 201 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Derby Cathedral,  a tudor & neoclassical church building which houses the oldest set of 10 bells across the globe.
  • 01332 642 266 – This is the general enquiries contact number for Derby Market Hall, which is the first purpose-built market hall in the UK and is a resplendent example of Victorian architecture.

A short summary of Derby

The East Midlands city of Derby is one of the strongest industrial and manufacturing powerhouses in the UK, a legacy that began during the Industrial Revolution and continues to today with its strong links to transport manufacturing and it’s self-styled ‘Capital of Innovation’ tag. The history of Derby stretches back far further than industrial times however, the best places to soak in this history are Derby Museum & Art Gallery, which houses artifacts showing the history of Derby, and Derby Cathedral, a splendid tudor & neoclassical cathedral. Derby also houses a number of picturesque public parks, for example Derby Arboretum which was the first designated public park in the UK and the inspiration for the design of New York’s Central Park. With its vast variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife venues adding to this splendid heritage and tranquility, Derby is a perfect place to visit on your UK holiday.