Chichester Area Code: 01243

The UK telephone area code for the West Sussex cathedral city of Chichester is 01243.

Should you wish to contact a person or business in the cathedral city of Chichester by phone you will have to dial their telephone area code 01243 followed by the remaining six digits of the full number as this is the designated prefix for this West Sussex city. Similarly if you have received a call from a UK number which starts with 01243 it is from a number registered in the Chichester district, however be aware that just because the number is registered there the call may come from another location.

Cost of calling an 01243 phone number

Calling a Chichester phone number using their 01243 area code will cost you the exact same as making an equivalent call to any other local 01 or 02 number. This means you will pay a per-minute fee which is dependent on the time you make the call and whether it is a weekend or not, as well as a call connection fee. However if you have free inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile tariff you will be able to call an individual or company in Chichester for free, however please check the relevant details from your provider as mobile calls may cost substantially more if you do not use these minutes.

How to make an international call to Chichester

It is a simple and easy process to phone Chichester from overseas by making slight modifications to their 01243 area code before making the call. The first stage is to remove the initial zero ‘0’ from the area code then you should replace this zero with the UK’s international calling code which is ‘+44’, thus leaving you with ‘+44 1243’ which you can use to call Chichester from abroad. To put this into context: if you wanted to phone the Chichester Festival Theatre on their box office contact number 01243 781 312 from overseas you should instead dial +44 1243 781 312.

Popular Chichester telephone numbers

Phone numbers which start with the 01243 area code are generally trusted in the local Chichester area and throughout the wider UK in comparison to national 03, 08 and 09 numbers as these numbers are non-geographic thus making them more difficult to trace. This means national numbers are more likely to be used by firms employing illegal sales tactics such as cold-calling. Some legitimate 01243 phone numbers for famous Chichester attractions and services are provided below for your convenience.

  • 01243 781 312 – This is the box office and general enquiries phone number for the internationally renowned Chichester Festival Theatre, which hosts high-class touring shows as well as plays transferred from the West-End in London.
  • 01243 775 888 – Contact The Novium museum on this phone number for general enquiries about the local historical exhibits including the Bosham Head, they also function as the official tourist information centre for the city.
  • 01243 755 057 – This is the general enquiries phone number for the Goodwood racecourse and motor circuit which hosts the world famous Festival of Speed as well as summer horse-racing events such as Glorious Goodwood.

Full list of UK locations which use the 01243 area code

Birdham Eastergate Sidlesham
Bognor Regis Emsworth Singleton
Bosham Middleton on Sea Slindon
Bracklesham Bay Pagham Yapton
Chichester Selsey

Welcome to Chichester

Chichester is a small cathedral city located on the South coast of England, UK in a superb location close to the sandy West Wittering beach and South Downs National Park. The city has a strong history dating with a strong association with the Romans, which is explored in great detail in the Novium Museum located in the city as well as the Fishbourne Roman Palace found in an eponymous local village. Goodwood Racecourse is situated close to the city which hosts the internationally famous Festival of Speed as well as the classic motor celebration Goodwood Revival. Furthermore the city has a large cinema, a bowling alley as well as a wealth of picturesque gardens and parks, which makes it an ideal year-round destination to live and work.