Bristol Area Code: 0117

The UK telephone area code for phone calls to the city & county of Bristol is 0117.

To phone a personal or business contact number in the South-West England city & ceremonial county of Bristol you should first dial their default area code which is 0117, followed by the remaining 7 digits of the number. Phone numbers registered to addresses in the surrounding area of the city will also use the 0117 area code.

All Bristol districts & surrounding hamlets, villages and towns covered by Bristol’s 0117 area code

Avonmouth Easton Kingswood
Bedminster Eastville Patchway
Bishopsworth Filton Redcliffe
Bitton Fishponds Stoke Bishop
Bristol Henbury Westbury-on-Trym
Downend Keynsham

Phone call costs to 0117 (Bristol) numbers

Phone calls made to Bristol numbers using the 0117 area dial-in code should cost the exact same as calls of equal duration to other UK 01 & 02 local area code numbers. Therefore phone calls to Bristol will normally cost a maximum of 12p per minute from a BT landline as well as an additional call connection charge. If you are calling an 0117 number from a mobile it will usually be free, provided you are using the free inclusive minutes that are part of your mobile call package, however please check with your provider as calls can cost up to 45p per minute if you aren’t using those minutes. Overseas calls to Bristol will almost certainly cost more than phone calls made within the UK, with the exact cost varying depending on which country you are calling in from.

Some popular Bristolian phone numbers

Phone calls received from numbers containing the 0117 area code are more highly regarded throughout the UK than calls from nationally-registered phone numbers or premium business-rate lines. This is because 0117 numbers are usually registered to a local person or business in Bristol, rather than a national sales team or an unscrupulous cold-calling business. A few phone numbers for some popular attractions and helpful general enquiries units within Bristol are given to you here:

  • 0117 974 4664 – This is the tour guide number for the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
  • 0117 974 7328 – This phone number is for Bristol Zoo Gardens, a 400-species zoo set within 12 acres of award-winning gardens.
  • 0117 922 2000 – Phone the general enquiries team at Bristol City Council by calling this switchboard helpline.

How to dial a Bristol number from another country

The first step in calling an 0117 number from abroad, or indeed any other local UK 01 & 02 number, is to take away the initial zero ‘0‘ from the area code, in this case leaving you with 117. You then replace that zero with the UK’s international dialing-in code which is ‘+44‘, which gives you a new prefix of +44 117. Therefore if you wanted to dial Bristol City Council from overseas: instead of dialing 0117 922 2000 you would dial +44 117 922 2000.

A snapshot of Bristol

Bristol is a city & small ceremonial county situated in the Southwest of England, bordering Somerset and Gloucestershire. Bristol is well known for a variety of reasons such as its architectural heritage, with Bristol being the site of the famous Clifton suspension bridge. Bristol also has a strong maritime history and this, coupled with beautiful surrounding landscapes, make it an ideal city for sightseeing. Furthermore, Bristol is the most populous city in Southern England, meaning it has a huge amount of activities, attractions, restaurants and cafés, as well as a thriving nightlife.