Bedford Area Code: 01234

The telephone area code for the UK county town of Bedford is 01234.

Phone numbers that are registered to Bedford and the immediate surrounding area are preceded with the 01234 area code, as this is the designated telephone area code for that town. Therefore if you have received a phone call from a number which is prefixed by the 01234 area code it is highly likely that this is from the Bedford area, and if you wish to make a phone call to a person or business located in Bedford then you would almost certainly need to dial the 01234 area code before the remaining six digits of the full Bedford phone number.

All localities covered by 01234 (Bedford) Area Code

Bedford Haynes Ravensden
Cardington Kempston Riseley
Cranfield Lower Shelton Sharnbrook
Colmworth North Crawley Turvey
Great Barford Oakley Wilstead
Harrold Olney Wixams

Call Costs to Bedford (01234) Phone Numbers

Phone calls to 01234 numbers are charged at the exact same price rate as phone calls of equivalent length to all other UK local numbers. Landline calls to Bedford will therefore cost a variable per minute charge which depends on the time and day you are calling your desired 01234 phone number, as well as a standard call setup fee which is determined by your landline provider. Mobile calls to 01234 phone numbers will be free provided you are using any of your free inclusive minutes that are part of your tariff, rewards or bundle package. Please check with your mobile provider for full details on call costs to Bedford and other UK area code phone numbers as the price may be significantly higher than equivalent landline calls to Bedford if you aren’t using these free minutes.

How to Call Bedford (01234) Phone Numbers from Overseas

It is a simple and easy process to call Bedford-registered 01234 phone numbers, as well as other UK local numbers, from abroad. The first step in calling Bedford phone numbers from overseas is to remove the zero ‘0‘ from the 01234 area code. You should then replace this zero with the international dial-in code for the United Kingdom which is ‘+44‘, after which you should dial the remaining six digits of the Bedford phone number you wish to call. So if you wanted to contact The Higgins Bedford on their 01234 718 618 phone number from abroad you should instead dial +441234 718 618.

Some Popular 01234 (Bedford) Phone Numbers

Phone numbers which start with the 01234 area code are generally well-received in the local Bedford area and they are sometimes preferred throughout the UK when compared to national 03 and business-rate phone numbers. This is because of the fact 01234 phone numbers are registered to actual personal and business addresses in Bedford, as opposed to belonging to national sales teams which may employ unwanted cold-calling and nuisance call tactics. Some useful general enquiries 01234 phone numbers and contact details for attractions in the Bedford area are provided here for you:

  • 01234 267 422 – This is the main phone number for the Bedford Borough Council Customer Service Centre, who can redirect you to any of Bedford Borough Council’s departments.
  • 01234 718 618 – This is the general enquiries phone number for The Higgins Bedford, a museum and art gallery in Bedford which houses world-class watercolour and print collections.
  • 01234 267 422 – This is the general enquiries phone number for Bromham Mill & Gallery, a Bedford art gallery which is also a working 17th century mill!

Visiting Bedford

Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire, a ceremonial & historical county in the East of England, UK. The River Great Ouse flows through the town centre and is flanked by pretty gardens, a picturesque theme which is reflected in its historical churches and cultural hotspots. The Higgins Bedford is a famous museum and art gallery in the town, holding an internationally-famed collection of watercolours, prints, ceramic, glass and lace works. Bedford hosts a range of exciting attractions too, including a water park, driving track and even a microlight centre. A host of children’s activities, as well as a splendid range of restaurants in the town, make Bedford an attractive location for all UK visitors.