Aberdeen Area Code: 01224

Aberdeen, the third-most populated city in Scotland, uses the telephone area code 01224.

Landline telephone numbers registered in the Scottish city of Aberdeen use 01224 as their area code prefix by default. This means if you have been phoned by a number starting with 01224 it is likely that it originated from a personal or business caller in Aberdeen. Similarly if you need to dial a landline number in Aberdeen from outside the local area you will have to first dial 01224 followed by the six digits of the number.

How much does it cost to call 01224 numbers?

01224 numbers are charged at identical rates as other local area code numbers used throughout the UK. Typically these consist of an access charge which is paid to your provider to connect the call along with a per-minute rate that depends on your particular tariff. However the telephone regulator Ofcom stipulates that inclusive minutes on your monthly landline or mobile deal can be used instead of paying these charges, meaning you can effectively phone Aberdeen numbers for free.

How to call Aberdeen phone numbers from outside the UK

To call an Aberdeen phone number from outside the UK you have to change their standard 01224 prefix by firstly removing the zero. You should then replace this zero with the international dial-in code for the United Kingdom which is +44, giving you a new ‘international code’ for Aberdeen: +441224. Finally dial the remaining six digits of the full phone number you wish to dial as usual. As an example if you wanted to phone the Aberdeen Central Library from abroad you would dial +441224 652 500 as opposed to their standard UK number 01224 652 500.

Examples of popular Aberdeen phone numbers

Phone numbers starting with Aberdeen’s 01224 area code prefix are generally more highly respected throughout the UK in comparison to national telephone numbers such as 03, 084 and 087 hotlines. This is because they are normally registered to addresses in the city area, thus making them easier to trace and report in case of intimidating cold-call sales tactics. Some examples of Aberdeen telephone numbers of famous attractions and public services are provided here for your convenience:

  • 01224 652 500 –¬†This is the telephone number for the Aberdeen Central Library which also functions as an official tourism information help-desk.
  • 01224 33 77 00 – Contact the Aberdeen Maritime Museum for details about opening times, accessibility information and historical advice about the exhibits featured in the Shiprow establishment.
  • 01224 641 122 – Phone His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen on their box office contact number to book tickets for their upcoming shows and for details about concerts played in their music hall.

All districts using the 01224 area code

Aberdeen Culter Kinellar
Ashgrove Denburn Kingswells
Balgownie Dyce Lochnagar
Bieldside Kincorth Portlethen

Top three reasons to visit Aberdeen


  1. Unique architecture: Aberdeen is known as the ‘granite city’ due to several Victorian buildings composed of the material. This gives the city centre a unique appearance and makes these historical monuments looks similar to how they did originally, as granite weathers at a significantly lower rate than other materials.
  2. Parks & gardens: Aberdeen has won the ‘best large city’ award from the British Horticultural Society every year since 1968 due to the 45 parks and gardens spread throughout the city.
  3. Vibrant culture: As the third-largest city in Scotland it is unsurprising that Aberdeen boasts several theatres, concert halls and art galleries. You can also find several shopping centres and independent outlets throughout the city, perfect for both residents and tourists.